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Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Questions & Answers Session


I am planning to do a mega post to answer all of your awesome questions at once, you can ask ANYTHING you want and if I can answer it, then I will, to the best of my ability. It can be makeup/beauty/skincare related, like what are my top must have beauty essentials, fashion-related, or even personal questions like what my favorite ice cream is! I will then compile them all and answer them all at once in a post as I am sure there are many of you that probably have the same questions so I thought this would be a great way to reach out to you all and hopefully I can help answer anything that makes ya wonder!

So if you have a question (or more!), leave them here in the comments section! :)


Stephanie T said...

What do you think are the best drugstore skincare products? Cleansers/moisturizers/toners etc.

Summer said...

What product gave you your worst acne breakout?

siok! said...

What's the difference between mac blushes, beauty powders and MSFs?

Joanna said...

Hey Vanessa!

I have pretty clear skin, but I didn't always. I have a few pockmarks on my cheek that, no matter what I use to cover them, are still visible. I've tried concealer, liquid foundation, cream foundation, powder, primers - but everything seems to make them more apparent! What's worse, they're right on my cheekbone where I contour, so this tends to make them stand out. Any tips?

Eunice said...

do you have any small tips for us regarding make up or anything beauty related?

Janelle said...

Do you still use the Clarisonic dupe you found at Rite-Aid? I think it's called Pretika.

claudine b. said...

i'm just starting out with makeup and i was wondering what brushes are essential?! drugstore and MAC.

melissa said...

what is your all time favorite beauty product?

mayra said...

Hi Vanessa

I dont really like to wear a lot of face makeup (I dont need a lot of coverage) so I just use powder on my face and that is enough. I have a natural blush even when I put my powder on my natural blush comes through or i just pinch my cheeks a little and there it is.

I have always been curious though as to whether I should wear blush. I have been to MAC counters before and the MUA always try and get me to buy a blush I dont know if its to just make a sale or because it is a good idea. I was wondering what you thought. Is blush absolutely nessasary (LOL) ; ) ?

Thanks a bunch

Nikki* said...

What brand would you recommend for a make-up brush set?

Anonymous said...

Hi I'm Jerlaine from Singapore and I've heard great things about the Urban Decay Eyeshadow Primer Potion and also their eye liner pencils. Thing is, it's not available here! Juz wondering if it wld cost me a bomb to have them shipped over...

Maggie (Ying) said...

What would you say is the number one MAC eyeshadow? Like if you were just beginning in MAC, what would be the eyeshadow to get first?

Anonymous said...

Hi Vanessa, I have a problem with my eyelash curler: When I curl my eyelashes, it lifts off my eyeliner. When I curl them before eyeliner, they are in the way and I get eyeliner all over my lashes. Any tips? I switched to liquid last and let it dry and it still lifts off a little. Grrr :)

Makeup Mews said...

Do you have any really good recipes to share?

hellocatie said...

first of all this is my favvvvv blog

i've always wondered:

What is your profession/ What do you do?
-I saw your cute desk and read you had a gym there and i've always wondered

BACK TO MAC-I have depotted shadows but the inner plastic holding the pan is out of all of them. Can I still exchange 6 "damaged" pots?
Also, can it be 6 any empty MAC items even discontinued items?
(i don't have a MAC store closeby, just a stand in Macy's)

haha i'm sorry for all the questions :)
thanks girl in advance

Aimee said...

what did you study in university?

courtney said...

i get so bored when i do cardio, what do you do to keep motivated? and what foods do you eat to stay slim?

All Things Tat said...

How do you store your false eyelashes? Currently I have them sitting in a Shiseido shopping bag

Anonymous said...

I just wanna know what kind of camera you use. :) If you use a DSLR, do you have a macro lens that you like? Thanks!

Beauty is Androgynous said...

What kind of brushes do you use for each part of the eye on your makeup application?
For example, what kind of brush do you use for the outer V..crease...etc

x dollfacee said...

what eyeliner do you recommend for the waterline?

& what are you favorite lip products?

hi said...

OK I know you're not a dermatologist, but how do you know if the skin on your forehead is large pores or wrinkles. I say pores since I am in my teens but my forehead used to look like a wrinkly orange peel, and it still sort of does. I've got it under control, sort of, with the Biore Pore Mask thing. I think it's because I used to use A&D ointment all over the blemishes on my forehead! It worked, but it contained mineral oil so no wonder.. I don't wear heavy foundation either so what do you think it is? Any tips? And is Vaseline bad for your skin because of the petroleum?

tata said...

Hey Vanessa,
I'm just starting to get a MAC e/s collection together. I have 2 so far..Twinks and Nylon.

I Just wanted to know what else you might suggest for me to the the must have colours for my starting my own colour pallette.

Also am interested to know what you would suggest as the essential MAC brushes to buy as a beginner.

Looking forward to your answer :D

Mary said...

YAY! Thank you Vanessa!!!!!!!!

Can you do a breakdown of every brand of makeup you have used (drugstore, department, online,etc) kind of like, this brand makes good foundation, or something like that, or this brand is good for natural looks...something like that, or this drugstore brand is just as good as this department brand (if possible), or this brand is more for more mature people...i dunno? anything will help! a one liner! =) or maybe why you won't recommend a certain brand, for example it is too expensive?

THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

I have curly eyeshashes and they curl realllly bad at the end so i can never wear eyeliner up there.
How can I straighten them, if that's possible?
Thanks in advance :)

sweetchic said...

Hey Vanessa,

Could you show me a great easy look I can wear to work? I'm a receptionist.


Cindyy825 said...

Hey Nessa,
I have dry sensitive skin with a somewhat oily t-zone, and I read that you also have sensitive skin. So I was wondering what drugstore foundation you recommend for summer, and what foundation you recommend for winter? Thanks!!! I'm super excited for this post!

Anonymous said...

which of the mineral makeup lines do you think is the best? i currently use everyday minerals but haven't found a good foundation match, and i recently ordered samples from buff'd cosmetics because i heard they have more yellow-toned foundations. any info you give would be very much appreciated!

purehmongbabe said...

What's a good makeup solution to get rid of my shine on my face? I've used primers, loose powder, and anti shine powder, and blotting papers and it doesn't work!!! Thanks!

purehmongbabe said...

What is a good makeup solution for getting rid of shine on my face? I've tried primers, blotting papers, and anti shine powders and it doesn't work! Thanks!

J said...


1) What are your best experiences with products that help reduce scars? I have acne scars that are fading with help from Olay Regenerist, but they haven't (or won't) faded completely.

2) Is it okay to use toner by just rubbing it into your skin with your fingers?

3) Ditto on the question on which eyeliner is the best for the waterline (which for liquid and which for pencil).

Tirissala said...

Hi Vanessa!

First of all, I just wanted to say that I love your blog - you have amazing FOTD's and you're gorgeous!!

So what are your top 10 favourite MAC eyeshadows and your top 6 MAC lipsticks?

Oh and sometime soon, could you do a look using 'Aquavert' eyeshadow from the Sugarsweet Collection?

Thank you so much!!

dowabie said...

my skin is drier than a desert and some parts are beginning to feel tight after I shower, and wash my face. Can you tell me a good drugstore moisturizer?
I'm using ponds dry skin cream, but it's not doing much

dowabie said...

my skin is very dry lately and it's been getting worse. Can you tell me a really good drugstore moisturizer? I'm using Ponds Dry skin cream and it doesn't seem to be doing much. The only moisturizer that has ever worked for times like these is the Garnier rose 24 hour moisturizer, but that has been discontinued...for a very very long time :a:

Anita Sirc said...

Dear Nessa,
I have recently adquired Helium powder from Facefront, but have nor used yet. Do you know it and, it is similar to Sonia Kushuk powder you described in a previous post?

Tank you a lot!

Judy said...

what are some harmful cosmetic ingredients you avoid?

Anonymous said...

Morning 'Nessa,

I am half Japanese half european mix; as a result my eyes have different eyefolds. My right eye has a double-lid, and my left eye has a single-lid. Do you have any suggestions on how to apply eyeshadow so it looks uniform on both eyes?


Chica Siam said...

Hi!!! Since we're in the same "hood," was wondering where the location of the mega NYX set-up is (one you've taken pics of). Thanks!!!!

Tina said...

What is your favourite brand of hair colour? What's the latest colour you have used? brand/colour/#

p.s. I love your blog!

Love, Hugs, and Kisses said...

How do you get eyeliner below your waterline? I always put it on my waterline, but I see it below the waterline a lot. When I try my eyelashes get in the way.

Love, Hugs, and Kisses said...

How do you get eyeliner under the waterline?I put mine on the waterline, but I see you put it below the waterline a lot of times. Don't your bottom lashes get in the way?

Love, Hugs, and Kisses said...

What is a mac paint pot and why would I want one instead of an eyeshadow? How do you not spill all of it out?!

jbfan&cameos'mom said...

What is your personal skin care regimen?
And what do you reccomend for a teen just breaking into MAC?


Samantha said...

Hi Vanessa,
I have two questions, the first:
What online cosmetics stores do you recommend? I live in Japan and it's hard to get the beauty products I adored at home (Australia).
And secondly, I've recently switched to mineral powder foundation but can't get the concealer process right. Do you apply yours before or after the mineral powder foundation?
Thanks a bunch, your blog is always something I look forward to reading!

meheeeen said...


Lovely blog. What are some really good eyeshadows for someone who does exclusively neutral looks? I'm all about either a natural or a neutral look since I don't really have the personality to go crazy with makeup, and right now all I have is Clinique's "spicy" eyeshadow quad. I'm looking into other Clinique e/s since they seem to be more neutral but what are some other colors that work well with a toned down look? Also, what is a cheap alternative to eyeshadow primer? (or should I splurge on a Paint Pot or primer potion?)

Thank you in advance!


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