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Monday, September 8, 2008

Muko Muko Shop!


Aside from makeup, I love, love, love clothes! I love shopping for new outfits and accessories and I am always on the lookout for new fashion sites and stores, just something that sets itself apart from Forever 21 and other stores. I get scared shopping at Forever 21 sometimes knowing that chances of you running into someone with that exact same outfit are pretty high! LOL.

I came across the Muko Muko Shop from Ling who is such a sweet girl, she left me a comment on one of my blog posts awhile back and when I went to reply to her I was so surprised she had an online store with the CUTEST clothes! I think what makes it so much more intriguing for me is the fact that it gives a different sense of style- one that belongs to Singapore and Korea. (And aren't the models just gorgeous!??), there are also a lot of cute accessories on the site; all of which are unique and definitely allows you to be creative and create your own style...definitely worth checking out.

They have a wide variety of clothing and accessories from leggings, bandeau tops, office wear tops, cute dresses from casual to dressy chic, layering tops, jackets, cardigans, earrings, necklaces, and more!

There are constant new collections of the hottest styles she displays on her website, it's hard to keep up with the growing fashion styles that are changing, so having these collections to follow frequently makes it really easy! All sizes, pricing and product information are at the bottom of each post to help you.

I personally love the cute dresses perfect for the summer and the layering tops and cardigans. Very versatile and pretty much all the pieces available can be paired with other things such as a skirt or jeans.

What is definitely promising, given that I DO love to shop online so awesome customer service is a HUGE plus for me, is that all replies are made within 24 hours and orders are sent out within 3 business days! Most sites I have shopped at made me wait a week before my item was shipped out. You can also use paypal as a form of payment, and it's safe and secure.

Use code"NessasaryMakeup" under the ADDITIONAL COMMENTS section when you order and you will receive 10% off any single item, a special just for my readers!

CLICK HERE to start shopping!


Ethereal Prey said...

her clothes are supercute! but i'm broke...QQ

Tracy said...

I've seen Muko Muko on some of the other blogs, and I love the clothes. I try to avoid F21, too, for the same reason you mentioned. Nobody really wants to see someone else in the same outfit as you. Haha.

A Gal On A Budget said...

Wow, the models *are* gorgeous!

Anonymous said...

Hi, i'm frm singapore. this online fashion shop is overpriced and they get their stocks frm this taiwan store, Mayuki Fashion: (the highest reliability rating store) Mayuki accepts credit card payment and ships internationally. Why not get frm them directly? just my 2 cents.

Vanessa said...

mdmcarrie- because not everyone can read or understand that site, as some people do not have the option to translate those characters into English, also not too many people know about that site, I am sure if they did they can choose what they prefer, so thanks for the heads up!

*DEEBZ-// said...

yes, i am from singapore too.

that shop is very overpriced and expensive. you can get dresses like that for less than sg$15 dollars. thats about USD $10 OR LESS per piece.

getting from mayuki is cheap. aha. i cant understand chinese too, so i will just ask my friend to read for me.

note: the picture will look better than the actual product. a word of caution.

Anonymous said...

vanessa, you are welcome! they have loads of fabulous apparel designs. btw shipping internationally requires minimum order of 20 pieces and they understand english =)

Jeanie said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Jeanie said...

you might like

usu said...

I just like to mention that you can translate Mayuki using google translator. Also I was converting the prices from Mayuki's site into dollars. And it seems like the prices range from $30 to $ they're not cheaper at all. Compared to Muko Muko which have items ranging from around $16-$30.

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