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Saturday, November 8, 2008

Shespace Swatches the Autumn 2008 Collection & Reader Questions!


I finally did swatches from my She Space haul last month. These are just SOME swatches from the Autumn 2008 collection that can still be found on her site.

Aren't they pretty? No base was used for these swatches.

Here are some recent reader questions:

Q: Are the little darlings lipglass/lustreglass sets sticky?
A: Yes they are sticky, they are exactly the same as their full-sized, permanent siblings- the only difference is that they are smaller (hence little darlings), but they are the same in terms of pigmentation, consistency, smell, taste, and texture. ALL MAC lipglosses are sticky to me, but I like it because they stay on a little longer than normal lipglosses I own; even though my hair disagrees with me when it finds itself stuck on my lips!

Q: Do the soft sparkle pencils have long staying power?
A: Unfortunately they don't, they smudge and wash away easily, but they have great pigmentation and color. I personally love Urban Decay's 24/7 Eyeglide Pencils, they do not smudge, they stay on and they are waterproof!

Q: What's the actual difference beetween lipglass, lustreglass, dazzleglass etc? to me they all look the same.......
A: The lipglasses have a sponge-tipped applicator, they have a lot of shine, and can be work alone or on top of lipstick/lipliner, the lustreglasses have a tiny brush wand and they are a lot more shiny and have a "glass look" almost metallic in some colors, the dazzleglasses are in a longer tube and have actual tiny flecks of glitter to give a more obvious shine and sparkle.

Q: What are the differences between MAC eyeshadow finishes? (Such as frost, satin, veluxe, etc.)
A: Enkore has a GREAT video on this!

From Specktra, they are described as:
SATIN - Pure color in Satin style finish, provides soft subtle non frost light refractive sheen.

FROST - irridescent shine that adds a highlight quality to any color.

LUSTRE - smoothly pearlized; intensely frosted with a deluxe ultra fine "conditioned" finish.

VELVET - Soft look finish, plush velvety look & feel.

VELUXE - superfine texture. Pigment rich & very luxe. Supple to apply, silky smooth matte finish.

VELUXE PEARL - Vibrant velvety soft with a metallic shimmer veluxe formula overlaid with high-shine pearl.

Q: What ingredients are in the Acmedica Acne Night Powder?
A: I accidentally threw the packaging away, but sites say it contains Sulfur and Vitamin C derivatives to help prevent acne.


LINEA. said...

wow those colors are so vibrant & gorgeous! and the names make it so cute! lol im always a sucker for the names lol

Askmewhats said...

I've ordered from the She Space but basically those pastel colors and they are super pigmented :) Thanks for the swatches on the Autumn collection :)

Anonymous said...

LOVE LOVE LOVE this post! those colours look great on you. very pigmented and i think they are beautiful!

purple snowflake said...

WOW.. that's some really helpful stuff.. thank you...

Gee said...

I need to get back mineral makeup. I've been neglecting it and using my HE stuff. Back to basics!

Those colors look so pretty...and UBER pigmented. I wish I could pull off colors like that, lol :P

Roxy said...

thanks for the swatches! =] i find that lustreglasses have tiny glitter in them but lip glasses don't really?

Ilianexy said...

Hey Vanessa!!! I haven't post any comment for a long time but I visit you daily! OMG! Those colors are to die for! I am doing fine with my blog for spanish speakers, they really like it! Thank you for giving me the inspiration to do it for my people since they unfortunately don't many spanish makeup blogs around like this to rely on! Take care!!! Don't ever change!!!!

Candayyx3 said...

those colors are sooo gorgeous! I ordered some too but i got the pastel colors which btw i REALLY love lol. Thanks for sharing the swatches i might have to do another haul!

Nancy said...

I'm good, and you? I guess I won't be getting those than.

OuhHh I'm liking the SHESPACE colors =D

Sara said...

Ooo these are sooo pretty! I'm going to have to try some of these out! The "no more bore" looks delicious, would you say it's similiar to MAC's "Copperclast"? I have been searching for that pigment FOREVER! I bought a sample of it and fell in love. I'm now out of it and it's driving me crazy! I wear it on a daily basis. If you know of any dupes or where I can buy this, please let me know. I would prefer a full sized jar, but whatever works.

Once again, thanks for the great reviews!

Have you ever tried Mally's Cosmetics? I was going to give her nude lipgloss/liner a try but never did. There's another line I was going to ask if you've tried, but I can't remember right now and I'm at work! :] shhhh.

Have you used Buff'd minerals before?

gotta goooo, til next time!


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