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Friday, May 18, 2007

Welcome to my MAKEUP BLOG!


My friend, who has a blog where he writes restaurant reviews recommended that I make a blog about makeup and write reviews, (as well as other things), and I thought it was a great idea! He said he gets restaurant owners to actually invite him to their restaurant so that he can review 'em, and who knows, maybe some makeup mogul will stumble upon this blog and will send me some products to test out!

So this blog is basically going to reflect makeup reviews on products I have already tried myself, DO's and DONT's, etc. I have always loved makeup (since my mom let me start wearing it haha), and I get a lot of people asking me what stuff I use, where did I get a certain color of eyeshadow, etc., and what better way to let people know!!!

First of all, any suggestions I make here are purely from my OWN experience and my own skin, so there might be stuff that may work for you, and not me, and vice versa. Also, I MIX and blend all my eyeshadows, basically that means if you happen to like the color of the eyeshadow, it mostly like has 2 or more colors blended together.

Lastly, if there are any products, brands, etc that you would like to know, please feel free to leave me a comment with your email and I will get back to you. :)

Remember, have fun with makeup, it's all about being creative!


elle said...

heya nessa!

i have started reading your blogs about a week ago, i must have read about 90% of your blogs from the very first to the most current. so first things first, THANK YOU much! i have picked up so many great tips and tricks from you! to be honest i have always been very skeptical about being adventurous when it comes to makeup, i preferred "light and simple", only using 2-3 types of brushes (out of my expensive 6-pc set from MAC that i bought maybe 5 yrs sad. oh and not to mention i never knew how to use the rest of them HAHAHA).but i learned from your site how to be more playful and to try outside my comfort zone. i never bought any makeup thats not MAC until 3 days ago! mainly bcoz my skin is overly sensitive and i have this preconceived notion that using cheap stuff for my face/skin is disaster waiting to happen. now i won't have to purchase products for trial since you try them out for most of us, hehe. i don't know how i'd be able to afford the stuff you buy!

oh i read somewhere on one of your blogs that you need someone to put make up on for your portfolio? if you're still looking i'll be glad to be your canvas..i wouldn't know how else to extend my gratefulness for taking the time to blog for us dummies. =)

btw, you should contact Google AdSense. you might be able to make revenue from the hits you get from your site. Maybe even have NYX, Loreal, or Sephora as sponsor and they can advertise on your site for free? HA there's the businessminded person in me. just a suggestion so you can buy more stuff to try for us =) haha.

sorry this has been an extended comment. SO! i will def buy some everyday minerals, foundation brush, and glitter eye liner on my next paycheck!

expects loads of inquiries and maybe some suggestions from me!


Amy said...

I couldn't figure out how to contact you, so I hope you stumble across this. I found your blog today and am so glad I did. I'll definitely be bookmarking it. I have a question for you. Have you ever tried the Manic Panic Lust Dust? I came across this product on the internet today. I can't find a store in the U.S. that sells it, but I did find an ebay seller with this stuff. Some of the colors look like so much fun. I'm thinking about buying a couple to play with. Here's the link.

You have a great blog. Thanks for taking the time to put this together!

Amy - Woodridge, IL

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