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Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Reader Questions!


Q: Are you Stephie's biological sister?

A: Haha, no we are not biological sisters, I am actually the oldest in my family and have two younger sisters, one that just turned 11, and one who is turning 18 in February. Stephie is awesome and she's my "play sister" like all my other blogger sisters! She is also originally from around where I live now and we ALL have just grown close and formed a tight little community; it's nice to have my "sisters" online since most of my friends in real-life are guys! Hi Stephie!

Q: What is your favorite mascara?

A: I really like L'Oreal's Telescopic mascara, it does what I need it to do and doesn't clump on me, I also like how it's cheap!

Q: What is your favorite nude lippie?

A: I like MAC's "Fleshpot" or NYX's "Circe". For a more pinkish nude lippie, I like the LE "California Dreamin'" lipstick I got from MAC, NYX's "Strawberry Milk" is nice too!

Q: What mineral foundation are you using right now?

A: Purely Cosmetics Skin Smoothing Foundation in "Olive Beige"- a perfect match!

Q: What lotion do you recommend for sensitive skin?

A: I love Nivea lotion, it moisturizes, keeps me moisturized and doesn't feel overly greasy.

Q: What moisturizer do you recommend for sensitive skin?

A: I like Aveeno, very gentle on the skin, I think they even have one specifically FOR sensitive skin, during the winter I dab a drop or two of the Nivea cream (the one in the tin) on my face for extra moisture. Right now I am using Merlot moisturizer from Walgreens.

Q: What happened to your online store?

A: I no longer have my online store because it was basically going haywire in terms of selling the same ONE product to different people and it was causing more of a headache than making my life easier. I also haven't had any time and I don't even have anything to sell at the moment. I know many of you international readers enjoyed getting drugstore brands from here that you don't have over there, but we'll see... I just don't know yet...


Vi Anne said...

I am so with you on the L'Oreal Telescopic!

Stephie said...

hi ate!!! lol

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