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Saturday, September 27, 2008

Product Review: SANA Pore Putty from


Finally! My review on this...sorry it took so long, so many things get put on the backburner because there's so much going on at once. Today the BF is taking me to the LA County fair for the 2nd time, we first went when it first opened, and now he wants to go again since this is the last weekend it'll be open. Besides, how can I pass up all those sweets they sell over there?!??

Right now I am in good spirits, my allergies have been just terrible the past 3 days, (the weather, fresh cut grass, pollen, dust), and my family is going through some crazy times right now, so it's been a rough and crazy week, but God gives me nothing I can't handle.

I know some of you have emailed me with questions on your own troll lurking on your blogs, just be strong, you can't be offended by a stranger, and like Eleanor Roosevelt eloquently said it, "No one can make you feel inferior without your consent". There's too many good and genuine people in this world that make up more than enough for that one bad apple. People who only have negative things to say try to mold you into what they want you to be, or they try to mold themselves secretly, of what they WISH they could be; they become obsessed with someone else's life but their own. Just gotta be happy end enjoy life while you can, regardless of the people that try to throw you off track. Simply smile and say "thanks for the page hit". :)

You know what they say, "those who mind don't matter and those who matter don't mind".

Product: 2 out of 5
Packaging: 3 out of 5
Overall: 2 out of 5
Available on:
Price: I think it was around $5-$6
Would I buy again? NO

What it is: It's like a tinted makeup primer for your face that you apply before your foundation.

- I am kinda iffy on the stick applicator, I like it because I am sure you can get tons of product in the bottle with it as oppose to typical applicators, but it seems like it's more prone to bacteria and dirt that way
- It's cheap

- Not widely available in the US, it's an Asian brand so you can definitely find it if you go to a Japanese beauty store, but it's available on and most of these products are cheaper to get online
- It smells almost like old glue to me
- It is super thick and pastey and it feels really gross on your face, on top of that it made my face look whitish-yellow

Overall? I have tried many primers that I am happy with so I think i'll just stick with what works. The pore putty felt like I was putting glue on my face for an upcoming art project. It was so thick and it felt really gross on, it's been sitting in my drawer for months now because I hate it. So if anyone wants it, let me know!


Anastasia said...

Eww, that sounds horrible. I think I'll stick to my Prescriptives Magic Illuminating Potion primer.

Gee said...

I heard that this is actually a good dupe for UDPP. You should try it as an eyebase primer!

Vanessa - Van's Makeup Ride said...

great words babe! your so strong! hmm i wanted to try that! is it oil free at least?

kawaiikao said...

you really hate it?? i have the clear one and i love it! if you're going to toss, i would like to take it off your hands gladly :]

Bombchell said...

ugh. thanks i'll def be avoiding that

imee said...

Yikes, that DOES look glue-y! I was so set on buying this, too. Thanks, I'ma save my money =)

miemiemie said...

smelled like glue? ugh..that must have felt like putting elmer's on your face..haha,and i remember seeing it was priced $13 at the asian grocery i went to..

HelloLola said...

GROSS, thanks for the review! makes me wonder why the creators thought something 'putty'-like would make a good primer for makeup?! i don't want no play-dough shit on my face! LOL

btw good advice on the trolls! love that last line!

The Paraben Free Princess said...

I completely agree with the stick thing. That is germy, germy, GERMY! Talk about bacteria heaven.

L said...

definitely not good for the entire face girl, i stick to my smashbox for that but i love to use it just for the eyes.

glad ur feelin' better and thank u for the quote and the positive way to look at haters. "thanks for the page hit" LOVE IT! HAAAAAAAAAAA!

Beauty is Androgynous said...

the word "putty" is a turn off in itself lol.

iamgrape1119 said...

Aww, I'm sorry it didn't work out for you. I was thinking of trying it out, but now...nah! Thanks for the review!

Beauty Addict said...

Hey Vanessa, u should try the one in clear. It's way way way mouch better than this! I first bought the one u reviewed last year cos of all the hype over it but it performed badly on my combi skin plus the humid weather here in S'pore.

Than I hear people raving about the clear version of this and bought it last month. I've been using this religiously ever since as it makes my pores seem smaller and smoother face, keeps sebum at bay and prevent my makeup from melting in this humid weather here. It realy makes my Makeup last much longer! :)

The packaging of the clear one is more hygenic as well. It comes in a suqeeze tube. It's a white tube with a blue screw cap. Sasa do sell it. Try it out!

A warning though: As the clear version is silicone based, those who are allergic to silicone might want to avoid this.


ilurvemakeup said...

I got the clear Sana Pore Putty and hated it. That crap broke me out too! What a waste, no idea why it was such a hyped up product. It's total garbage. I love the Kanebo primers tho :)

Kimberly Ryborz said...

Oooo Wow -- glad I stumbled on this, I was going to purchase it on eBay from a Japan Product Lovers seller.... but "the smell of glue.." is not flattering, let alone "old glue"

Good Stuff!!! THANK YOU!

Nic Nic said...

my last sana primer felt like a film on my face too... not my thing too >_< sorry it didnt work for you hun!

Beauty Review said...

Hey Vanessa!
I know exactly how you feel about makeup remover. The best non oilyish one I have tried has been the Almay Oil Free makeup remover pads. They remover EVERYTHING (even Mac Liquidlast) without leaving your skin majorly oily. They also are super cheap and every once in a while at Walgreens of CVS they are buy 1 get 1 1/2 off, or BOGO. You should def. check them out.
Oh, and as for all the haters, whatever. I used to get that all the time, but the best thing to do is to not even address it. It's pathetic on their parts to stalk the internet looking for people to mess with. Ew. You're gorgeous, tell them to fuck off, haha. Oops.
- Samantha

Tracy said...

You should try the clear Pore Putty if you get the chance. It comes in a squeeze tube and has the same consistency as Smashbox's Photo Finish primer.

Faith said...

The base works fine... The concealer is great.. no more pores... that's y it's call a putty

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