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Thursday, April 10, 2008

Product Review: Sally Hansen No Chip 10 Day Nail Color


Product: 5 out of 5
Packaging: 5 out of 5
Quality: 5 out of 5
Price: Around $4, Wal-Mart
Color Shown: "Certainly Cherry"

* Patented formula with Micro-Minerals and Calcium provides a
chip-free manicure!
* Perfect-Glide Brush for flawless application.
* No DBP, Toluene or Free Formaldehyde.
* Available in 24 chip-resistant shades.

I have tons of nailpolish. And all of them chip within the 2nd day, and trust me, I do it the way the salons do, smooth and buff the nail surface, apply the base coat, 2 coats of color, top coat to seal the deal- and it STILL chips.

I have this nailpolish in "Endless Claret", which is a deep burgundy red (gorgeous shade as well), and I loved how it lasted me a long time, so I bought a nice spring color "Certainly Cherry" from Wal-Mart and I am impressed!

PROS: The picture above was taken on DAY 4 from the start of application and still looks nice and fresh. Usually with other nailpolishes, my nails are chipped horribly by the same day! This really is lasting on my nails with little chipping and I type a lot and bang my hands up everywhere, and it still looks freshly applied! Comes in 24 other shades, available pretty much everywhere in terms of drugstores and markets.

CONS: None!

Overall: I recommend this to you gals who frequently go through the pang of painting your nails constantly and are looking for something that'll last longer. It's also great for touch ups. I love it!


Anonymous said...

hey gorgeous! i'm gonna have a giveaway pretty soon with some products. i'm having everyone give me their opinions on how i should do it. please go on my page and comment your answer back in my comments so i can decide on what to do. i'm either gonna have a winner that gets a goodie basket or a first, second, and third winner. which do you think i should do?

MeaganMonster said...

Holy day 4! I'm like you, mine chips second day without a doubt.

Seeing as I'm constantly typing on a computer at work and home I guess I'm hard on my polish.

I'll have to look for these now.

Thanks for the review!

Divine Blackness said...

Hey sis...I have 3 of these and I completely concur. Great quality!

Anonymous said...

i'm gonna have some product giveaways on my page. if you're interested, please go on my page and email me. rules are on my page. there will be THREE winners. Contest ends next friday. if you wanna win, send me an email of your name and address.

Anonymous said...

hey nessa!

this sounds really promising! but i don't really like any of the colors they have.. do you think using the clear one as a topcoat over a different nail polish would be sufficient?


Anonymous said...

hey gorgeous! email me with your info so i can add you to the contest!!!

ilovecheese said...

Wow, I must pick this up, if I can, cos *all* of my polishes chip on day 2 or 3, despite the top coat and 2 coats..thanks :)

Ali said...

Great review! Also, Sally Hansen has that great nail polish pen out that I am head over heels in love with. It's so great if you're a little shaky - just click the button at the top and the color comes out evenly on your brush. They only have a few colors, but it's awesome! I've never had to clean up around my nails afterwards!

stylishmomy said...

I have the same problem, my nailcolor chips off the next day considering I have someone to do it for me coz i cringe when I try to buff my own nails (wierd I know) maybe I really have bad stubborn nails lol will check that product around =) thanks for the review Nessa!

Kimberly said...

it's on sale at walgreens this week for 40% off :) i might get some since they have a few limited edition colors out that look nice for summer.

Sarah Leal said...

I absolutely love Sally Hansen 10 day nail color. I have Tough Buff (a translucent nude pink) and Dependable Spice (a muted, cinnamony color). I have nails that peel and bend easily and the nailpolish has lasted at least 7 days before I decide to change shades. This is probably the longest lasting polish I've used, even better than expensive brands. I will be stocking up on more colors soon. :)

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