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Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Eco-Tools NOT for fools!


So everyone is going GREEN lately, and we should! The Earth is where we live, and where our children will live, so why not save the earth while looking good??

I went to Walgreens and bought some more Eco-Tools Brushes, I don't know too many spots that sell Eco-Tools, other than Walgreens, but they have a store locater so you can see what stores are around you that carry them. I bought their blush brush and their small foundation brush to get into smaller areas like under the eye, around the nose, etc. I have the Essence of Beauty foundation brush, but it's too huge for those tiny little areas.

The bristles are made out of animal-free hair, the ferrule is made out of recycled aluminum, and the handles are made out of sturdy bamboo as it has low affect on the Earth's resources.

So you can see how small the brush head is:

Blush Brush:


Christiana Divine @ Memoirs of A Shopping Addict said...

I've been interested in these ever since I saw Annieliese and Anne post about them. But I have so many brushes that I can constitute buying more. LOL. :P They do look really nice though and I also like how they're eco-friendly. :)

ilurvemakeup said...

Not all Walgreens have these :( My Walgreens don't have them. Best to call the store before making the trip. I have been itching to try them, but too much of a bum to order them online.

yummy411 said...

hey nessa! i was thinking of doing an update post of some of my reviews.. and this was going to make the list-- do you find some of the brushes to be too soft (if that's possible,lol)? like with the foundation brush and the shadow/shader brush just don't seem to be as sturdy to me. i just knew i would throw these in my kit, but i save them as backup brushes. now the powder and blush brushes have reason to be too soft! ;)

Ethereal Prey said...

hey! I bought the brush set! yeah everyone's been going green, I found out about them when Alicia Silverstone was talking about them. I have to say they are SUPER soft, the blush brush that is. The eyebrow thing they have the bristles are too rough :(. They sell them here at Duane Reede in NYC.

I think its time for another blush tutorial! :P

Tracy said...

hi, vanessa. =) which walgreens did you get the eco tools brushes from? the ones in my area don't carry them.

arissa said...

I got a set of these brushes at your suggestion and the are soooo soft. Sometimes I put on too much blush because the brush feels so nice on my face and I just keep applying haha! I picked mine up at Duane Read.

Stephanie said...

My Walgreens doesn't have those! How sad. I need to find a set of good brushes!

cathlyn said...

damnit. my comment didn't post.. so now i have type it all over again. soooo nessa, i've been an avid reader of ur blog since around feb and it's opened so much more doors and techniques for me! i'm labeled as the makeup guru for my friends, but seriously, you've increased my skills by 912039128x. anywho, i did ur pure luxe sour apple and purple eyes today and it was a biiiig hit. i didnt think i could pull it off... i was wondering if u could do swatches with all ur pure luxe eye shadows or do more looks with those colors. i love their pricing since i'm a student on a budget and can't run to mac all the time... and i like pure luxe better then nyx. thank you so much!!!!

Anonymous said...

Try going to your local ULTA store. Plus they're currently having a 25% off sale with the ecotools. Pretty dope brushes!

BTW. I got my pigment samples today! Thanks Nessa and Erica.

stylishmomy said...

Hi Nessa, those brushes look so nice, and the fact that they're Earth-friendly makes it even better =) I need more brushes but Im in no-buy mode for this month *sobs*

Anonymous said...

Hey Vanessa!

You have to do a review of these brushes once you use them a couple of times. I would be all for getting them...but if they're not quality why spend the money ya know? Anywho. Can you tell me where the heck you find Milani eyeshadows? Which stores are they sold at? Same with NYX...I live in bum*uck CT and I'm not sure where to get them. Thank you so much! Love your site, keep up the great work!


Cruelty-Free Beauty Maven said...

ulta has these brushes, and has the set for only $10.99.

BeautyChick101 said...

I love these brushes! I think they're really great, especially for the price. They're sold on too -- there's even a pack of five sold together for about $10. And I saw them at my local CVS as well!

makeup lover said...

I bought all of my eco tools brushes at Target. They don't have them in the cosmetic/brush area. They carry them a few isles over where they carry other eco friendly products. They have multiple select packages and I didn't pay over $10.99 for any of them. A friend at work told me about the brushes and how good they worked for her. I had been using MAC brushes because although very expensive, I have really sensitive skin. In the last 2 weeks that I've been using the eco tools brushes, my skin has broken out really bad especially around my chin and my face has been really itchy!! :'(. I think I'll be discontinuing my use. Has anyone else experienced the same problems?

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