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Monday, September 29, 2008



Not Ohio...Ohayo! This is the store that I was telling y'all about, this is where I got the Mandom Makeup Remover for around $10-11. They have a lot of the things you see on, but essentially it's more expensive than, but at least you have it in your hands already. They also have Tiffa and other Asian makeup brands. Someone asked me what the ingredients are for the makeup remover, but of course it's written in Japanese so I couldn't tell you! Ohayo is located in the Puente Hills Mall, please see store hours and address below.

OHAYO USA is one of the most renowned Japanese and Asian products and electronics retailers in the Southern California. Our reputation is built on being known as the specialist on unique Japanese/Asian products such as Japanese major cosemtics, skin care products, tablewares and many Asian imported products. A part of our mission is to educate the customer about all aspects of our products and to provide them the best quality combined with the best possible service, at the best possible price.

Main Store Location
1600 S Azusa Ave #248
City of Industry, CA 91748
(Inside of Puente Hills Mall)
(626) 935-0442

M-F: 10am-9pm
Sat: 10am-8pm
Sun: 11am-6pm


ruby14 said...

one of my favorite store whenever i go to my bf place he lives at Azusa

ruby14 said...

i love this place whenever i go to my bf house for the weekend i would go there to get nik naks lol

Beauty is Androgynous said...

dude thank you so much nessa!!!!!!!!!!!!1
i'm always driving by there or in that area because my boyfriend lives within a few miles of there..
this will totally save me the trip all the way to l.a.!
i'm so getting that makeup remover!!!!!!!!!!!!
man i'm excited!!

Adriyah said...

Have you ever use any lash growth? I wonder if they have that in Ohayo? :p

Askmewhats said...

that is a wonderful shop!!! The shop looks too cute! :D

MakeupByRenRen said...

oh i would love to find a store like that! when i was in cali i was hunting for asian cosmetic stores and couldn't find any!

veraology said...

I wish they had more asian cosmetics stores here in Idaho :/ lol

issa said...

japaneesy goodness!! i wish we had a store like that here

mayaari said...

sooo lucky that you have big shops like that over there! I'm so jealous =T I'll have to remember that place the next time I visit some of my relatives in cali, they live about 20 minutes away!

ordering from their site is pretty good - that's how I got my bottle :)

Tracy said...

I've actually never been to that mall. I should check it out sometime. I've been getting most of my Japanese products from Marukai, since it's close to my relatives house. I even shelled out $10 for an annual membership. Haha.

FuriousFeng said...

Hi Vanessa! I love your blog!

I wish I was still living in SF where I could just take a 10 min bus ride to Japan Town to get my asian product fixes. I just moved to NY, and I'm in a predominantly Jewish neighborhood. I would give my room mate's left testicle for a closer asian marketplace.

It seems like everyone's using Mandom...oh how i covet a car so I can get to Mitsuwa Market that Pink suggested.

ainstein said...

i've been to puente hills mall many times but only to get my haircut. i never really walked around. glad u let us know about this lil gem! im so gonna check it out the next time im there! thanks sweets! btw what store is it next to?

Christiana Divine @ Memoirs of A Shopping Addict said...

what the feez, i'm ALWAYS at puente hills mall... how have i NOT noticed this store? hahaha.

Alyssa said...

I'm so bad with cities, and hopefully the store is close by to me. I don't know I need to check. Yes that's how bad I am with cities. :X

Linh said...

I wish they had stores like this in Australia!

I emailed Ohayo about shipping coz I wanted to try the Mandom Cleanser and it's $50! :(

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