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Friday, April 25, 2008

RE: Teeth Whitening Sensitivity


I had some readers comment asking about the sensitivity of whitening products in general, and I have personally experienced this. Many products tell you to use it everyday for a certain amount of minutes, overnight, or half an hour, etc., my teeth became REALLY sensitive to where it hurt to drink or eat cold things, but that's because I was using it everyday thinking it would whiten faster, basically following the box's directions....

BUT the trick is, to use it once or twice a week. Period. This gradually whitens your teeth making it more natural and controls your "whitening shade of choice".

I use it once a week to maintain the whiteness, and in addition to that, I use a whitening toothpaste (they only have various brands of toothpaste that cater to those with sensitive teeth as well as providing whitening), and I always drink dark drinks from a straw to prevent soda from staining all of your teeth.

I hope that helped!


aquadisia said...

lol, i remember when i first did the crest strips and followed the directions... even breathing hurt my teeth because they were so sensitive!

Anonymous said...

Great tip about only drinking dark drinks from a straw. Thanks!

yeexuan said...

May I know whether you can do a product review regarding to Celebrity Sexy Teeth Whitening Products?


stephanie said...

all those things hurt my teeth too. :(

i don't think i've seen you post about any urban decay products... have you tried many things from this line? it's one of my faves. ^-^

<3 stephanie

MeaganMonster said...

I'll have to give these a shot.
Thanks for the review and the tips!

tiffany said...

Listerine dissolving strips are awesome for sensitive teeth but I HATE the gunk left by it & I feel like it does nothing lol :(

(g)ezebel said...

GoSmile at sephora is wonderful! it didn't make my teeth sensitive at all (like my dentist office whitening) and it really worked!

LOL -- i drink dark drinks, including coffee!!, out of a straw, too. i am sooo self-conscious of the color of my teeth.

cscholberg said...

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