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Monday, April 7, 2008

FOTD: Candylicious Eyes


My favorite color is purple. I think purple paired with ANY color is just gorgeous! So I did a look on Friday and I actually liked it a lot. I was able to play with makeup while the BF took a nap, hehe.

What I used-
- MAC Fix+ Spray before makeup application
- Monistat chafing gel as primer
- MAC StudioFinish Concealer NC30
- Silk Naturals Foundation

- Valerie Beauty "Coquette" Blush

- MAC "Painterly" PP
- MAC e/s in "Mylar" all over the lid
- MUFE Flash Paint Pot in "Blue" as base on lower lid
- Milani "Sea Angel" e/s over MUFE
- MUFE eyeshadow #126 (I think) on outer-V and contour
- Pure Luxe "Amethyst" applied damp on outer-V and contour
- MAC Fluidline in "Nightfish"
- L'Oreal Telescopic Mascara
- Ardell Babies
- Ardell Magic Lash

- MAC l/s in "Melrose Mood"
- MAC l/g in "Starlet Kiss"

And since everyone is doing them virtual makeovers, I thought id do one on Jon's niece and it was pretty hilarious. It's my main pic on my MySpace and people thought I really put makeup on a baby, HAHA, no no, i'd never do that! But it was just so cute. I sent it to her mom and she loved her princess's new makeover, LOL.

It's a pretty cool site, in case you are wondering I did it on

The original picture is on the LEFT:


Anonymous said...

this is such a gorgeous look! i think purple looks great on you!


Anonymous said...

this is such a gorgeous look! i think purple looks great on you!


ilurvemakeup said...

Oooo candy *licks!* :)

That little girl's transformation looks scary! :(

Tracy said...

another great purple look!

and the make-over pics of jon's niece are sooo funny. haha. kinda reminds me of little miss sunshine. all those little girls caked with make-up. hahaha.

Christiana Divine @ Memoirs of A Shopping Addict said...

haha at tracy's comment because it's true. it does remind me of little miss sunshine. :P heh. great look, very pretty. :)

for a second, i thought those were your real lashes. LOL. o_0

Vanessa said...

Thanks Rissa! I think it's the color that just looks great on everybody!

Haha Lurve, yeah she looks a bit freaky like those porcelain dolls but cute at the same time! LOL.

Thanks Tracy and Christiana! Oh I know! haha they look like those little girls in pageants, LOL. I love the Ardell Babies because they are so natural looking!

mandilicious said...

hey...similar FOTDs again.. :)

Divine Blackness said...

LOL, she looks like a babydoll!! LOL, it's kinda cute and I love that site. I literally spent hours on it the first time I linked up to it.

So I'm back from NYC and can you believe I (a) didn't take pictures and (b) didn't make it to the PRO store. What a waste, uh? LOL....

But in regards to your eyes, I love it!! I think purple is that one color that looks fab on any and everyone!! ....and I love how you said, "...since everyone is doing them virtual make-overs." That just officially made you my sister because that is soooo something I would say. LOL!

Virtuous Blue said...

This is such a beautiful purple pair. I like that you use a variety of brands in your looks.


Linda said...

this is sooo fun and pretty!!! it's like the heatherette trios combined!! what brush do you use for your fluidline? i need a new one for my liner.

MrsDiaz said...

oohh makes sense! haha Let me know when you're free and we should get together and do lunch/dinner and go makeup shopping oh lala.

MeaganMonster said...

hehehe I love Those are outrageous photos.

Your makeup is gorgeous! I totally just bought 2 tops in those colours, it would be such a fun look.

Anonymous said...

Heyy, Vanessa. I recently started reading your blog. (I saw your tutorial on YouTube for applying eyeliner, haha.) You're REALLY, REALLY pretty, even without makeup. So I'm kind of conducting a survey.

1. Do you think you wear too much makeup? (I mean, I see you post tutorials for heavily applied eyeshadow all the time, no offense intended. Do you wear makeup like that on a daily basis, or just for special occasions?)
2. Do you think you spend WAY too much on makeup?
3. Do you follow trends, or start your own?
4. What do you think about the following? :

this society is going down the > bleep < toilet. why is everyone obsessed with trying to look pretty? why follow the trend? just for the record, pretty does NOT equal beautiful.

to look pretty is to look the way the GENERAL PUBLIC / SOCIETY wants you to look. what THEY think look good.

to be beautiful is to look absolutely stunning, but different, while having a good personality.

have you EVER stopped yourself and ask, "is this what i think looks good? or am i just trying to look like someone i'm not? someone from seventeen or teen vogue?"

i'm sure many people are WAY beyond models and actors / actresses in looks, but they choose to alter their appearance to look "pretty." when they could've chosen to at least LOOK beautiful, look unique. stand out from the wannabe crowds.

BUT. of course. society has brainwashed us to make us think what looks good and what isn't. so ask yourself the next time you see a woman with peacocks eyes, like in that magazine, "does that look good?"


I wrote that, by the way.

What I just said is in NO way meaning to offend you! I'm sorry if it did though, but not regret, haha.

You have excellent tips, by the way :].

yummy411 said...

LOL that's too funny! is that hollywood nights she's wearing??? haha!

Anonymous said...

pretty look! i changed my browser and can read your page again!

Molly said...

Hey grl~ omg..I've been reading ur posts for the last two days and I couldn't leave a comment since i couldn't click on anything. I so..LUV ur posts and makeup combos. =)

Can i hire u for a makeup artist and do my makeup everyday? hehe. =)

Vanessa said...

Thank you Teneasha! It gives a little variety doesn't it?

Hi Linda! I use a tiny flat brush I got with the Sephora Smoky Eye Brush Set, an angled liner will also do!

Chas I can't wait! I miss you!

Thanks Megan!

Hi Anonymous! Thank you! You are such a sweetheart! Here are the answers to your questions, I hope it helped!

1.) No I just do fotd's for the sake of the blog, in reality, there are times you have to apply more color then you normally would esp. for me when I take pictures of it because the flash already drowns out enough color. I actually go pretty bare at work compared to what you are used to seeing. I sport a lot of neutrals, browns, golds. Sometimes i'll play around with it and wear bright colors to work, but not as dramatic. Depends on my mood, really..

2.) I USED to spend a lot of money on makeup, but really back then I was starting fresh in terms of my "makeup collection" because I had a lot of old cheap brands that didn't have a lot of pigmentation. I have been really good lately at not spending more than $60 on makeup a month (trust me it was A LOT worse!). It definitely also helps being a makeup artist as I have a MAC PRO discount card as well as a Nixie card so it saves me money!

3.) I do a little of both, I like to do different things not for the sake of being different or unique, but at times I like being creative with my own look or style and accessorize based on what I think looks good. At the same time, there are the common trends I think look hot and gotta try to work it such as the skinny jeans, hot pumps, etc.

4.) I think society plays a role in looks, in terms of having to be thin, etc. To be honest, there are shallow people and makeup is very superficial to some, but you are forgetting that for some, it makes them FEEL beautiful inside regardless whether it was an awesome makeup job or not. I know people who had cancer, lost their hair, but with a little makeup, it made their day. Doesn't necessarily mean that people who wear makeup are shallow or just want to be "pretty". I think everyone wants to look good for themselves and not so much for everyone else, they want to do and wear what makes them feel good ultimately.

As for models, being one years ago, I don't like the stereotype that goes with it, that they are dumb, etc. They are MODELS, they model what designers want them to wear, they have no choice in terms of choosing what they want to wear or what makeup or hairstyle to have. I don't know any model who has altered their own look without some sort of consent or guidance merely to "look pretty". They are selling a product and they look how the client wants them to look.

I've never asked myself whether im trying to be something im not because I do things that make me happy off the bat. I buy things I personally feel is my style and would look nice on me, I don't do it because the girl in front of the magazine has one or the girl at work has it. I know when I can pull something off and when I can't, it's called trial and error.

People have different opinions when it comes to makeup and fashion, what is strange and funky, what you would never wear, is being featured on the runways, avant-garde, couture, high fashion.

I think that if you allow yourself to be brainwashed- you will be. I don't care what people think is ugly or not in style, if I like it and im comfy in it, that's all that matters because everyone has a different taste, different style.

Thanks MOLLY! Try using a different browser other than Internet Explorer if you are experiencing problems with the site...

Anonymous said...

I was browsing through your profile and I have to say all of your makeup looks amazing!!! It looks very nice. One day I amm hoping I could apply makeup as well as you do. I also wasn't allow to wear makeup until I got out of high school, I guess it's a foreign thing. hahaha. anyways your blog is a lot of help! I have learn more then I expected. Keep it up and Thanks for the help!!!


Vanessa said...

Thanks Kimmy! Glad you love the site and find it helpful, you are such a sweetie!

imee said...

that is such a gorgeous look on you! and it's so refreshing to see a candy look sans pink. i have nothing against pink, as a matter of fact, i LOVE pink... but it's such an overused candy color, yeno?

Nanzy said...

remember last night when I added you on myspace, you still had the red dress profile pic, but when you sent me a message you changed your profile to these baby makeover look.

honestly I forgot I've added you so when you messaged me I was like "who the hell is that??" LOL LOL she's gorgeous tho...a little heartbreaker.

and I love your this purple look...your blending technique is awesome.

christy. said...

Yum look! ^___^ Yay I finally can comment hehe.

That baby is soo cute! Looks like a doll

Anonymous said...

vanessa you rock!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

alien man?! said...

LOL!!!! your neice is so cute and that last picture is just... ahaha... just awesome

and your EOTD is PERFECT!!!!! i'm wanting that Sea Angel now

Anonymous said...

LOL omg the last picture of the baby girl scared me! She looks like a doll! So funny though. This look is so gorgeous, how do you think of all these pretty color combinations?? When I sit down to do my makeup I just draw a blank when I try to think of interesting color combos lol.

L said...

effing gorgeous nessa! i love how those colors look on you... i need to try purple cuz it is a good color for my skin tone. lovvve this look!!! :)

astasia said...

Hi! I like a lot your blog and i put a link on some of your makeup on an article on my blog.
This is the article :
You are very good on make up
Sorry for my english i'm from italy!! :-)
Ciao ciao


astasia said...

Hi! I like a lot your blog and i put a link on some of your makeup on an article on my blog.
This is the article :
You are very good on make up
Sorry for my english i'm from italy!! :-)
Ciao ciao


LynnR said...

That baby pic is hilarious! Too fricken cute.

MakeupByRenRen said...

gorgeous as usual! i'm so envious how you can pull off those bright lipstick colors...jon's niece is too cute, lol, but she looks crazy with all that makeup! i'm trying to cut down on my makeup too...i've budgeted at $100 a far i've resisted buying any coastal scents brushes!

Nic Nic said...

wow the blue is electric!! purple is also my fav :D i love this look!

wow the baby looks like a doll! LOL.

BeautyTalk said...

I've been reading your blog for a while and haven't left any comments yet (I don't think). You are absolutely gorgeous (especially your hair) and I love how you can carry off the brightest colors. I love bright colors too but I'm still a relative newbie when it comes to blending eyeshadows together.

Anyway, LOVE your blog and your video tutorials are adorable. You're definitely on my blogroll.

Lakia said...

Too cute!

Anonymous said...

i need to stop buying so much makeup too. about two months ago, i spent about 1,000!!!! i felt so bad about it. i guess i go a little crazy sometimes! now i try to keep it to about 200 a month.

Izar said...

I've been experiencing a minor addiction to the color purple lately so this FOTD was like a fix for me. Thanks! You look lovely here as always and purple really suits you beautifully.

What an adorable baby-girl!!! The makeup on her scared me though, not because I though it was real but because I'm so not used to seeing it on a baby. (Thank goodness for that...) :-D Brilliant makeover though, congrats!

Her.Peachieness said...

OMGosh! That little baby girl looks like one of those Bratz dolls! Thank God realy babies don't look like that. I love how you can pull off vibrant pink lippies! ^_-

soFresh & soPink said...

Gorgeous look! I love love love purple .. I always find my brush making its way into a purple palette when doing a look. :) Your BF's niece looks adorable. She could seriously pass for a doll.

Aradani said...

i love the look. It makes me think of the Smarties candies. That baby makeover scares the living shit out of me lol.

c00ki312 said...

this look reminds me of a mermad. if only i can pull off more than one bright colour at a time...

his niece is sooo cute. i actually signed up to that site and i must say its so addictive! it actually tells you what product you used which i think is so good. think i'll be doing some make up shopping hehe thanks for sharing! X

Bliss said...

Oooo simply gorgeous & candylicious i love the colour combo, really looks lovely :D

Row said...

The little girl is so gorgeous - in the final transformation pic she looks like a British comedian called Dawn French! (who is a beautiful lady)

ladystarr said...

whoa! it looks like a real doll, which is kinda creepy. Without all the makeup & hair she's a cutie!

' * : . b | u 3 . : * ' said...

wow i seriously love the colours on your fotd :) i love purple too!

the makeover does freak me out a bit though....I think its because of the contacts, it makes her look almost like a (creepy) doll lol :)

:a: :b: :c: :d: :e: :f: :g: :h: :i: :j: :k: :l: :m: :n:

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