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Saturday, May 24, 2008

Product Review & FOTD on MAC Solar Field & Neo Sci-Fi Collection


I received my Solar Field & Neo Sci-Fi collection yesterday and I LOVE the eyeshadows! I bought Femme Fi, Evening Aura, and Magnetic Fields. I didn't bother to get Expensive Pink because it's permanent so need to rush out for that one, and as for Time & Space, I held off on it because it looks like MAC "Mulch" eyeshadow or Milani's "Sun Goddess". And I bought all four of the pearlized pigment clusters: Scatterrays, Sunpower, Bronzescape, and Black Ore.

Femme Fi is such a gorgeous pearl white with gold duo-chrome looking color, it makes a perfect highlighter, and it's definitely a color I want to stock up on! If "Shroom" and "Ricepaper" had an offspring, I think Femme-Fi would definitely be it! Evening Aura is an very light orangey pink (veluxe pearl), and "Magnetic Fields" is a beautiful dark taupe brown with a touch of charcoal, and a tiny bit of shimmer, it's truly a unique color and great for you gals that love neutral colors!

The only disappointment (for me anyway) about this collection was two of the four pearlized pigments: Scatterrays and Sunpower. I know that MAC purposely had the intention to make them "gritty" and chunky to reflect actual earthy looking minerals or to those found on other planets (LOL), but Scatterrays and Sunpower were just TOO chunky and glittery to even work with. (I am selling these two btw if any of you are interested).

However, the other two pigments, Black Ore and Bronzescape are just breathtaking! Black Ore is perfect for a smokey look or a night out on the town, it has the perfect amount of shimmer, and it's super sexy! Bronzescape reminds me of the "Goldstroke" pigment with more shimmer.

As you already know, I love the lipsticks, Sci-Fi Delity and Pleasureseeker, and I am thinking about grabbing the "Soft & Slow" lipglass.

Overall? This collection pales in comparison to other collections MAC has released, however, I LOVE that this collection catered to the neutral loving gals because at least there's something for everyone. The eyeshadows by far are my favorite out of this collection. And here are the pictures to see for yourself!

I also bought "Honey Moon" lipstick from the MoonBathe Collection from CCO (cosmetics company outlet), a pretty neutral brown with gold shimmer. I love the white packaging, I wish MAC made it their permanent packaging! :)

Here's a quick look I did using the eyeshadows from this collection:

What I used:

- Monistat Chafing Gel as primer
- MUFE (Makeup Forever) Full Cover Concealer in #8
- MAC StudioFInish Concealer in NC30
- Silk Naturals Foundation (Buttery Gold)

- Jordana Blush in "Stardust"
- MAC Beauty Powder in "Drizzlegold"

- MAC PP in "Soft Ochre" all over the lid
- MAC e/s in "Evening Aura" all over the lid
- MAC e/s in "Magnetic Fields" on outer half of the lid and contour, deepened the crease
- MAC e/s in "Femme Fi" as highlight on browbone
- Revlon Colorstay Eyeliner in "Blackest Black"
- Nixie Liquid Eyeliner in "Black"
- L'oreal Telescopic Mascara

- MAC l/s in "Pleasureseeker"
- Sephora lipliner
- MAC lipglass in "Underage"


christy. said...

Omg I love it!! Evening aura is so gorgoues; I definately want to get that. As for your look, it's very boho chic. Awesome!! ^___^

Distinque said...

awesome haul. Thank Goodness I only got the bronzescape...still debating on the black ore. Great FOTD!

Nic Nic said...

Thanks for this review :D you look really gorgeous with those colors!! I just love your nudey lips!

ilurvemakeup said...

Ang ganda mo naman, sobra! :)

Ok I won't overload you with too much tagalog LOL <333 I love the collection's packaging, but alas must save money for.... STILA! OMGAH! I am loving them more than MAC! Not more than BN, but close! lol

Those pigments look good too eat, very chocolatey. Sorry 2 were chunky, I'll eat em =9

mayaari said...

nice FOTD - I haven't been too interested in the MAC releases lately, but those eyeshadows look like they'd be a great addition to neutral palettes :)

RessaMakeup said...

i love pleasureseeker l/s so pretty pretty. great haul! take care vanessa!

mz.eLaine said...

vanessa i love this look on you. i went to mac the other day to check out this collection but nothing really catched my eyes. but now that i've seen this look on you, i really want to go get evening eura and magnetic feild... so pretty. keep up the great work hon.


Ahleessa said...

The eye makeup is gorgeous! :) It's making me want to go to MAC and buy the eye shadows, but I need to hold back for a jobless summer. :(

Aradani said...

black ore and magnetic fields look soo nice to me. Is there much difference between the two?? I'm not a fan of how loose pigments, but is it prettier than magnetic fields?
btw i love this look on you the best so far. I'm a neutral/smokey gal

nilla cookie said...

Beautiful as always, Vanessa! I loved Black Ore too, but my MAC counter was sold out. I'm going to see if I can snag one elsewhere :)

Anonymous said...

i loooove this look!!
but grr i just ordered time & space online and couldnt really see the colors, im sad you said it looks like mulch because i already have that :/ ill just exchange it for evening aura :) and if i were to get only one solar bit, which would you recommend? thanks hun<3

Alisa said...

Hey Vanessa, I just recived my 2nd set of pigment samples from you and wanted to say thanks so much! Shipping was fast and your prices were really reasonable :)

I was wondering, if you get the chance, would you mind doing a look with the bronzescape+black ore pigments? are they even pair-able? lol. I'm trying to determine whether or not to buy them but I have yet to see the on someone's eyes. Thanks :D


missxxmai said...

I can't wait to get my stuff! I love the look you did for this collection. SUPER cute! & I agree with you on the white packaging, I love it too!

Emilee @ GMM said...

Pretty FOTD! I haven't had a chance to play with my Neo Sci-Fi products yet. :)

Neeyuh said...

Great Review! I'm definately changing my mind and picking something up. Great look also I LOVE how you do your makeup!!

(g)ezebel said...

beautiful EOTD as always!!

i'm so glad you liked the black ore 'cuz that's the only thing i bought of the neo sci-fi.

hmm.. if they change the packaging to white, everything will look like tampons!!! heehee

Ethereal Prey said...

those eyeshadows look really good on you. you always make it seem effortless when you do these EOTD....

Anonymous said...

you even look fabulous in neutrals! the world is unfair... lol. i love this look! with matching necklace and blouse! :D

cheeeezie said...

OH...MY...GOD. i thought i wouldn't want anything much from this collection but after seeing your pics i've changed my mind!! i love the look you did too :)

MakeupByRenRen said...

gorgeous! i agree, i like black ore and bronzescape better than the other two :)

Anonymous said...

this looks so beautiful on you!!! love it!

Tracy said...

this is such a gorgeous look! makes me wanna go out and buy mac. haha.

Shen said...

this look is ultra gorgeous! there are no colors that doesn't fit your fab skintone.. makes me wanna regret getting too tanned!! i'm still waiting for heatherette here.. sucks that takes too long for MAC's collection to get here.. but patience is a virtue.. :)

so, to ask again, what 15 e/s colors that are must have for starters? :)

thanks!! much love!

ladyjane said...

I'm tempted to get Magnetic Fields. What a pretty look!

May Nguyen said...

Your pictures always turn great! What kind of camera do you use?

xoxkissablexox said...

i like this look a lot too..very soft/ it
u did a great job

Esmeralda said...

I love the look you did with black ore solar bits! I fell in love with black ore after it was out of stock everywhere, execept for eBay which is selling it for over $40, ugh! And I think I might have to give in... :)

Sushi Burger *^_^* said...

I realize this post is old, and you may not even have it, but I figured it's worth a shot.. Do you still have the MAC Honeymoon l/s? If so, could you tell me if there is a code on the bottom of the tube like most MAC's have? Thank you!!

:a: :b: :c: :d: :e: :f: :g: :h: :i: :j: :k: :l: :m: :n:

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