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Friday, September 26, 2008

UDPP vs. Too Faced Shadow Insurance



- $16 at Sephora
- Has a doe-foot wand for application
- Nude eye base that increases the wear of eyeshadows and makes them crease-proof
- Stayed remarkable well one me after 9 hours

- The genie-shaped bottle makes it hard to access additional product, so you have to cut the bottle in half to scoop out the rest of the product
- 0.34 oz

Too Faced Shadow Insurance

- Squeeze-tube bottle for easier access of the product, also no product is wasted because of their packaging
- 0.35 oz. a bit bigger than UDPP
- $17 at Sephora
- Don't need a lot of product to cover your entire lid

- Silicone based, so those of you allergic to dimethicone, silicone, etc. may not like this
- Creased on me after 9 hours

Lids: Dry, not oily.

Eyeshadows used: MAC e/s in "Cumulus", and MAC e/s in "Carbon"

Experiment: TFSI on the RIGHT eye, UDPP on the LEFT eye. Apply makeup like normal, go to work, have lunch in the sun, go home and see which one held up better. I applied the same amount of each product on both lids, nothing else applied on the lids before I applied these eyeshadow primers.

Overall? I like UDPP a lot better than TFSI. There was very minimal creasing, and it held up pretty well throughout the day considering I was also in the heat. It was also pretty vibrant in color whereas the eye with TFSI looked more faded. I know many of you like TFSI over UDPP, and I thought I would too, but when I took pictures of each eye when I got home 9 hours later, it was apparent which held up better. TFSI creased A LOT, as you can probably see in the picture, with UDPP still looks pretty good after 9 hours.

I definitely give UDPP 2 thumbs up! p.s. Hi Juli from the Bay Area!


G_046 said...

i dont usually leave a comment, nor update my blog anymore b/c you've been so helpful with the reviews on most makeup product that I know! Keep it up Nessa! There are more people who reads and love your blog than those who enjoys bitching about it! Peace yo!

sab said...

yay! me too!

MisSmall said...

Thanks for the review. I was having a hard time deciding between these two, though I was more leaning towards TFIS because of the inconvenient packaging UDPP comes in.

And I really enjoy your reviews and tutorials. Keep up the good work! :)

Tracy said...

I haven't tried either of these yet, but I found this post very helpful. Thanks!

(g)ezebel said...

ah, you just made my decision for me! no sense in spending money on Too Faced's when UDPP works just fine for me, too.

Phyrra said...

Question for you. When I use the MAC Paint pots (which I do almost every day) as a base for my eye shadows, my eye shadows don't crease. Would TFSI or UDPP or both hold up as well or better? My eyelids aren't oily at all, and usually I only have problems with eyeliner smudging under my eyes.

Gee said...

Great review! I find them kind of equal in my book. But I don't really have 'creases' as a monolid to for my shadows to shift around.

And, a little birdie told me that UD is in the works of a new bottle design!

Anonymous said...

i have no access to either products but i have paypal now and maybe i should start trying all these products!!!

i am very interesting in Too Faced Shadow Insurance as UDPP has a very odd shape container and i am not the type to cut it open and save the product inside. imagine how ugly that will be!

great comparison! i saved the link for my own use. :P

A Gal On A Budget said...

Thanks, you just saved me some cash. I wanted to experiment with TFSI but now I know to stick with my beloved UDPP; if it ain't broke, don't fix it, right?

Fei said...

God. I almost read your conclusion as "I was in heat." lol. Looks like UDPP wins again.

myystiqueen said...

ohh thanks for the review nessa..

too bad i've already bought TFSI... because here in Aussie, we don't have UDPP... and im too lazy to get it online as it takes ages... however, i'll have to try it as soon as i run out of my TFSI...

thanks a bunchie-bunch..!! you're the best product reviewer... ^^

Shades Of U said...

Missed you Nessa! I never liked UDPP but you are ever so slowly enticing me to use it again! lol!

jeSmakeup said...

so you like UDPP... i guess it all depends on ur lids.. if they're oily or not... cuz a lot of ppl so far likes the TFSI. i gotta give this a try i just dont like the fact u gotta cut it open and theres soo many left.. not a lot of ppl kno that n will just throw it away... the bottle is cute too!!

Anastasia said...

I'd go with UDPP, too. I just wish their packaging wasn't so freaking inconsiderate. It's not even pretty, and it really doesn't match the company's theme. When I look at their product shelves I see rows of genie-shaped potion-esque bottles, and then I see packages with graffiti and "bling" on them, showing you the Urban glam side - it doesn't gel for me. Why do they think mixing mystical boudoir-esque packaging and gritty Urban graffiti packaging works?

You work in advertising, go lecture 'em.

Askmewhats said...

thanks for this! YAY!!! I have UDPP and never tried TFSI so this is great information! And it is sunny here in the Philippines too!!!

The Makeup Fairy said...

I just bought 2 UDPPs yesterday and reading this review i'm glad i did

BeautyTalk said...

Thank you so muchh for this! I've been debating whether I should try something new other than UDPP and I was considering the insurance TFSI. I will definitely stick with UDPP!

Alyssa said...

I think it depends on the person and their eyelids. I can't wait to test mine out and see which ones works best for me. You're very lucky you got dry eyelids, because it's not fun having oily lids. :X

Nic Nic said...

oh yay im glad i didnt buy this insurance :D

i still have my UDPP hehe

Valerie said...

I have always love UDPP too good thing I didn't buy the TFSI.

Anonymous said...

i own TFSI, and i realised that if you put on too much product, it'll cause your eyeshadow to crease. i used to wonder why my eyeshadows still creased with this primer on, and i tried putting less product, just a little dot from the tube, and now it works perfectly. i live in singapore, and it's soooooooo humid but this product holds my eye makeup in place for me

Pauline Reyes said...

I like Too Faced than UDPP.
~Pauline @Kallony

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