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Saturday, May 17, 2008

Reader Annika Tests out L'Oreal's Infallible Foundation


I personally have not tried this foundation, but the before and after pics are amazing! If you have any questions for Annika, leave them in the comments section!

Its got a nice fragrence to it
It blends into the skin well (well i have had some problems but see cons for that)
it apprently last a long time aswell, the bottle looks quite small but i am assured that it lasts a while)
its medium priced at £10.99 (in usa its around $10-13 dollars from the local drugstore e.g. CVs ect)


After the shop assistant put on the foundation it looked amazing (she used a more expensive powder brush from GOSH, she didnt realize it was a powder brush but it worked better then their auctual foundation brush lol...well anyway )
I put on foundation next day using a cheaper version of the GOSH brush (ordered the gosh powder brush as it was out of stock :( ) it went on really bad and did not go on evenly i had to remove it 2times for it to do it so it diffinantly needs a profesional brush to apply it with.

It rubs off very easy too which is odd really and kinda anoying so it needs alittle time to dry propperly i would say

If you are one of these people that shines when your warm it does do that too and it seems to like be melting ur face but dont be put off by this as if you apply alittle powder/bronzer it'll help calm it down and absorbe alittle better.

basically its a good foundation, good coverage good price and lasts awhile but may need a few practices to make it look right...


Superdrug vitamin E Moisture Lotion
Mayberlline Infallible 16hrs in porcelain
Gosh Bronzing Pearls in a light brown


L'oreal Star Secrets Penélope Cruz
Rimmel Kohl black pencil eye liner


L'oreal 6hr Glam shine in Mauve

Brushes used

Mac 224SE Blending brush
Cheap foundation brush from Superdrug
Cheap Bronzer/blusher brush from Superdrug
cheap e/s brush from Ulta xmas collection.

This is the before look.. with blotchy kinda reddy skin....



mrslanielovesmac said...

Wow! It does hide redness, right? That's nice. I've never worn L'oreal foundations before. Might try it soon. Thanks for this!

suzie wuzie said...

wow! that's good coverage!

christy. said...

Oh wow. It gives such a nice finish to her face! :D I like.

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