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Thursday, May 24, 2007

Sheila this one is for you!


Sup nessa. I tried the Telescopic mascara... all I have to say is THANK YOU! I love it! I haven't really tried NYX shadows. I don't know, I guess I'm wary of trying something that is not MAC and I find it harder to believe something that is $3 is worth a buy... haha... but you're changing my mind more and more by reading your blog, because your shadow jobs look great. Is the NYX pigment just as strong strong as MAC?

A: I am glad you love the mascara! It's one of my favorites along with the 'Panoramic Curl' (I tend to switch depending on my mood haha). Well I always say, "Better isn't always best". I love MAC, I honestly do, they have been the epitomy of makeup since before I was even allowed to wear makeup, haha; and I actually have a few of their eyeshadows. I suggested NYX because they are actually really great eyeshadows for people who are on a budget. For ONE MAC eyeshadow at $14.50, you can get almost FIVE NYX eyeshadows! The pigments of a NYX are almost the same as MAC if not the same. I noticed that I use the same number of "swipes" on my applicator with both MAC and NYX. So if you like, you can definitely BUY ONE and see how you like it, I personally like the NYX loose pigments more than the eyeshadows because they deliver a nice shimmery boost of color EXACTLY like MAC's, so try those. [pictured below]. Like I mentioned before, my eyeshadows are MIXED, so one color could be L'Oreal, one could be MAC, one could be Flirt Cosmetics, or one could be NYC. I never use the same brands of eyeshadow for one look, not as a rule, but I just noticed I never do.

It's best to play with different brands of makeup to achieve different looks, if you stay with one brand, you are limited to how many different looks you can do. I like ALL brands of eyeshadow, Sephora brand eyeshadows work well too ($10), and I love the bright colors L'oreal has.

For a "base eyeshadow" (or what they call a highlighting shadow), there isn't much sense to spend $15 for it when it ends up being covered by your actual eyeshadow, which is why I absolutely cannot live without Revlon's "White Whisper" ($7) and Flirt's "Limelight" ($10) which comes in a super cute compact with a mirror. (Available at Kohl's).

These are some of the items I recently purchased to add to my growing collection of what my mom likes to call "junk" (aka "makeup"):

I also bought a "kabuki brush" [picture to the very left], this is great for getting more control of applying powder or brushing off excess shadows on your cheeks. And of course my bf Jon has to make a cameo!

Again, these are the ones you want to get, I believe they are $2.99 each and they are equivalent to MAC's Pigments in my opinion.


Sheila said...

Thanks for answering! The loose nyx shadows look similar to MAC pigments. I'll buy one and see. :) I've never tried Sephora or Loreal shadows. I'll try that too. Most of my shadows are MAC, I've got a couple hundred shades all together. Not just of MAC- I like Stila, Smashbox, NARS, Sugar, and like 8 different Chanel quads. Those quads are great too! Man I love makeup! haha It's great to have someone to talk to about it. :) I'm sure you have a ton of make up like me. Everytime someone sees my makeup collection, they're always like "Daaaaaang Sheila!" and I always tell them, "It's not like I wear everything all at the same time!"

Peace out nessa!

Christiana said...

woo hoo! one of my fave brands! nessa hun, you should really TRY amuse brand make-up. i just got mine today and i like how it goes on. well, that's what i think. haha. try one out and let me know how you like it. :] they have amuse eyeshadown on that website!

Jenn said...

Hey Nessa! I bought the NXY loose pigment pearl eyeshadows. I bought all 24 colors new on ebay for a really good deal. They came in today and I know this might sound silly...but how do you use them??? I was playing with it and got the powder all over my hands and face. I LOVE the colors though! But what type of brush and how do you properly apply it and get it out of the bottle?

Jenn =)

Anonymous said...

ohmigosh!!My boyfriend's name is Jon too!!So cool!

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