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Tuesday, July 15, 2008



I received my MAC PRO order today, I just bought some brush cleaner (first time using it), "Cherish" lipstick, Gloss in "Rosy Coral", "Layin' Low" and "Constructivist" PP.

I went with Anne to go pick up her pre-order Colour Forms items, and ended up just getting the "Tea Time" pigment, which is a gorgeous, rich, dark brown with shimmer. And YAY it's the ONLY thing I bought from that collection (whew!). It's so pretty! So pretty that I may NOT put it on the pigment samples

If you noticed in my latest FOTD's, I have been using Smashbox's lipgloss in "Simmer". I made a visit to Melody's Makeup Outlet in Alhambra, visit Anne's blog for more details and pics!, where they are like a CCO but with a lot more stuff! And cheap too! They have Stila, MAC, Smashbox, Too Faced, and more!

It was funny because the owner already recognized me, I think his wife has read my blog before, how funny is that! He was really nice and the place is so cute! They have A LOT of items from past collections that are hard to find and really a great place to get high-end brand items at a reasonable price.

I ended up just buying more of MAC Fluidline's "Blacktrack" and the Smashbox liplgoss in "Simmer". I know I said I hate lip pots, but the color is just SO PRETTY (and the price! Only $8 and originally it's $16!) that I couldn't pass it up! It's a gorgeous neutral, peachy nude color with lovely gold bits of shimmer!

Here is the store's address, check it out and tell them Nessa sent ya!

Melody's Makeup Outlet
11 South 2nd St.
Alhambra, CA 91801
(626) 281-7707


itsliz89 said...

Tea time is THAT pretty?? I mean, you have tons of pigments, and for this to to stand out... I've been contemplating getting this pigment and now I must have it!!! What makes it so pretty to you versus MAC's other pigments?

Cynthia said...

you guys are lucky in california! i wish we had stores like that in chicago! LOL..i did cruise on by the CCO here and lol..from what i hear it and saw at the store the product selection doesnt compare to the ones you guys have!! =)

Askmewhats said...

indeed it is a good deal!!! Half the price! who can go wrong with that??? Wow, that is great that the owner can recognize you!!! that is so sweet!!!! congrats girl! Your blog really goes a loooooooonnngg way!

B said...

That Tea Time is sooooo pretty. I haven't purchased a pigment in a year but I may need to make an exception. And why don't they have a CCO like that in Florida? I'm all over Too Faced these days!

MakeupByRenRen said...

man i wish i was in cali!

Anonymous said...

FYI the MAC brush cleaner ate away at my wood makeup table.
I put my brush cleaner in a small spray bottle I got for $1.00 @ Wal Mart.

What do you use to clean your brushes in between uses?

How about deep cleaning?

Vanessa said...

Hi Liz! It's a true rich brown with shimmer, unlike MAC's other brown pigments. Goldstroke was more bronzey with orange undertones, and Cocomotion was a nice pearly brown. "Tea Time" is just a great neutral color for earthy looks.

Cynthia- WOW crazy! I guess I am glad to live in Cali haha and all the while I didn't really like this place! LOL

Nikki- Thanks sis!

B- You need to move bacccck!

AB- I use baby shampoo or makeup brush wipes to clean my brushes ib between, I use a brush cleaning jar to put the brush cleaner in to clean my brushes, the jar itself has a sponge at the bottom to help thoroughly clean the brushes.

Lisa said...

Oh my! This is an awesome store find! It's near the theater I always go to! I will check this out this Friday! :D

nicola! said...

I'm glad you were able to pick up Otherworldly at the CCO at The Block at Orange! I picked up faux too when I was there! =)

It's so weird because the day you went to Melody's I took my friend there right after the owner was telling us that you came and picked up some stuff! Crazy!

Nic Nic said...

what a cool CCO! love the gloss on you :)

ohh I have the MAC brush cleanser- I like it a lot, i think it's quite long lasting!

Thank you for offering me the palette but I think I'll wait a while before buying makeup.. i still haven't got over how bad that palette was and i think ill feel guilty if i went and bought another one so soon lol.

Aradani said...

that piggie is so preettyyy!! it makes me want to buy it and press it (which is a first because I'm too lazy to deal with loose e/s)
you make me want to hit the cco = ) maybe later

Anne said...

i heard you're shopping at Sasa right now!!!! You're running your $100 budget LOL.

hahaha i love how you put you might not put tea time in your pigment list.

i'm telling you ... take a picture of house rules for sampling pigments. I'll even make and draw one out for you! lol

missxxmai said...

are you going to be buying stuff from there for your website? cause i could really get some stuff!

nai nai said...

arg! you, christiana, and anne all make me wish i live in socal! haha. i wish i had a melody's or something similar here in sac! congrats on the great deals =]

joy said...

OMG NESSA! thanks for the tip! i couldnt help myself and drove down there yesterday to check it out, i was like, in heaven! and im talking to the owner and stuff and he's like, yeah, i met vanessa, she's a really nice lady!, and i was like a dork and was like, OMG, you've met her in real life?

ahhhh... thanks for the awesome tip.

Vanessa said...

Hi Nai Nai- Thanks! I love bargain shopping! haha

Hi Nicola!- Hi girl! Thanks again for the tip! I appreciate it! Awww to bad we didn't run into each other!

Joy- HAHAHA you are so funny! Glad you were able to stop by, isn't the owner just the coolest??? Yeah now you and I need to meet in real life! HAHA what did you end up getting?

Anonymous said...

hey nessa! omg i stopped by the store today.. iwas awesome!~best prices and the shop was so cute... i said i heard the shop from u and i got my 10% discount it was great TY! so much for telling us

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