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Thursday, November 6, 2008

Product Review: Acmedica Acne Night Powder


I am so excited to see "Twilight" in theaters! He is so cute in that movie, in real-life not so much my type, but in the movie he is hot! (The guy that plays Edward Cullen, Robert Pattinson), anyway, I know some of you are wondering when I am going to post my MMU collection, I will do that soon along with others I just didn't add in my previous collection post (eyeliners, fluidlines, brushes, loose beauty powders, etc), since some of you are MMU addicts! Anyway onto the review!

Use: All over the face or problem areas where acne appears. Just a simple face powder you use before bed, translucent, no color.

It was hard for me to rate this simply because I can't tell if it really did anything for me, for one thing, I couldn't use it for the longest time to test it out because I didn't get or have a pimple, I know! The one time I actually wanted a pimple, it never came, LOL. So when I finally got a tiny one (be careful what you wish for!), I applied the powder on a fresh clean face BEFORE my moisturizer, and like any powder, it absorbed oil relatively quickly. (Just patted the sponge all over my problem area)

I slept like normal, and in the morning didn't really notice a difference, so I used it for an additional 3 nights, and DID notice it shrink in size, nothing too drastic, but it was less painful and shrunk in size, but then again who knows if it just did it on its own. I wanna give it another go around to really give it a more accurate review, then I can really let you ladies know how or IF it works. I bought this from the Marukai market in Azusa for around $10.

As of right now, I can say it's good at absorbing oil, so for those of you who don't wear foundation but just want to absorb the oil, this is good to try out. I think it's also safe to say that you can use it UNDER your makeup primer or under or over your moisturizer.



FuN and MakeUp said...

these kinda products r so confusing.. lol i dont know too much and i dont think i can learn! im scared =X i mite end up puttin everythin on my face and breakin ouT even more haha im still tryin to learn how to explain where i put my eye shadows... lol shrugs*

*KiM* said... rarely get pimples??? you're soo lucky girl =)

*KiM* said... rarely get pimples??? you're soo lucky girl =)

im done said...

i feel so retarded for asking but whats MMU?
oh i was waiting for this review too.

MakeupByRenRen said...

hmm interesting concept there...i have problems reviewing products like this too cuz i usually have a blemish only once in a while too...

Anastasia said...

Ew, Twilight, really? Some girl counted how many times the book referenced Edward as "beautiful", it was huge. It's like Anita Blake written for 13 year olds :/

I just started using the Ly-Na Pearl cream you reviewed, and love it, I've been getting new breakouts on my chin consistently for months, and this is the first time I haven't, huzzah!

Anastasia said...

Ooh book recommendations, my forte!

For a fabulous stand-alone book (rather than becoming engrossed in a series, it does have a sequel but I wouldn't recommend it) Julia Bertagna's Exodus is brilliant. The blurb on the back cover really doesn't do it justice, it's about a girl called Mara who lives on an island, Wing. It's set in the fuuutuuure and the water levels have risen everywhere, drowning most of the world, and soon her island will be gone.

Their version of the internet is a relic, now, something called the Weave which works like virtual reality, and using it she discovers news reels about "Sky Cities" that were rumored to have been built to save humanity from the rising tides, so she and her family and island inhabitants and whatnot set off to try and find them. But all is not what it seems! It's an awesome book, anyway, and her love interest is far more thrilling than Edward. I'd highly recommend that.

Much more fantasy-ish, Garth Nix wrote a brilliant trilogy called The Old Kingdom, the first book in which is Sabriel, second Lirael, third Abhorsen. That's totally beyond the realm of reality but great, all about magic and necromancers and stuff, but it's not like... You know you get really hardcore fantasy which has tiny type and dragons and mythic swords and stuff? It's much easier to read than that, it's more young adult, but fascinating.

Another great trilogy is the Bartimaeus trilogy by Johnathan Stroud. That's set in a modern day England, except all the politicians are magicians! Awesome, it's kind of like how today would've been if we could use magic, except it's not at all Harry Potter-esque. It's very, very funny, and similar in style to Terry Pratchett, with amusing footnotes.

I actually read a hell of a lot, and those are on my like, top 5 list, out of a very selective list ;x

For a more sophisticated read, the classic Stranger In A Strange Land by sci-fi legend Robert Heinlein is one of those groundbreaking books that will have you looking at the world in a totally different light, and if you're anything like me, you'll cry buckets at the end. I finished it on my lunchbreak at work and was totally inconsolable for several hours, I don't regret reading it, though.

For humour, Rob Grant (co-writer of British sci-fi comedy, Red Dwarf) wrote a very funny book called Incompetance (his misspelling, not mine) which follows a private detective in a future where it has become illegal to discriminate when hiring on grounds of gross incompetence. So he's trying to catch a very competent serial killer, and thwarted every single step of the way by hilariously stupid people in every possible profession.

Just depends what you're in the mood for! :3

roxy. said...

the packaging is so cute! can't wait for your review though =] AAAND your MMU collection! yay

Misa said...

Yeah, Twilight's writing wasn't so great, but the plot is obviously what counted, because I'm highly anticipating the movie now too. I'm not expecting anything special but to see Robert as Edward *swoon* haha

hmm, how much is that Acmedica. I really only break out once a month...if you know what I mean... but maybe that'll help. My Clean and Clear spot treatment works the rest of the month, but around that time, nothing seems to clear my face.

Psalm 23 said...

hey girl,not sure if you posted the ingredients for this powder up....if you did I'm sorry I didn't check. If not would you be able to tell me what its made of?? thanks girl.

Tracy Roa said...

Must you rub it in our faces that you rarely get pimples?! :P Could you let me know what the ingredients are in this powder? I might end up going to Marukai again. Zac is obsessed with the food at The Loft by my cousin's house (she lives close to the market), and we just got the Marukai mailer. Lots of stuff on sale!

Emeria said...

ahhh i'm sooooo freakin excited for twilight too!!! the movie he looks soo good!!! :d yummm yumm yummm! did you get to read it?

Mac It Pink said...

OHH i do like the concept..can I have your lol My skin has weird mood swings. lol Thanks for the review. Might have to check it out when I go to so cal again. Off Marukai or Ohayo! :)


<3 Penelope

Stephie said...

i LOVE LOVE LOVE twilight! i swear i'm gonna be first in line! lol :)

PamCakes said...

I love the eyes!

:a: :b: :c: :d: :e: :f: :g: :h: :i: :j: :k: :l: :m: :n:

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