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Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Motives Cosmetics


Jaimie from was kind enough to send me some samples of the cosmetic line she is representing and selling, called Motives Cosmetics. (Click on the link to check out the products and shop). They have color palettes, concealer, blush, cheek tints, lipstick, gel eyeliners, an eyeshadow base, empty palettes and more!

I am really impressed by the lipglosses, they are a bit sticky, not overly sticky, but it's at a consistency I like because it stays on my lips. Other lipglosses that glide on may not be sticky but they come off so fast, so I personally like it just a tad bit sticky for staying power. My favorites are "Tiger's Eye" and "Raspberry Kiss". I lost my sample of "Tiger's Eye" as it was in my big 'ol bag and must have lost it taking out things, but it's a gorgeous neutral beige gold color.

The loose-powdered eyeshadows are pretty and really similar to normal mineral eyeshadows, and they are soft and finely-milled. The "Dark Denim" eyeshadow is the perfect matte black that makes a really nice sultry smokey eye and also makes a great eyeliner when used with an eyeliner transforming liquid such as Urban Decay's Eyeliner Transforming Potion which turns eyeshadow into eyeliners.

The colors are really pigmented and the lip glosses are so yummy and true to color. And they have a nice sheen and shimmer to them. They really remind me of the MAC PRO glosses, but so much more yummier!

***Please support Jaimie and check out her Motives Cosmetics shop! Feel free to contact her directly if you have ANY questions regarding Motive Cosmetics, swatches, etc.


kawaiikao said...

ooh i went to one of their "showcase" things at cefiore one weekend since i used to work there and i went to support my boss's friend who is with this company. their liquid foundation is great! they mix and match according to your skin color, thus customizing a color for you! i'm picking up the gel liner tomorrow :]

Starry x2 night said...

Wow, those lip gels are gorgeous! Thanks for always keeping us updated!

Jaimie @ Just Kiss 'N Makeup said...

Thanks, Nessa! Raspberry Kiss looks so good on you!! People can also check out the link on the right of my blog! =)

Emilita said...

I really like reading reviews like this, about small companies with exciting products. It's nice to get a little glimpse of the heart and soul behind a brand.

I also like that you disclose when you get samples of stuff to shame in that at all, *and* I trust your blog enough to know that you wouldn't publish a positive review if you didn't really believe it :) So keep up the great work.

Anna-Fia said...

Just wanted to say hi from Sweden, i read your blog almost everyday and I love it! Im a makeup junky myself and it is so nice to know that there is more like me out there haha =) Your blog has given me lots of good tips on products that we dont have here in Sweden that I would never had found if you hadnt wrote about it =) So thanx!=D

MakeupByRenRen said...

love those lippies on you!

mina said...

I'm lovin' Raspberry Kiss & Freesia!

:a: :b: :c: :d: :e: :f: :g: :h: :i: :j: :k: :l: :m: :n:

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