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Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Madame Madeline Falsies Haul & Reader Questions


Thanks for all your comments on my last post! It's always interesting to see people's roots, their background; what helps shape them. Introducing the most important people in my life- makes me more human! LOL. They come first above all, and as you get older, you realize how much you need them, and how much they need you. Absence makes the heart grow fonder. :)

Here are just a few reader questions:

Q: I love your white dress! Where did you get it from?
A: Thanks! It barely fits now because I gained weight, lol, but I got it from Forever21 about two years ago, and the seashell silver belt is from H&M.

Q: Are you and your sisters wearing matching dresses?
A: That picture of my entire family was from my parents' 25th Silver Wedding (they renewed their vows), so mom wore silver, and Me and Lauren are matching although her dress is slightly different we have the same belts.

Q: Your mom looks young! She looks like your sister!
A: HAHA, let's just say she IS young, LOL. She had me young, but she's probably reading this- all flattered, LOL.

Anyway, here is my falsies's haul from, they have the widest selection of false eyelashes, from natural to outrageous, and they also sell adhesive glue. Use these PROMOCODES: 5LASHES for 5% OFF, MYSPACE for 8% OFF, and type in FREEBIE in the message box for a free pair of lashes.

It's superfast shipping too!

I also got the CUTEST contact lens case from Wal-Mart! I named him Franklin, LOL. I have a habit of naming inanimate objects. For instance, my GPS is named Mandy, LOL.


Alyssa said...

Lol~ I name things as well like my stuff animals and my car.

Nice haul of your falsies! :)

kawaiikao said...

ahh! franklin is too cute haha

Iyah said...

ahaha! Almost everything I owned, I named them too. Like for example my car, I named him BLEU. :p I love those eyelashes :D

cta808 said...

hey thanks so much for the comment means a lot cuming from u :) that contacts case is so cute !!! and im so luving the lashes i too have been going lashes crazy lately lol but i have never seen that brand here in hawaii they are so limited wit makeup its sucky at times but thank god for the internet :) k take care <3chanel

MakeupByRenRen said...

gotta love falsies! i love the contact case so cute!

Anonymous said...

The lashes are cool.

I, too, name by cars. One is Sandy because the color Mojave Beige and Stella because the color is Steel Blue. And no one will forget Goldie, my trusty vehicle that went to live with another family lol

Gee said...

That's a cute contact case!

Anonymous said...

Your contact case is the cutest! The most exciting ones I've ever bought are ones with bright neon colors - not nearly as cute as Franklin though.

Imee @ Life As ICEY It said...

LOL that's hilarious! Franklin looks great, he's cute! i name my inanimate objects too, and people thought i was crazy, see! i'm not alone!

mvenegas2476 said...

Thanks for the lashes discount info. I LOVE false eyelashes! I like to wear them when I go out. My sister and I also name everything too! My office shredder's name is Stanley. LOL!

Jennifer @ said...

Hey Vanesssa,
I really appreciate u messaging me back. U are truly a sweetheart. I noticed when I was going to school in Riverside and would come home on the weekends my parents were much lenient and nicer. But ever since I graduated and moved back home, they treat me like a 10 year old.I never really had the chance to grow, bc they were always so overprotective.

So I came home from the library last night (and boy was I dreading it) bc I had not talked to my mom after the whole incident. I greeted her and was about to walk out of her room when she called me back and actually apologized for hitting me. She explained to me she couldn't hold her temper and just has high standards for me and it hurts her to see me not doing things to my full potential. Plus I spoke in viet (which isn't really well, so some words I said may mean another thing) so she interpreted my words differently.

In the end, we hugged it out. But I still feel this weird distance. I don't know if u know what i mean.
But thanks again for messaging and telling me ur story. It really did make me feel like I wasn't the only one

veraology said...

aww your contact case is sooo cute!!! omg. even though i dont wear contacts , i think i just wanna have it cause its so effin adorable!

Cindyy825 said...

that contact case is REALLY CUTE! That's okay... I have a habit of naming inanimate objects as well, for instance my car's name is WhiteDaisy... which is why many of my SNs is WhiteDaisy... :)

Stephanie T said...

The contact lens case is so cute. I wanted the one that looked (at least to me) like a ladybug!

ainstein said...

awww that is such a cute contact lens case! i love turtles! i use to have a turtle named bambam n fatso =D

:a: :b: :c: :d: :e: :f: :g: :h: :i: :j: :k: :l: :m: :n:

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