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Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Coastal Scents EZ Press Pigment Pressing Medium


Argh, I don't know if mine is defective, but it sucks. My blue pigment that I tried to press is STILL wet and I pressed it on Friday. WTH!?? And yes I watched their video and followed the directions on the back of the damn bottle, but to no avail. I even busted out my blow dryer to "speed up the process"- NADA.

What a waste of pigment...I had better luck with alcohol so I think i'll continue to use that because it dried up in an hour, not frikkin' 3+ days! And that bottle was $10! A bottle of alcohol...$3 tops. I know it worked for some of you but I think mine was more oil than anything else.

It's now a cream eyeshadow...that's really wet, LOL.

Anyway, moving on to more exciting news, my relatives from Canada are visiting and of course brought me some ketchup chips and Flakies (my fav!) I loved them ever since I was little and it sucks because we don't have either of those things here in Cali, so to my CANADIAN SISTERS, I'll gladly pay you to ship me some flakies!!! Yes I am that obsessed with them because I haven't had them in years and always find myself asking relatives to smuggle me some, LOL.

I am working on a few videos that I haven't had time to post up...and of course more Anastasia brow stay tuned!


missxxmai said...

i thought i was the only one! did you try the oven? i pressed four and all but one dried after i put them in the oven..

LadyBird said...

I love ketchup chips and passion flakies though i always say flakes. Yeah Im a Canada gal. Big ups :)

Joey said...

Lol. I've been contemplating on whether I should buy that or not.... How about NOT? haha

Thanks, Nessa

ladyish said...

there are no ketchup chips in cali?

Yellow Fever said...

hey babe! try putting that e/s pan in the oven for 30 min. at 200 degrees to get it to dry up and stick ; ) Let me know if it works!

Jocelyn said...

Aw, I'm sorry the pressing medium didn't work for you. I haven't had any problems with mine, maybe because I keep the pigment/medium mix quite dry. (Very crumbly looking but will hold together if I press against the side of my mixing container.) But hey, alcohol makes for a convenient alternative.

I enjoy your blog a lot--keep up the great work! :)

Vanessa said...

Hi Miss Mai and YellowFever! Thanks for the suggestion, I haven't put it in the oven yet, as much as I want to try it, seems like it's too much effort to press pigment considering how fast it was done just using alcohol, luckily I only tested this one and it didn't work so I think I am just gonna stop, LOL.

Hi Joey- how are ya?

Ladyish- Sadly there aren't any ketchup chips here in cali, I am deprived I tell ya! lol

Thanks Jocelyn! It means a lot!

Anonymous said...

I was thinking of picking up that Coastal Scents mixing medium, but after seeing how it didn't work for you... I'm thinking not.

Robyn @ Purely Cosmetics said...

WTF are ketchup chips? Those flakies, however, look mighty yummy!

As for pressing the powders, thanks for the report on that one. My dimethicone arrived yesterday, and if I can get my freakin cell phone to work again (I had to do a Windows Mobile upgrade), I'll be experimenting with that and will let you guys know the outcome of it.

Word to the wise: if you have a Touch cell phone and they say to upgrade, do not do it! I can't get the bluetooth to work, it won't recognize my cell to sync, and I'm really, really frustrated!

Anastasia said...

Can't buy Cookie dough anywhere in England, and they discontinued Nestle Pretzel Flipz here, which I LOVED. Can't find the damn things anywhere now! We can get boxes of lucky charms imported for $14 for a small box =/

Sigh! At least we have proper bacon.

Aurélie said...

I think i'll stay with my DIY binder...

But, what is this GORGEOUS blue i've been waiting for my whole life ?? :)

Tracy said...

When I was pressing my pigments, I ended up using too much solution on some, so they took a lot longer to dry. I put them in my toaster oven, and that seemed to solve the problem of it not drying, though I haven't actually used my pressed pigments yet, so I'm not sure how well they hold up now that they're pressed. I used the binder from b/c I saw what happened to Anne.

Stephanie T said...

I had that same problem when I tried pressing. I thought I did something wrong. Is there any difference in the outcome if you use alcohol rather than the ez press?

<3 Lei said...

Sorry to hear about the bad luck with the pressing medium. I was thinking about buying it too, but I guess I'll stick to what I know works..a cheap $2 bottle of rubbing alcohol. lol

And whaat? No ketchup chips?? I think I'd die. lol They're my fave! I loooove the Passion Flakies too! I'd send you a giant box of them :P

Anonymous said...

I had to post, because I DIDNT know that you guys didn't have flakies in the states! I LOVE them. best cremey awesomeness every :P (Guess I will forever have to be a Canadian, or else get hookups with the company to ship them preriodically!)
And not to have tried ketchup chips as a kid, almost means you haven't lived a full childhood...therefore for those others...try it! We did have a fries and gravy one for a bit as well...but that died out quick!

anyway I also read some people mentioning the oven method, I thought I would just mention that some people tried that, and they reported that they lost a significant amount of pigmentation. It just would swipe as it would. So do be careful~

Christal said...

WOW PASSION FLAKIES...I forgot about those. I used to eat them all the time when I was little. That was when sugar and fast food wasn't advertised as THAT bad.....(ahem 15 yrs ago....) hahah yes vanessa we are like the same age!

Anyways you ever have jo louie's

Vilay said...

Ketchup chips and flakie? My absolute Canadian faves!!! I'm glad I'm not the only one that will pay for someone to ship to the states.

Christiana Divine @ Memoirs of A Shopping Addict said...

hi nessa. :)

sucks that your pressed pigment is like that. i think maybe you used too much of the binder. when i do it, i don't usually make it that wet. i just use enough so that it starts to stick together but is still sorta kinda crumbly, so it's not terribly wet... uhh... it's hard to explain. haha. i also bake them. it's not bad if you press say several mineral pans in one sitting and just bake them together after you've finished pressing all of the ones that you're doing for that day. :P

i tried using alcohol to press my mineral pigments and it didn't work out so hot. haha. o_0 but if you're having luck with it, more power to you! :D

Jo said...

yumm i want some!

' * : . b | u 3 . : * ' said...

lol I don't even know what Flakies are and I live in Canada...But if you really want some give me a shout anytime :D

liezel said...

omg. you're def missing out! ketchup chips and flakies...and poutine!

Le Midget said...

I thought coastal scent's mixing medium was only meant for mineral makeup. I know that alcohol works great for mac pigments but it doesn't do anything for mineral pigments. So maybe that's the problem? I donno for sure though.

Celly Annabelle said...

that looks like a cuban pastry that we eat. guava with cream cheese.
actually - it looks a lot like that except its made with guava.

have you gone to porto's in glendale? they have those there.

dustbunny said...

You could actually put alcohol on the pressed pigment with the ez press then let the alcohol soak in the pigment for awhile then press it again with a coin covered in a cloth... the alcohol would dissolve the ez press and when you press it again the solution of ez press dissolved in alcohol would be soaked up... then it could dry now

LiisK said...

I think u put too much EZpress, it'll never dry cause it's mostly silicone. I do not believe baking will help much. I use couple of drops per pan (TKB's pressing medium) and a small syringeful of alcochol per pan. Works.
TKB's tut says to use only mixing medium and mix it into the pigment in a baggie but I cannot see how that would help with the even distribution of the medium. I mix it into a liquid paste and press that.

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