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Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Meet Penny Lane! (And of course upcoming MAC Release Dates)


Many of you noticed Penny in her first film debut in my video on the Crown Brushes, and she is Jon's dog; she is a Yorkie and she is too cute for words!

She is the friendliest and craziest dog ever, lol. She gets so happy when she sees one of us, but she can be mean when you interrupt her while she is eating or sleeping in her favorite spot- the closet.

But she is one smart cookie!

Do any of you have any pets? Do they do anything crazy/funny? I'd love to hear!

Fresh from Specktra, upcoming MAC Release Dates...ladies! Start saving! LOL


07/18 - Colour Forms Nordstrom Anniversary collection
07/31 - LustreTwins
07/31 - Starflash
08/21 - Cult of Cherry
08/21 - Overrich
09/25 - Suite Array
09/25 - Gold Fever
09/25 - MAC for Ungaro Collaboration Collection
10/02 - CremeSheen
10/09 - MAC for Manish Arora Collaboration Collection
10/16 - NEW Traincase
10/16 - Mineralize Line Expansion and Displayer
10/16 - Sheer Minerals
Holiday 08 - Red She Said


Nic Nic said...

Awwwwwwwwwww. she is REALLY cute! i want a dog nowww lol.

Anonymous said...

i have two dogs (chihuahuas), bebe and gio. they're named after my favorite store (bebe) and my favorite men's cologne (aqcua di gio/armani). they're silly. bebe is so fun and easy going. gio holds grudges if you spank him or get mad at him. if you spank him, he will run away and then when you're not looking, he'll run up to you and slap you back. i'm serious! he is horrible. sometimes i tell joey that i think gio was a bad boy in his past life and he was reincarnated into a dog. lol. cause his mannerisms are very much like a bad boy! when joey yells at him, gio bitches back in doggie talk. bebe is too sweet. you can spank her and she still kisses you. she's a doll =)

Askmewhats said...

Sooo cute!!!

And yes, I have dogs! I have 3 Pomeranians! 1 dude and 2 dudettes! :) And I also visit my neighbor's yorkie, chowchow and pomeranians! SO I'm like a mom to all the neighbor's doggies too!!! But my 3 original doggies are the top on my list! awww I'm at work and missing them right now :)

*Jen* said...

Awww Penny's adorable!!! I have a Yorkie named Chloe who gets to be featured on my blog every now and then but she's a little insane!

Penny is absolutely darling though!

Anonymous said...

penny lane is indeed too cute for words!! =D

my bf has a dog named penny lane too! but she is probably 3 times as big as yours and i forget what breed, but she is super cute and energetic =)

xoxo Jaimie said...

oh nessa, she is adorable! thanks for the release dates! I'll definitely be saving them!

xoxo Jaimie said...

I have two pets, ones named Shea Butter, shes a jindo dog and the other is a Dark Grey cat named Ember. They do so many crazy things. They act just like people. My dog has a bed time. 10:30 everynight like clock work she just has to go to bed. She'll stop whatever she is doing, go to her pillow and pass out. My cat likes to hang upside down off of the ironing board lol

Vi Anne said...

Awww, she looks so cute! My dog's sweet and a bit of a terror too. She's likes climbing up high places like tables but when he want down she'd be so afraid to climb down that she growls when we help her off the table. :)

Dao said...

What a cute doggie! Thanks for the upcoming release dates, I'm looking forward to the Ungaro collection.

Anonymous said...

penny lane is such a cute name for the yorkie, awww, i want one too =)~maha

Imee said...

totally cute! and oh the name! Penny Lane, how did he come up with that? that's awesome! i got a Shih Tzu, myself, she's white & grey, like grandma-grey so we named her "Lola" (grandma in Filipino) =)

Anne @ said...

psh.....cute in pictures. if they only know what she can do! lol.

Tanya Annette said...

Penny Lane is absolutely darling!!

I have a dog too, her name is Cinnamon (or lately, Shamu, lol. She's chunky) and she's just like having a little kid ;) Feeding her, cleaning up after her, dealing with her moods, playing with her, umm, cleaning her =p She's already 4 years old, but every time I look at her I still see her as a little baby puppy :)

Anonymous said...

hey again!! nessa! ur dog is soo cute~~

i have a chi and he sings it sooo cute

Shen said...

too bad i missed penny lane on the vid.. i was avoiding watching it coz you have this uncanny ability to make me buy stuff you reco! :) you, enabler! (said with much love and adoration!)

penny is so cute. my DUKE was like that when he was young but he's a big boy now so he's more mature.. at least that's what he wants me to think. :)

Stephie said...

omg she is adorable!

MakeupByRenRen said...

penny lane is the perfect name for her...aww to cute! my best friend has two yorkies...they just had puppies and i think one is pregnant again, lol...but her first yorkie pumpkin used to do the craziest thing...when she was a puppy she used to always go into my closet where i had my lil hamper...and she'd always get my thongs and take them with her and deposit them in the living room...never the granny panties, only my sexy thongs, about akward when guests would come over...yorkies are so feisty!

senoritabonita said...

Awww, she's adorable! I had a yorkie for 13 years and he was the sweetest dog ever. Have fun with your new baby!!

Ling said...

I have a Jack Russell Terrier. He's really vicious towards ppl, esp strangers but he fears the thundergod! He shivers when he hears thunder and rain. lol.

And he farts too. Really smelly ones.

AnnaBanna said...

awww how kute! i have a yorkie too! she's silly as well. she gets super excited & hyper when i come home. after changing her doggie food about 3-4 times, i 'thought' she decided she liked kibbles 'n bits but she only eats the red balls & the brown bones & leaves the rest in the bowl lol. oh & she loves ice! she knows when someone goes to the ice maker to wait & see if any ice falls. comedy!

Alyssa said...

What a cute dog! :) I have one dog and he's a big one... lol~

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