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Monday, November 10, 2008

Cherry Culture Product Review: Styli-Style 24 Eyeshadow Pencils


Who doesn't love an easier way to apply eyeshadow? Take it from me, I am always in a rush traveling from point A to point B every time, that I love time-savers, especially when it comes to makeup. Any product that makes applying makeup a cinch in a short amount of time catches my attention; and by default I love Styli-Style products which is why I was excited to try the Styli-Style Shadow 24 because I am always looking for innovative makeup products, especially eye shadows or eye makeup that's designed to make life a lot easier!

It is described as a cream-to-powder formula that comes in a pen-like wand and has a soft, velvety sponge-tip for easy application that lasts 24 hours. The eye shadow color itself is located inside the actual cap of the wand, you just twist with the cap each time, and you have finely milled powder on the sponge tip. I tried out the “Sand” color, since I figured it would make a great highlighter on the brow bone. The color was great I just didn't really like this particular product from Styli-Style, I personally thought it was hard to apply with, and it didn't last 24 hours on me like it claims and I even have dry eyelids. Also because the sponge is pointed and tiny, it's hard to get color all over your eyelid and seems like the way it was designed is similar to that of an eyeliner where you have a pointed tip to work with. However it is easy to apply in general as the powder itself is pretty pigmented and finely milled for best results.

However, I do think this is perfect for lining your eyes if you are looking for a pop of color on your eyes to make your peepers stand out; especially on the lower lash line since it gives you perfect control and precision and the sponged tip part allows you to smudge the color in for a more smoky look. It's also in a nice pen-like packaging which makes it easy to just travel with or carry with you in your purse for touch-ups throughout the day, and is mess free since the powder is located deep inside the cap. These pencils come in a wide range of colors to suit everyone's style and are available for only $8 each, if you planning on nabbing one of these definitely check out the other Styli-Style products to compliment your look as their eyeliner and lip pencils are awesome!

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julie said...

Hi. I was wondering what you thought about the shimmer/glitters for eyes from CherryCulture. Do they work well?

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