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Friday, May 18, 2007

Basic Essentials - Laura Geller 'Spackle Trio'


I absolutely LOVE Laura Geller's Spackle Trio makeup, eye, and lip primer!!

It's 3-in-1 set that is good for people who are on the go, it comes in a cute size perfect for your purse!. Some gals just put foundation directly on the face, but I suggest using a makeup primer for several reasons:

1. A makeup primer prepares your face for the foundation by giving it a smooth canvas to start with. It is usually applied right after your moisturizer, and I use a foundation brush to apply it to my face.

2. It PREVENTS zits because it SEALS your pores, not allowing any foundation to enter your pores and voila! A fresh face!

3. It also makes your foundation/powder to last longer because it's a creamy base that "holds" your makeup in place, so you look freshly applied for the whole day!

The eye and lip primer combo is pure genius! The "eye primer" (the lighter shade), is designed to keep your eyeshadow to stay put and to keep it from creasing on your lids, and the "lip primer" (the darker shade) prevents feathering of your lipstick/lipgloss, and keeps lipliner and lipstick on your lips longer!

You can get it only at You CANNOT get it at all Sephora stores because some stores do not carry Laura Geller, so you must order it online. If you order anything from, you get 3 FREE SAMPLES of your choice of fragrances, other makeup primer brands, lipgloss, etc. The bottle itself is about $30, and they give you a good amount.

See me in the reflection? haha

Hence the name, "SPACKLE TRIO", it comes with a little baby spackle spatula!

I also use Sephora brand makeup base before the spackle because I love the pink pearlescent cream! It brightens my face so I look more awake and enhances the natural skin tone.

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