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Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Beauty Find: 12-Piece Brow Kit from Walgreens for $7!


Walgreens has a brand called Studio35 which sells a bunch of makeup tools, brushes, double-ended brushes, etc. I found this 12 piece brow kit for $7!

Includes: Brow gel, Brow powder, Tweezers, Comb, Eyebrow Stencils with different shapes, Safety Scissors to cut those stray brow hairs, and a guide.

I love it, I use it everyday and it's such a great buy!

Close-up of the Brow Powder:


dmicole said...

This is great. The older that I get the worse off my eyebrows are starting to naturally look. I am on my way to Walgreens right now.

Cammi said...

Looks great, must be really useful but... I think black brow powder is missing and there's a lot of other brands that offer brow powders and colored brow gels but it's hard to find black one, the darkest is mostly dark brown and women like me with really blackest black natural eyebrows have a problem (or maybe i got bad luck and cant find it). My brows actually wouldnt need a powder or anything but after putting powder on my face they get light and combing them wont help they need to be a little blackened again and i hate using pencil or e/s for that. my cosmetician advised me to use a bit of mascara so i got a half-dry one and so far it works the best, gives natural look (at least on my brows i know with black ones its easy to end up looking like a clown but i managed to do them well lol) but still its not the same as brow gels etc. wow i just written an essay hehe anyway nice set wish i could get one to but theres no walgreens out here!

Tracy said...

great find! i bought the essence of beauty brow kit recently. it doesn't have the scissors, tweezers, spoolie, or brow gel, though.

Rebekah said...

great find! can you do a brow tutorial??? =D

Anonymous said...

This looks really interesting, I've actually been wanting to get something along these lines. Can you give us a review on how everything works? I'm especially interested in the tweezers.

Thanks Vanessa!!

Shen said...

yup! a brow tut indeed.. or did i miss i one from your channel in Utube? :) i really wish that a lot of those products are available here in Manila, Philippines. :) another great post after post nessa! :)

The Gloss Menagerie said...

cammi, have you tried just using a matte black eyeshadow instead of a product marketed specifically as a brow powder?

christy. said...

I agree with Cammi. I can never find a good shade for my brow powder. ):

Camilla said...

The Gloss Menagerie yes i tried it but i didn't really liked the effect - using e/s looks good when you got lighter eyebrows and with black ones its hard to make them not look like "painted" plus i really would love to find something like colored gel to keep them on place but the darkest one i found is dark brown which looks tragic on me. thats why i use half dried mascara it allows me to darken them without going too far (i dont wanna know how it would look if i used fresh, wet mascara lol) and makes them quite stiff its still not the same what eyebrow gel would be ... but thanks for trying to help :)

MakeupByRenRen said...

hmmmm good find! way cheaper than the anastasia products! are the stencils rubbery or more hard plastic? i find that the rubbery ones hold to the shape of the eyebrow better...

celie said...

Oh it's look great !!
but I live in France so I can't buy it :(

ilurvemakeup said...

I'm gonna look for this!!! Thanks <333

:a: :b: :c: :d: :e: :f: :g: :h: :i: :j: :k: :l: :m: :n:

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