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Thursday, May 31, 2007

My New "TOYS"


I recently bought MAC's "Chrome Yellow", "Parfait", and Makeup Forever (MUFE)'s eyeshadow #26 (fushia).

I have yet to try them all out, and when I do, I will take pics and post em, so far I LOVE the YELLOW and PINK because they are highly pigmented so they come on nice and bright the way I want them to. Why yellow and pink? Well I love yellow, it's my favorite color, and I actually have tons of yellow shirts that would go with it, and pink too. So we'll see how good they come out.

The pink one I fell in love with because it's the EXACT pink I have been looking for and couldn't find. I tried MAC's "Sushi Flower" and didn't like it because it had red tones in it. I wanted PURE PINK, and this was it!

The total for everything was about $50, which is a lot if you ask me...simply because anything over $10 for an eyeshadow is a little steep, especially considering how often I will actually wear yellow and/or pink. But hey, those were the colors I was looking for, so I guess it's worth it. Let's hope it looks okay!


Christiana said...

the colors are so bold! i love it. :]

Christiana said...

the colors are so bold! i love it! hehe. :]

i bought a BUNCH of new "toys" too. hehe. make-up is so fun. thank you for rekindling my obsession with make-up... it's been a while since i've actually enjoyed it this much... probably because i haven't had anyone to talk about it with for a long time now. hehe. :]

Sheila said...

toys!!!! yay!

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