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Monday, April 7, 2008

Detailed Eyelash Curler Bargain Find from K-Mart & Comparison


Man the weekends go by so fast! Then it's back to work...I need a vacation. :)

One more week and I will be in San Francisco! I hope I have time to do a little shopping! So since i've been a bit sick, I bought a cow humidifier to ease the dryness in my place and help me sleep better, isn't it cute? The BF thinks it's another item to run our electricity bill, haha oh well!

So a few months ago when I bought my Shu Eyelash Curler, I first saw their detailed eyelash curler which is seriously a small baby eyelash curler that gets in the hard-to-reach spots that a regular eyelash curler doesn't get, such as the outer lashes for a more "winged effect". I actually was this close to buying it at the time, but my heart didn't want to spend $16-$17 for that! Then the other day I went into K-Mart and found a VERY GOOD dupe of the Shu detailed mini eyelash curler, by LaCross (the same brand that makes nail clippers, tweezers, etc), and I grabbed the LAST one! Guess how much it was, come on guess! Ok, ok, it was a whopping $2.99! I know not even $5!

So here is the Shu Uemura mini detailed eyelash curler, I couldn't find a good picture of it online, because here it's at an angle where it looks like a normal eyelash curler, but it actually looks smaller in size, like half of a normal eyelash curler...

Here is what the Shu one really looks like, this one is the LaCross one but they look identical.

Compared to a normal-sized eyelash curler:

My take? I like it, especially for $2.99 I don't feel so bad even if I didn't like it, LOL. But on days I want to be somewhat au naturale, this is good for perking up your peepers and making them look more wide and awake. It's great for concentrating on the outer lashes and giving that little flare or a wing.

Side note: I love the Shiseido Eyelash Curler I bought from a few weeks ago, it's really great and another alternative to the Shu eyelash curler, and I bought it on for $10. There is no difference between the two so much (at least in my opinion), although I noticed less pinching with the Shiseido one, but then again I didn't really use eyelash curlers before so it could be from "user error".


Nic Nic said...

i could do a lash curler like Shu curcler never curl as much for some reason! what a bargain!

MrsDiaz said...

Ness we should really get together! Man taking pictures of your eyes after you've gone all out spending time to dazzle them up with pigments and shadows is so hard! I give you props. And yours come out so clear. You definitely have some kinda secret down. hehe.

I just use an ordinary Revlon eyelash curler, it seems to work for me. But I need to go check out and see if I can get that Shiseido one!

Ethereal Prey said...

LOL. <3 the cow humidifier, I've seen that one along with spongebob, a frog, and a pig. super cute!

I can't find my mini shu curler now. QQ Good to hear you're liking the detailed i must find where i put mine!

Her.Peachieness said...

Aww, that mini lash curler is cute. I think I might just pick one up since it's so cheap and it comes w/ extra padding too! Thanks for the review! =)

L said...

Hi Vanessa! You are so inspiring and I am glad you stopped by! I didn't realize you were close to where I reside. :) Thank u for the awesome product reviews - they help so much! I hope you don't mind me linking you! XOXO ~L

L said...

Sherman Oaks eh? The Valley eh? PORN! WOOO! LOL Yea, I know all about LA. I lived there for a minute (LB to LA), from 97 to 05. It was fun but got hard for me to get into what I was tryin' to do and survive. Plus, I got side tracked =P

I do have a question though, more on the business side of what you do. Maybe you can give me some direction as I am moving to Japan soon.

Shop With A Vengeance! said...

Hey Vanessa!

I saw those Crane Humidifiers on! Sooo cute! I wanted one but when I was buying a humidifier I couldn't get to Target before they closed, so I wound up with a plain ol' Vicks one from Walgreens. It still works like a charm though :)

Krystle said...

I love humidifiers! They definitely help especially during the winter and allergy seasons. I remember after the first night I bought my humidifier, my skin was really soft!

Tracy said...

that cow humidifier is so cute! i may need to get one myself. great tip on the eyelash curler! i saw a japonesque one and was almost going to get it (costs about the same as shu). i'll have to add this lacross one to my list of things to buy after my no-shopping lockdown. :D

christy. said...

I LOVE that COW!!! :D Seems like everyone loves the Shu Uemura curler. That small one is pretty cool.

LynnR said...

That's so crazy. I'm going to be in San Francisco the 18-21st. Do you know of any good fine dining restaurants in SF? I didn't get to check out the pizza place in NY. My friend wanted to try Famous Famiglia's because the concierge said that it was the official pizza for the Yankees. It was okay, but I think I would've enjoyed it more if I didn't get sick. I got a kidney infection while I was there and I just kept popping motrins because I thought I was just having hangovers. haha. Hope you have fun in SF. Are you going to party anytime while you're there?

:a: :b: :c: :d: :e: :f: :g: :h: :i: :j: :k: :l: :m: :n:

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