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Thursday, September 11, 2008

Why I love California- On the set of "Chuck"


I love California because no matter where you are, you are always "on set". I love when they film commercials and movies at random places, it's fun to see (for me anyway). They filmed the Head & Shoulders commercial at the fountain by my work, and today, they used the lobby in my building to film that show "Chuck" on NBC. And yes I actually saw the guy that plays "Chuck", but didn't take a pic with him, LOL.

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shasta said...

Ooh! I envy you, I totally love that show!!!

Ilianexy said...

Wow Vanessa you're Lucky! In NYC is the same thing, sometimes you can have an encounter with a celebrity face to face! Some months ago I was going to take my daughter and puppy to Central Park and as I was waiting three people stop next to me in bikes to wait for the light to change to cross the street as well. The woman started talking to me about my puppy and I looked at her but she looked so familiar that I wasn't even paying attention to what she was telling me. She looked like another celebrity and when I look to see who she was with you won't believe it!!!...LEONARDO DICAPRIO!!!! It was him, his mom, and another man, the three of them in bikes and they headed to Central Park, I was star strucked!!! I don't see more celebrities because I don't go downtown that much!

Stephanie T said...

I am so freakin jealous. I love that show! You should've taken a picture with the guy that plays Chuck. I <3 him.

Anonymous said...

I love this show. Cool shots!

MakeupByRenRen said...

cool! i want a chair like that definitely have one on my wish list

Anastasia said...

Aww man, I love that show! D:!

The only time I ran into anyone famous was when I stayed in a hotel in Huddersfield, and some of the cast of Last Of The Summer Wine (ooolldddd actors) were staying there, too.

e said...

I love that show! How cool!

Katya said...

Oooh! That's cool - to see how films and other TV things are born :)
But isn't it annoying to people who work in your office?
You know what I mean - a lot of people, gaper, lights and cameras, go-in-other-way and so on...

Diane said...

Oh my, Nessa! How wonderful that is. You're one lucky gal!

Mrs. Lynne, said...

how fuuun! Lost was filmed on O'ahu so my sister-in-law and i would go hunting down all the places where they filmed. We ran into the cast and went to a season preview on the beach one time. It's so neat to just see how it all gets put together.

Shen said...

wow! i love chuck! i really adore guys like that. do you think they are shooting for the second season?? i'm so jelly! :)

fuzkittie said...

Definitely one reason to love Cali! :D Very cool... what's that guy doing in teh last picture? Hahahaha.

Alyssa said...

I think that's one thing cool about living close to Hollywood. :)

Tracy said...

How cool! My very first job was in the same vicinity of where you are now, and I would see celebrities frequently, and where I work now, there's always something being filmed, though I don't always get to see it. Too bad you didn't get a picture with Zachary Levi! I actually have a director's chair that I won from a movie taping. I should post about it. :D

ainstein said...

how awesome! that's def one of the good things of living in cali.

one time my friends n i were in line waiting to be seated at roscoe's in hollywood, people in front of us kept taking pictures of a group of people coming out of the restaurant. i was getting irritated because we were sitting outside in the heat, i was hungry and it was taking forever to get seated. so the group finally got outside and i was standing next to this black dood with blings on and he was smiling at me. people around us were taking pictures and i was like (kind of loudly) "who the hell they taking pictures at?!" and my friend tugged me and goes AKON! and i go who the hell is AKON?! and then i realized who he was and i was like ohhhh the guy with that annoying ass song! everybody laughed and he goes "she's keeping it real" and i responded with "i'm hungry!" this happened when akon was just starting out.
btw thanks for the comment! i am nowhere near "hot" LOL and no i aint fishing for compliments. i think ur HOT.

Imee @ Life As ICEY It said...

dude! i know exactly what u mean! just the other day, i was shopping at the mall in sherman oaks and lo and behold, i was also being filmed in "The United States of Tara". LOL i dont even know that show, but everyone else seemed to be a fan. But yea, being out here, it's crazy how we rub shoulders with the most random of celebs!

Bombchell said...

gosh how lucky

Anonymous said...

I LOVE watching Chuck!

I want to live in you're so lucky :)

the Muse said...


hehe :)

Lucky girl!

:a: :b: :c: :d: :e: :f: :g: :h: :i: :j: :k: :l: :m: :n:

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