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Sunday, July 13, 2008

iPhone 3G Hell & CCO Haul


So why the lack of post today? Because I called every AT&T and Apple store near Azusa to try and get the new iPhone 3G for the BF who has been waiting for it to be released, only for them to ALL be sold out. (No surprise there)

My co-worker and friend Mike took the ENTIRE day off from work yesterday to wait in line, he was there since 4AM!! So he was the 8th person in line and got it immediately, but imagine that, you are there since 4AM, and you are STILL the 8th person in line, so that means that the 7 people before you must have been there since like 3AM (and NO WAY am I waiting in ANY line for a phone, even it it was for myself! YES even makeup! LOL), and my other co-worker stayed in line for 7 hours!!!

So I figured I would have better luck today, but all the AT&T stores from Pasadena to Morongo were SOLD OUT (in case you are wondering we are always in Azusa on the weekends since the BF's mom lives there), and all the Apple stores cut their line at a certain point since the wait time was 3+ hours, and we even went to Brea mall and the line was insane, SouthCoast was 4 hours, so we said forget it. So instead, the BF took me to the Block of Orange (thanks to NICOLA!) who gave me the heads up on the "Otherworldly" PP at the CCO, which I have been searching for and regretted not buying; and so we rushed over there and sure enough they had a bunch of hard-to-find items! FYI, they had ALL of the Alexander McQueen Paint Pots: Electro Sky, Otherworldly, and Pharoah, they had 2 of the MES's from the Antiquitease Collection: Earthly Riches and Silversmith, as well as the Beauty Powders and Emote Blush.

I ended up just getting: "Otherwordly" PP, "Faux" lipstick, and "Emote" blush. I received a gift card for $100 and had some extra cash left so I used it on today's purchase. :)

We then went to the market to get carne asada meat because the BF was cooking tonight, when we got a call from my friend who was IN LINE at the Apple store at the Irvine Spectrum and he said the line was ONLY 15 minutes for the iPhone 3G AND that they JUST got another shipment of the 8g!!! The BF and I rushed down there (yes I drove alllll the wayyyy down there for a damn phone!) and when we got there, the line was 2 hours...but we figured we were already there so we might as well tough it out, and so hours later, the BF was a happy camper because he got his "toy"...which cost me a bundle because his old plan with his old phone wasn't eligible for an upgrade so I paid double. :( The guy that helped us told the BF that I was a keeper, LOL. But the BF retorted that in the long run it's gonna cost HIM more because of my ring, lol. Happy Anniversary babe!

2 hours and $430 later....

My CCO Haul:

I also got a new business card holder at Forever 21...


Christiana Divine @ Memoirs of A Shopping Addict said...

oddly enough, i got a MAC haul too and it was at some new makeup outlet place. :) i just posted a blog about it too. LOL. :) i also saw that paintpot and that lipstick there, but not the blush. :P very cool haul though. and how sweet of you to get your bf the new iphone! :D

missxxmai said...

damn woman! not to mention that you spent a lot on the phone, but all of that time and trouble. he KNOWS you love him. LOL

i went to the nearest CCO around me and i was able to get the paint pots from the alexander mcqueen collection! but they did not have electro sky =(

& cute card holder =)

mayaari said...

nice makeup haulage! can't believe that you and your bf did all that to get the iphone, but glad you were able to get it :)

Nic Nic said...

damn, talk about waiting time just for a phone! glad you finally got it in the end though!

ohh i so wanna try out emote.. cant find it anywhere -_-" lol.

the lip color looks great you as always ;)

Devi said...

I think 2-hour queuing for the NEWEST i-Phone is worthy enough, do you remember how long the queue for the notorious Anya Hindmarch I'm not a Plastic Bag? :P

Anyway.. nice lipstick, nice card holder!

Gee said...

oooo 3G iPhone!! I use Tmobile with my iPhone so 3G wouldn't work anyway since they don't have it :P

The Faux lipstick is gorgeous!

tuniez83 said...

nice paint pot color, vanessa! and the business card holder's so elegant

PS. the Iphone are not yet sell in my country, so sad

Lily said...

wow good for you for getting an iphone! the store where in live in san francisco was CRAZY on friday! people were getting mad because all the massive crowds were blocking the entire sidewalks, streets, and weren't leaving when they got their iphone lol.

AnnaBanna said...

awww how sweet!

your business cards are too kute! i need to get some better ones made :/ did you order yours?

nee is... said...

hi nessa :)..the things people do I swear just to get an Iphone LOL I bought my bf the wing and now he wants the iphone too so i'm like UH EXCUSE ME! lmao happy anniversary though

the faux lipstick looks pretty, just the right amount of pink

oh yeah & i was gonna get that same wallet from forever 21!

Alyssa said...

That's sweet of you to do all that to get your boyfriend an iPhone! :) Yesterday, I thought about you when I went to Rite-Aid. They have this new mineral makeup line called Necessary Minerals. How perfect is that for you! :D

Anne said...

you went to Brea Mall too??? HAHA we were there and we saw the line at the Apple store. We were kinda making fun of the people in line for wanting the phone on the weekend it released (i guess you're one of them LOL). What happened to not getting in line for a phone? LOL. Man you guys are crazy for driving around town just to get ahold of one. HAHAHA. at least you guys found it! yay!

btw, are you going to pick up your piggie on Tuesday at Nordies?? Let me knowwwwww.

Man we still needa go swimming :(

eBeautyBlog said...

The design of your business card is so chic and pretty.

Anne said...

haha that's love right there when you're willing to drive his ass out to irvine just to get his phone. tell him to make sure that your ring better be blinging LOL. anyway happy anniversary to both of you!

hopefully we won't be trying to fight the crowds at Nordies. btw, I hate my pink split mes :( soooooo messyyyyyyyyyyyyy!!!! ooh and I was able to return my ojon thingy LOL. i feel bad though cuz you knoww they gave me more credit than I'm suppose to.

ooh another thing... we gotta go shopping for clothes for the pow wow soon!

(g)ezebel said...

girl, there's a rumor that apple is coming out with a 32gig iPhone in september, that's why i'm waiting. but i really wanted the iPhone 3G soooo badly...!!!

great haul. i gotta get myself over to CCO soon.

Fabu-less Beauty said...

Cute business card holder! I have a ton of my business cards from work, but never have a chance to give them away...only the chance for a free meal fishbowl at

Ethereal Prey said... are crazy girl...the iphone is way too overhyped...and ppl are being crazy about it. I'm glad i just watched the spectacle...ah yes...that is love...

nilla cookie said...

You're totally committed girl! What a great GF you are!

I'm doing well, hope you are too - it was fun to read that you were in my neck of the woods hunting for the iPhone since I'm from Orange County! :)

REI 麗 said...

Ah, the new iPhone is pretty highly anticipated. I'm so enviously. Your BF sure is lucky.

BTW, uber cute business card holder. I love the way it shines.

Askmewhats said...

You are a great gf for accompanying him on that IPHONE! lol and you've got great stuffs from MAC as well! Ata girl!

Yasmine said...

Hi Nessa,

I am lucky that I am down here in Louisiana because the lines weren't that bad. I got in line at 5am and I had my iPhone in my hands by about 8:30am. Unfortunately the iTunes servers crashed right after I paid for my phone so I spent another hour trying to activate my phone through iTunes. It finally synced and I left the store around 10am. It was a long wait but it was worth it. I was fortunate to have some awesome people in line with me so time passed by really fast. I'm just glad that I wasn't back home in Cali cause I know that people were lined up way before 5am!!

I just got the otherworldy pp also. I had been wanting it for some time now and I was finally able to get it. Being that I only started buying MAC at the beginning of the year, I missed out on a lot of collections so I'm trying to makeup for lost time :-)

Roxy said...

that business card holder is super cute! and i looove the p/p =]

leonie makeup stylist oriflame cosmetics said...

hi vanessa

HOw do you get your bloggers name in your pictures, it's fantastic!

maybe you can give this dutch starting blogging girl a hint?

love your work yeah!


Emilita said...

Faux was the first MAC lipstick I owned - a gift from my younger sis that I liked so much, I repurchased it. It looks really pretty on your lips and it's nice to see it mentioned, since it's such a lovely shade!

mesmerized said...

Hi babe!
I've been your loyal reader of ur blog everyday! hahaz
Just wondering if you're able to CP a Electro Sky paintpot for me from the MAC outlets or any CCO?
I'm in Singapore & they've sold out of it... I know am alil late on getting it & I can't justify paying heaps for that color tho I'm into blues at the moment! :P

Btw, very chic cardholder u've got! Great buy! It's sucha pity that the F21 here in S'pore don't carry namecard holders at all.

Alriteyo, if you're too busy & all to CP one, I can understand... cos i've also been looking for the used ones that people are selling but no luck so far (unless u r willing to sell urs! haha)

Thanks babe! :)
If you need me to CP anything from S'pore, do let me know.
Your reply is much appreciated.
My email:
or MUA username: mchelz

Michelle :)

Bionic Beauty said...

I adore that business card holder! Got to get me one of those. :)

Congrats to the BF on the iPhone. You are a trooper! (I want one, but am trying to hold out for as long as

Love the emote blush!

Tracy said...

i heard about the iphone madness this past weekend. looks like you went through an epic journey just to get it! haha. at least you scored some other goodies along the way.

Anonymous said...

wow Otherworldly looks amazing! you're so lucky to get one! i love the cute business card holder too, so girly and chic. :D

:a: :b: :c: :d: :e: :f: :g: :h: :i: :j: :k: :l: :m: :n:

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