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Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Makeup and Train Cases


Q: Where can I get a really great makeup case? I have all this makeup and always run out of room to store and organize it.

A: Makeup cases are ideal for people who travel a lot (like me), or if you do your own makeup for photoshoots, or just like to have one. I actually like a lot of the makeup cases, most of them even have removable dividers so you can customize and organize it any way you want; but when you choose one, think practically and not solely style. Obviously if you have a couple eyeshadows and 3 tubes of lipstick, you should just get a nice makeup bag and not a box! Also, let me tell you the difference from the expensive cases (MAC and Sephora of course), as well as the others.

MAC and Sephora cases are much more expensive, not because of the brand itself, but because they have heat-protected, insulated cases. What the heck does that mean? That means if you leave your makeup box under the sun, in your car, or in the oven, that it's not going to melt your makeup and all of it's glorified contents. (I haven't tried this so don't ask me if it really works haha).

Sephora Midnight Train Case ($90). Also comes in silver, and a shoulder strap.

Want a SMALLER one? ($35)

Wanna splurge? MAC ($225)

Caboodles actually have some decent ones, as well as bringing you back to the feeling when you were 6 years old and owned one. :) ($19.99 at Target) has a nice cheap one for $29.95: CLICK HERE

And they have the train case with removable wheels for $79.95:

I bought mine at they have a wide selection of makeup boxes and train cases. For the serious makeup artist, the rollaway traincases are awesome since you can just pull it everywhere.


Anonymous said...


May I know how was your experience buying from I saw quite a number of negative remarks on online regarding them. I'd like to know if their services/products are really what they claim them to be. Thank you for your help!

Vanessa said...

What's your contact info????!

Anonymous said...

Hi..its me again..sorry for not including my contact info!

My name is Shaz and my email is Thanks!

DSK Steph said...

I just bought my first case from, it actually just arrived. I was really sad that it was damaged. I called in and they were really nice about it. I just submitted some photos of the damage

Dresden said...

Those are some really nice make-up cases; I could use something like that for my new natural hair care products, if you've got anything like that. I'm curious, though; what was some of the negative remarks made?

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