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Thursday, May 8, 2008

Tell Me!


As you know I will be having an online store on the new website, and to prepare I want to know what products, items, etc. you ladies would like to see on there. Perhaps you live far, far away and don't have easy access to certain items, let me know so I can plan to get these items for you. Just TELL ME what you would like to see on there or items that interest ya!

PLEASE be sure it's something you may plan on purchasing, I will have a stock for some of them just in case, but I don't want to go out of my way to get them, and then you changed your mind as this online store is simply designed to help those of you who cannot get these items as they are either available only here in the US, California, or a lot cheaper than international!



xppinkx said...

ETUDE,JILL STUART, KATE...can you get japanese cosmetics?

Tammy said...

I would love to see the original Milani shadows. The only ones I see around me (Florida) are the new wet/dry ones! Also, I would be interested in trying some of your mineral make up!

Anonymous said...

oh Nessa! thanks for offering to grab a bunch of stuff.. everytime u do a review i always go to shoppers and HATE IT!! lol i think ive lost faith in the Shoppers around here!!

but i would def be interested in all of the great Milani colours and i was also looking for the Loreal Decrease.. went to shoppers yesterday and spent 30 mins looking for it.. no where!! and eco tools! i would love it if u have them avaliable! also for the shadow palettes and blush how much do u plan on charging.. i always see them on ebay for 25 dollars..

thanks girl!! ur such a life saver!! customs at the border SUCKS! i hate crossing over lol id rather pay for shipping then be stuck at the bridge or tunnel for an hour and a half!


Leena said...

Hey Nessa!!

I love reading your blog. I hit it probably everyday!
And thanks to you, I am hooked on NYX eye-shadows.
The local Ulta here in Memphis, TN does not have a lot of goodies that NYX offers. I am specially interested in their lipsticks and glosses.
It'll be great if you can have some of those.
- Leena.

Leena said...

Hey Nessa!!
I love reading your blog. I hit it probably everyday!LOL
N thanks to you..I am totally hooked on NYX eyeshadows.Love, Love,Love them.
However, the only place anything from NYX is avaialble here in Memphis, TN is the Ulta store. BUT, they donot have any lipsticks or glosses. It will be great if you have some of those available, specially the ones that you have reviewed.
I am also interested in some of the mineral makeup you use.

Thanks and stay beautiful!

Leena said...

Hey Nessa!!
I love reading your blog. I hit it probably everyday!LOL
N thanks to you..I am totally hooked on NYX eyeshadows.Love, love, love them.
However, the only place anything from NYX is avaialble here in Memphis, TN is the Ulta store. BUT, they do not have any lipsticks or glosses. It will be great if you have some of those available, specially the ones that you have reviewed.
I am also interested in some of the mineral makeup you use.

Thanks and stay beautiful!

Critty said...

Hi Nessa,

I would love to purchase the Milani shadows you love, L'Oreal decrease, ecotools brushes (and those other brushes you like) and L'Oreal HiP pigments, paints and cream liners. All we can get can get is the shadow duos in Canada. I would be your bestestestest customer :)

Vanessa said...

Hey Critty! Thanks so much! I will be sure to get those in stock! Thanks for your input, those Milani eyeshadows are in demand!

Becky said...

I live in Europe and can't find the Ecotool Brushes. I've searched every store, I even searched on Ebay but I can not find them ( and I really want them :( )
Keep up,the good work with the blog, I can't wat for the new website!

Becky said...

I live in Europe and can't find the Ecotool Brushes. I've searched every store, I even searched on Ebay but I can not find them ( and I really want them :( )
Keep up,the good work with the blog, I can't wat for the new website!

brittni said...

I'd love to see NYX!

By the way - did you see Ardell's new 1/2 lashes? I forget what they're called but they are for the outer half (kind of like us cheap girls who cut our lashes in half to get more use and that kind of effect) They're sooo cute...Found them at CVS and thought of you!

Arina said...

Hello Vanessa!
OMG, I simply cannot wait for your online store opening. I also live in Canada and every time you feature an awesome drugstore product I cannot find it in canadian local drug stores. I alsways get so dissapointed.
I would love to buy from you new Milani wet/dry eye shadows, Sonia Kashuk brushes, Eco-tools brushes (love that foundation brush),L'Oreal decrese (I'm pretty sure it not available in Canada yet), L'Oreal HIP paints, Milani blushes (want that dupe of NARS orgasm so bad)
You are such a sweetheart of offering this service for your loyal international readers. I admire your blog so much
Take care,

ilurvemakeup said...

If you have a theater shop near you unlike me, BEN NYEEEEEEEEE!!! LOL!!! At an affordable price of course of course!!! Ok that's my Nessa wishlist.

Danielle said...

Hey Vanessa. I'm in Canada and can't find the Milani eyeshadows and would love to have some. Just for the other Canadians out there, I found Eco-tools brushes at London Drugs last week.

Stephanie said...

Milani shadows. I can't find anywhere around here that sells those (even looked at K-Mart).

Arina said...

Hey Nessa!
I'd like to actually add something else to my wishlist: I just saw new Sonia Kashuk's cream blushes featured on Karen's blog (makeup and beauty blog) And now I want them too! LOL If you will find them too, sign me up! :)
I wish I had London Drugs in Toronto Canada (all we have here is Shoppers Drug Mart and PharmaPlus) so no Eco Tools yet. I am counting on you, Nessa! ;)

mandilicious said...

pro products!..:) the lip erase and pro eyeshadows!

Anonymous said...

hey vanessa
i'd like to know if it's possible to get some empty e/s quads...
i like them better than the 15 palette coz the top is clear...
i'll like to get a few...

ikho said...

hai wishlist would consist of milani shadows, blushes, and avon stuffs :)

Anonymous said...

NYX! Because you have that great display near you! Cherryculture shipping is kinda high :(

Anonymous said...

Milani eye shadows and eye liners (I think you did some swatches on them. they're really pretty) thanks. I can't Milani anywhere here.

Stephy said...

Hi Nessa! Thanks for being so considerate!
I think Canadians like me are interested in getting things that aren't available here in Canada. Like:
- L'oreal HIP cream liners
- L'oreal HIP pigments
- L'oreal HIP paints
- L'oreal de-crease eyeshadow primer
- UDPP (i think Ontario people can get it cuz they have tons of sephora there but we have none here in BC!!)
- Milani (shadows and blushes)
- Sonia Kashuk/EOB brushes

njoy. said...

definitely the original Milani e/s. I can only find the wet/dry ones around my area. Thanks for doing this :)

Nic Nic said...

Ahh this is great, i'm interested in sonia kashuk brushes, eco brushes, milani e/s, and NYX e/s!

Sally said...

Hey Vanessa,

I am very very interested in anything NYX, milani shadows and sonia kashuk brushes as I'm constantly trawling the internet looking for places that will ship to the UK and there isn't any!


Ceemerah said...

Hi Nessa!Definitely NYX,Milani,Sonia Kashuk's brushes, Monistat Chafing Relief Gel-powder,MAC, MACPro, Bobbi Brown,Loreal De-crease..Here in Malaysia MAC n Bobbi Brown is soooo expensive..i found out that MAC is about 30% cheaper than here.Some of their stuff also not available here..How sad!Sorry for the long list!Hope u can help me in this!
Thx Nessa...

Mary said...

hey vanessa! you are sooo sweet and cool for doing this! SERIOUSLY!!!!!!!!!!

I can't afford mac, so any good blending brush (doesn't matter what brand), and any eyeshadow base (loreal, any brand) would be a life saver!!!!!!!!!

And SAMPLES!!!!!!! =D

Anonymous said...

Oh! I would love to see Red Cherry/Bliss False Lashes. I have a hard time trying to find them. They are the best falsies ever.
And the Sonia Kashuk Dome Brush! I have been to 5 different Targets and they were all OUT! I want the one that looks like MAC's 224. I think its the dome brush so please please, look into it for me, thanks! =)

Her.Peachieness said...

Nessa, how 'bout those Essences of Beauty brushes if possible. We don't have a CVS here in NorCal. =(

Anonymous said...

I live in an area that doesn't sell Milani. I would love to get my hands on the new Wet/Dry shadows and I really liked the Shock eyeshawdow on you, I also want to try the Mai Tai blush!

Liz Marie said...

Well I live in Paris and the access to most Drugstore cosmetics is awful, so Milani eyeshadows!! I'm dying to try them ^^

Sara said...

Dear Nessa,

first of all I love your blog and check on it every day. So sorry about your bunny and those rude comments you had about the subject.

Then: I would love to see some Milani shadows and those new eyepencils they had (wich you did a wonderful review on a while ago) at your store. I've searched all around the internet for a place to ship Milani internationally but can't seem to find one.
What I'm allso very interested in is the L'oreal HIP line, especially the paints and the crayons.
Although I can order NYX cosmetics from their international shipping charges are kinda high, so I wouldn't mind ordering my NYX products somewhere else.

And of course I'd love to try Your own Mineral Makeup line out!

Best wishes, Sara, Finland (EU)

Suzanne said...

NYX make-up! I'm still looking for a great (not to expensive!) nude lipstick :)

Jen said...

NYX and Milani shadows would be great! And I'd also be interested in L'oreal De-crease, and maybe the gel eyeliner you use too.

pink-bow said...

Hi nessa, I am a fan of you. I love reading your blog since forever.
Congrats for your the online store. I look forward to shop in your online store. I think I want to get the milani e/s if you can have it.
All the best Nessa

Medhia said...

hey nessa.i just wanna start off by saying that love reading ur blog...u got a lot of great tips and tricks.also it would be great if u could get some mialni and nyx products for ur shop.i live in canada so we can't get them here.

Anonymous said...

hey nessa! im from the uk and i really want all of the nyx jumbo eye pencils, yes, lol all 24! i love the look of them! do u know if you'd be able to get those shipped out? thanks, mel

Ede said...

hey vane!
how cool are you girl?! right now I don't know what to ask for but I'm sure I'll come up with something soon! Just wanted to thank you for the idea,here in Spain we don't get much of that stuff.

Anonymous said...

Medhia we can get them here in Canada from RX pharma plus. They have quite a big selection, I live in GTA area, saw them there. Makesure you go to Rx Pharma plus not pharmaplus because some of the pharma plus are converted into RX pharmaplus but they do carry It went last week and saw on display. Price range I am not sure as I was in hurry.

Anonymous said...

i live on your blog i cant get enough f the things u review :)

pro products would be great like the eyeshadows and pigments :)

and those great eco tools brushes or the ones from like CVS or the sonia kashiah brushes sorry i dont know how to spell it lol here in hawaii we dont have ANY of THAT :(

thanks i cant wat for your sight to be up....


megan said...

what about MAC pro products?
like mac lip erase it's so hard to find!! especially since the next mac pro store is in another state :-(

Anonymous said...

Hey Nessa!

I love your blog, it's sooo addicting to view. Anywhoo, would you be selling MAC Cosmetics on your website for a lower price then retail? I'm only asking because I know you mention in many of your blogs that you always use your MAC PRO card. That would benefit a lot of us! And it would be an amazing idea!

Vanessa said...

Anonymous: I will not be selling MAC Products below retail as it is against their policy, any MAC items I sell is merely an overstock of the items I have before I had a discount, items I have never used, or some items my friends are selling.

Hameepy said...

NYX e/s, l/g, l/s. The most important thing is to have good pics/swatches=)

Anonymous said...

Hi Vanessa,

If you could get the Doll Eye Long Lash Mascara, NYX eyeshadow trios, and NYX round lipsticks like the one you got in Sunflower, that'd be so great.


sienna said...

hi...ecotools brushes...
and international shipping...

Anonymous said...

sell mac pro products :D

stina said...

Hi Vanessa,

I was wondering if Milani still sold their Mai Tai blush? I wasn't able to find it online. If you are able to stock this online on your new website, that would be great.

Thanks for doing this, it's very sweet of you! :)


ladystarr said...

awesome! I would like the bent sonia kashuk eyeliner brush, ecotools brushes, mac pro items! I don't know if u already mentioned this on ur site, but how bout a swatch collection of like everything? lol. It would really help in buying makeup online. thanks vanessa...ur great!

Vanessa said...

sierra its for international if you read the post ;)

Anonymous said...

hi there Vanessa!!!
i would love to see NYX and Urban Decay e/s and other products on your online store!!!!! they are awesome!! <33

Chris said...

I'd love to see Urban Decay, NYX, NARS, Loreal Decrease Eyeshadow Base.

What about MAC? Here in the Philippines we have to pay (converted pesos to dollar):

$19 for eyeshadow
$29 for MSF's
$21.50 for lipsticks and lipglosses
$80 for the Holiday Brush sets
$26 for paint pots

You get point. Ridiculous prices! Could you offer them at cheaper prices?


SumiSweet said...

I would name my first born after you if you could have the BEN NYE palette sent to Singapore..At a reasonable price though!!!!


Anonymous said...

im the girl who asked you a question about the facial masks, hope you remember me. Let's just call me S. First of all, sorry to hear about your bunny and hope you are doing well.

I live in Thailand and your online store sounds like a great idea since you can offer products we cant get here + you dont overcharge for shipping!

Anyway here are some ideas that I would love to see on your site. Brushes or make up from Sonia Kashuk, Mac PRO products such as pigments and lip erase and other brands that are not available here such as urban decay, nyx, milani, cargo and other drug store brands.

Thank you!


Shen said...

they basically said it all.. :) l'oreal de-crease, ecotools, sonia kashuk, milani, and too faced shadow insurance. :)

Anonymous said...

hi. i would love to have milani, sonia kushuk brushes, coverblend concealer. and those makeup that can be found at walgreens, CVS, target, walmart stores but not online. i live very far away and can only shop online so please bring these items in your store.
thanks so much!

Anonymous said...

Milani eyeshadows. You listed an eyeshadow called Shamrock (green), I believe it was, as well as some other colors.

Anonymous said...

wow that's awesome =D
My vote goes to NYX eyeshadows and lipsticks (particularly the nude ones) and Milani (I think?) eyeshadows also.
We don't get them in Australia =[


Kitty L'Amour said...

Hey Nessa,
Sorry I have been on for so long, for some reason I can't get onto Blogger at my uni :( I was so sorry to hear about Jessica and the downright losers who were so horrible about it.
Being in the UK I'd say the hardest things to get that I'd love to see are Milani products, esp the newer ones that you can't find online, L'Oreal eye primer, also the lovely brushes from MMBB as they don't ship internationally. I've been lucky with Cherry Culture so far for my NYX, bar the long shipping time, but I think that's cos the post has got terribly slow.
Also... if you are thinking of starting your own mineral line have you looked at Archetype Cosmetics?? They have some awesome looking colours but they have a 5 week turnaround on orders :(
Lauren xx

Sharonda said...

Haven't read the comments, but my area does not have any NYX, *pouts*, but it will be nice if you can consider NYX products!

blog717 said...

Hi Vanessa,

You are SUCH a sweetie for doing this!! I'm not able to find the Milani singles around here anymore, just the new Wet/Dry ones. I was wondering if you would please be able to find Milani's Sea Foam eye shadow single? I am IN LOVE with that color and can't seem to find it. If you're not able to find it either, please please let me know if you happen to know of a dupe of it. (MAC or NYX). Thank you SO MUCH!! I wish you all the best. This is a really great thing that you're doing for so many people!


Anonymous said...

Hi Nessa! I'm a big fan of your blog. I'm here in the east coast (US) so I have pretty good access to most cosmetics. However, I'm having a hard time finding those Sonia Kashuk bent eyeliner brushes. As for the Ecotools brushes, I had to order them online as the Walgreens around here don't carry them yet. Another suggestion would be the Loew-Cornell brushes from art supplies stores since none of those stores ship internationally.

Personally, I would definitely be interested in MAC Pro products. The nearest one is about 2 hours from me so I would like the option to just go to a website and click to order. And along the lines of MAC, you may also want to offer those Elf quad palettes ($1 each) for international customers as they fit MAC eyeshadows and is a cheaper alternative.

Best of luck to your new venture! =)

(g)ezebel said...

will you have male order? *wink*

tiffany said...

NYX definitely! I don't have some here :(

And maybe a bunch of fake eyelashes? natural looking ones (daytime falsies) I have little eyes lol over the top/big falsies just make me look like a show girl.

Anonymous said...

hai vanessa! i'm your loyal reader and definetely excited about thus. mine will be milani e/s and sonia kashuk brushes! :)

blog717 said...

Oops, I meant Milani's Sea Angel single eye shadow! :-x

Stephanie said...

The Nexcare Acne patches (if they even really work).

Anonymous said...

how bout milani luminous? ive been eyeing that for a long time. plus loreal hip prods. or nyx prods.:)


Hey Nessa! I'd love to see some NYX stuff in your store. Also, the luminous Milani blush you love. :) I've heard rumours of seeing some NYX and Too Faced stuff in stores here in Canada, but I haven't had any luck yet. Do you think you could sell some of that Too Faced Shadow Insurance as well? I'm trying to find some for my brother's wedding because I'm in need of a good base.

klaudea said...

As you've prob. figured out, us canadians don't get much goodies in terms of makeup. Why? Cuz we suck!! I'd def'n give you a lot of buisness if you could get all the already mentioned brands and one more... the Urban Decay brand! Especially their primer potion! I even went on the website and you can't even order them online! Talk about discrimination!!!

Can't wait till you open up that estore! If you ever need any help for graphics or layout feel free to hit me up! I'm an art student always looking for gigs!

Love ya,

' * : . b | u 3 . : * ' said...

like the others I'd love to see Milani products. Especially the blushes for me :)

like Stephy listed, those L'oreal HIP products would be great :) They haven't started selling the gel liners, and paints here yet.

Essence of Beauty brushes would be nice too :) No CVSs' here!

Even higher end makeup at US pricing would be great. The prices are always marked up 20% or more in Canada, and probably even more in Australia. Eg. Tarte cheekstains cost CAD$38 here compared to US28 right? (The exchange rate is almost on par with the dollar right now)

This sounds exciting btw :) I can't wait to see your launch!

brainsANDbeauty said...

Hello lovely lady! I was wondering if you could do a post on different tone lips. I would really appreciate it! Sorry this does not pertain to the post =( Good luck with everything!

Stephanie said...

I vote for Essence of Beauty & E.L.F. brushes.

If you're tried the E.L.F. brushes though, and they're crap then scratch that last part.

Bambi said...

I'd love if you sold some eco brushes on your site, I'm in the UK and it's impossible to find them here.

It'd also be great if you stocked some Loreal HIP liner, pigments, paints, etc: as they don't have them here either. :(

Anonymous said...

Hey Vanessa!

Its great to hear you're willing to help out! I live in South East Asia (yes, close to the philiphines lol) and I dont have access to most of the products in the US.

I'm interested in purchasing NARS, Stila and Urban Decay products. We cant find those in my country, at all. It'll be great if you're selling MAC brushes too! =)

Can't wait till your site is up!


Azin said...

Hi Nessa,

I wonder if you could sell some Neutrogena products. Their sunblock products are the best on the market so far. Although it's easy to get Neu in the US, we who live oversea can't find them anywhere TT___TT...

I hope you can consider my suggestion!!!

Anonymous said...

Would you consider selling MAC cosmetics on ebay?


Anonymous said...

Hey Nessa, can u pls add mac sculpt n shape to ur online store too? I am after accentuate/sculpt. They r no longer available in Oz. Thanks

Anonymous said...

Hey Nessa, I was reading your entry about you will be selling MAC items for retail price. Just a suggestion, could you just sell them to us for retail price with shipping? For example; MAC eye shadows are $14 with free shipping. I know that people order items on the MACPRO site and it's tax free. That would be great!


Vanessa said...

kaily its not tax free when you order on the pro site and shipping isn't free either when ordering from mac pro. Pro discount is automatically taken when you use your pro card number to login so theres no way to go around it sorry

Anonymous said...

Hey Nessa! I'm sorry I misinterpret myself. I hope this doesn't offend you or anything, but when you call MAC PRO over the phone and order items, it is tax free. It was also a shocker to me! I've ordered many times and used my pro discount. My first time, I asked them how much was shipping and they told me it was $7 for some items and I kinda hesitated if I wanted to continue on with my order (considering I could travel 30 miles away to a PRO store) and they told me but there are no taxes. I asked how much do I have to spend in order to get free shipping and of course, you probably already know $150 after discount. Anywho, you should check that out, it could save you taxes in California!


Stephanie said...

You could sell samples of the NYX Chrome shadows at a decent price, and make a profit off it! I know there's a bunch of them I want but can't justify spending the money to buy all of them since I know I won't use up even half the shadow. That's something to consider at least!

Anonymous said...

Yay!! I'm so excited for your new online store. I see your blog everyday. It's awesome how you take time out to share your insite on makeup. I'd love some Mac Pro items. You should have a section on Vanessa's picks. NYX And brushes too.
Lots of hugs for being the best!

Piece of Cake said...

gosh! ask a makeup addict what they wanna buy and they'll tell you...EVERYTHING! lol. Anyway, my wishlist will be short... I mean shorta long! haha.
I would love to be able to get my hands on MAC new product launches as it reaches about appx. 3 months to get here. Also, I'd love to get my hands on the Sonia Kashuk brushes,especially the bent liner, NYX round lipstick, some MAC pro lipsticks and other lipsticks that they don't ship out here (i.e. snob, myth). I also want L'oreal Hip gel liner in eggplant and teal, Milani shadows and some of your favorite mineral shadows. You're such a good product pusher, and I mean it in a really good way cos otherwise how else would I be aware of great drugstore products if not from you? Oh, you did a review on a cool contact lenses washer, sorry forgot the name, I'd love to have that too.

Vanessa said...

Hi Kaily! Thanks for the heads up! I don't order by phone and either way id pay for shipping, but I will definitely keep it in mind! Thanks!

Hi Stephanie! Yeah I actually have some NYX Chrome eyeshadows but since they are too small, it'll only be enough for a sample or two, and it just isn't worth the aggravation to me to have to pack it and ship it out just for that....but thanks for the suggestion!

Hi Cris! Thanks for the great idea on the "Vanessa's Picks" seems like a lot of people also agree since I often get asked what are my favs! LOL!

AhPau said...

Hi vanessa! 1st off, I LOVE your blog!

It'd be great if you could sell MAC brushes on your new site. It's insanely overpriced here in Malaysia! I've been meaning to get them for quite some time now. Wouldn't mind paying retail too.
And maybe NYX products that'll be great.

Thanks for doing all of this for us!

:a: :b: :c: :d: :e: :f: :g: :h: :i: :j: :k: :l: :m: :n:

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