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Sunday, May 20, 2007

Bedazzled Jewels


It's always fun to do "fairytale" makeup, or artsy makeup...when I do photoshoots (I did one today), I thought id add a little pizazz and add some jewels around my eye. It's great for proms, clubbin', or parties whenever you want to feel glam. Obviously people will look at you weird if you just wear it to the grocery (like the lady at the McDonalds drive-thru, she probably thought I was from a different planet lol.)

You can get these small studs for like $3 a pop at like Claire's or Michael's craft store.

I used "demi pixies" eyelashes, you can get 'em at Sally's Beauty Supply Store (see below how to apply eyelashes). And for my lips, I used NYX Lipgloss in "Bubble Gum".

To apply eyelashes:

Use lash adhesive and put A DROP of the adhesive on a piece of paper or what I use is the packaging of the eyelashes, then get a toothpick or the end of those dental floss sticks, and dip it into the glue and string it along the false eyelash rim, blow on the eyelash until the glue becomes tacky (meaning it's no longer wet), and then get a tweezer to hold the outer end of the eyelash (the side towards the end), and apply it your eye; then using your other hand, gently stick the other side to your lash line and press firmly.

Comb through with an eyelash comb and apply another coat of mascara so that it blends in with your natural eyelashes. Then cover the band with black eyeliner and voila!

Here is an old pic of my makeup box, and that's just the first tray of eyeshadows! If you look closely, it has my name on it! :)


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