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Friday, April 4, 2008

Another HAUL!


The BF has been super nice to me lately, making me wonder what he did wrong, LOL. He took me shopping 2 days in a row, and honestly I haven't been lemming anything lately, BUT since he insisted (LOL), we went to the MAC store of course, and hey I saved him money since I used my PRO card!

I ordered some items from MACPRO online that aren't available at the free-standing MAC stores, such as the gel and water Mixing Medium for traveling (and because I get lazy to mix glycerin and water sometimes), "Bio-Green" eyeshadow(PRO), and "Sockhop" Lipglass which wasn't available at any of the stores near me.

Then we went to the Topanga mall and he bought me:

- MAC Fix+ Spray which so far is AWESOME! I used it last night and it made my skin super duper soft! I will list the ingredients later, but from my memory, it has camellia and green tea extracts. You can spray it on your face before or after makeup for a nice refreshing pick me up, or after your makeup to set it.
- Eyeshadow Pans for my palette: Paradisco, Coquette, Soba (love it!), and Star Violet (which im returning because when I got home, it wasn't the color in the store!)
- MAC Beauty Powder in "True Romantic", I LOVVVVVVVVE this blush! Reminds me of "Fun N Flirty", gorgeous pink/plum shade with a hint of shimmer.

Here is a swatch of Milani's "Sea Angel" which is a dead ringer for "Mood Ring" from Heatherette:

Random blush comparison:

Makeup Fix Spray:


Anonymous said...

Actually, water based mixing medium is available at regular MAC website :)

Vanessa said...

anonymous- I know but I got the other non water based mixing medium in addition to that one

Tracy said...

how sweet of him to take you shopping. hope he's not trying to cover something up. :P zac keeps asking me what i want for our anni, but i have no clue. i guess i'll just tell him to buy me stuff when we go to vegas. haha!

i am curious about the mac fix+ spray b/c i want to see how it compares with the facial sprays i have now. looking forward to an update. =)

Mrs. Lynne, said...

Tell Hubbo to be nice to me!! Hah. Well, I guess he has considering how much I've bought SINCE I've started blogging ;) Hah!

I love the smell of Fix+ also. But I'm weird where I can't use it to set my face. Something about spraying on my face and not being able to wipe my face after gets me weirded out, lol. Strange, huh?

kat said...

hey nessa... yay for shopping!! you're bf's great.

you'll absolutely love soba! it goes great with....soba, trax, shadowy lady and sumptuous olive. that's my own little self-made quad... :)

ps. can't wait to hear about fix+. i have it, but i've never used it lol.

Makeup said...

i always preferb waterbased mixings, thanks for the tips

Nic Nic said...

what a nice haul.. it always great when the bf buys you cosmetics xD

Alice said...

Hey Vanessa! Don't you just love getting spoiled by your boyfriend? Haha mine doesn't ever spoil me with makeup but he does take me out to eat a lot which is quite fine by me too. I've actually been treating myself to a few things here and there in the past two weeks. I got Hollywood Nights and Style Minx from the Heatherette collection last weekend and the colors were way too hot and bold to pass up. Then today I got the Shu Uemura eye lash curler cause I know a lot of people rave about it and I needed a new eyelash curler anyway. And isn't Fix + wonderful?! I just love the way it smells and since I'm a Bare Minerals user and it makes my face kinda flake (I have yet to switch over to a new foundation cause I'm just confused about what new one to try out), Fix+ actually makes the flakes go away. So yeah it's lovely to get new products =] Anyway I haven't commented in a while so I just wanted to say hello and I hope you're doing well!

Janelle said...

Hey Vanessa! Great haul!

After reading this post, I decided to go out & check out MAC's Beauty Powders. I also got True Romantic & I LOOOVE it was well! Makes me look rosy & flushed, which is exactly what I wanted! Why are you such a bad influence? Hehehe. :P

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