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Sunday, September 21, 2008

Product Review: Amuse Diamond Palette



This diamond makeup kit by Amuse is such a mega palette, probably the biggest I have ever owned! This palette contains 48 soft and smooth, almost metallic, eye-popping eye shadows, 4 chunky glitter eye shadows and 1 light pink matte blush. It also comes with two separate eye shadow applicators for the eye shadows, the blush and the glitter eye shadows. This diamond makeup kit truly lives up to its name because it's just filled with tons of shimmer and glitter.

The Amuse Diamond Makeup Kit personally isn't a palette I would enjoy because at the age of 26, I have gotten over the glitter phase, however some of the eye shadows are perfect because they are not glittery, just the perfect shimmer, while some of the eye shadows are sheer. The one thing I noticed about Amuse eye shadows is that they have a very strong fragrance to their eye shadows, and I immediately noticed this even before I took the palette out of the box. It's not a horrible smell or anything, just unusual for makeup in general to smell like that. The eye shadows itself have a tiny flower pattern on them and I felt like this was a palette for little girls with the way it was made, because the colors are so delicate. I think it's definitely a palette that fits more of my sister's taste who is seventeen years old; since she doesn't need a lot of coverage or makeup in general, these eye shadow colors are perfect for her age because they aren't too sheer, but not too pigmented either to where it would be too much. The eye shadows itself are really soft to the touch and you get a lot of color in one swipe. They almost have a “metallic-look” to it.

The palette itself has tiny round dome windows on the cover above each eye shadow so that you can see the color in the palette. As much as I love palettes because they are somewhat of a space saver, this palette is too large for my liking and therefore it's not one I can really carry on board if I were to travel, or a palette that I can just put in my purse or makeup bag. But for the gals that do love glitter and shimmer, this is a nice palette to just keep on your dresser or vanity because there are really lots of colors to choose from and it's $14 on


Askmewhats said...

this would be perfect for someone starting up on make up and for someone who loves glittery shadows! It is HUGE!!! and If I have a younger sister who's into make up, this would be perfect!

fuzkittie said...

Woah glittery!! Haha. I like the flower embossing, so cute~ Though all the flowers and the glitter do make the palette seem more suitable for a teenager.. haha.

jeSmakeup said...

WHOAAAAAAAAA ima check out that site! you're amazing =) hmmm.. wut r those glittery things? wut r they for?

ladyjay said...

the palette is cute! have you tried using the eyeshadows with a wet/damp brush? im curious about how the colors would show! =). take some more pictures! i cant wait to see them.

Valerie said...

This palette look really cute and the price is great also. Probably get it for my little sis for Christmas.

MakeupByRenRen said...

oh wow that is definitely some major glitter in there, but if I was younger and just getting into makeup, i can see myself going gaga over that.

The Paraben Free Princess said...

I bought 5 different Amuse Palettes from Cherry Culture and then discovered they were all full of Parabens. DOH!

ladyish said...

thanks for the review, I was actually thinking of purchasing this so it's good now I know what it's like.

sab said...

this is sooo cute! definitely for my lil sister too! i love all the shimmery colors!

GS said...

Yes,I guess that at my age,I´m 24, some things are not ok anymore, but that palette is f-ing gorgeous I would def buy it.

A Pig And A Rat said...

wow! i didn't see it when i ordered from 2 weeks ago~ love the flower print! keke~ will you be doing more swatches?

Anonymous said...

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