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Thursday, April 24, 2008

Product Review- Aquafresh Whitening Trays


Product: 3 out of 5
Packaging: 2 out of 5
Overall: 3 out of 5
Price: $17-$20, available at many stores

What they say:

Aquafresh White Trays™ are soft and flexible to offer a custom fit that's unlike any other whitening treatment on the market. And they fit your lifestyle like no other treatment.

Here's why:

* Flexible trays for a secure fit
* Pre-filled and disposable
* Easy to apply
* Clean, fresh taste
* Safe for enamel

Aquafresh White Trays™ are pre-filled to give you the perfect dose every time. The gel stays put and the stretchy, curvy shape grips your teeth so the gel can flow where it's needed, even between teeth.

Unlike messy strips that slip... brush-on pastes that take all night to work... or expensive dental treatments that require bulky, gooey trays or multiple trips to the dentist's office, White Trays™ make whitening your smile fast and easy.

How to apply:

PROS: It doesn't have so much of a horrible taste like the Crest White Strips, and I like the idea of a tray rather than having the normal strips slip off your teeth. They have two small packages together, which has perforation in the middle, one tray for the upper, and one tray for the lower.

CONS: It doesn't whiten some areas because the gel doesn't cover evenly, you have to sorta push the gel and spread through the tray. The trays itself aren't that comfortable.

Overall: As much as I hate the taste of the Crest White Strips (it makes me gag), I like how it whitens evenly and I personally feel like its doing its job, with the trays I am constantly checking it making sure that the gel covers each tooth. The strips are also a lot more comfortable (despite the sliding sometimes) than the trays. After I remove the trays (or strips) I brush my teeth to get rid of the taste and excess gel still on my teeth.


CuttiBeBe said...

my teeth aren't super straight, so i used the tray, but i find they slip off easily. it doesn't feel like it's sticking on and working for me. before I put it on, i use a tissue to rub siliva off of my teeth, then press on the tray, but I don't think it does it for me either. so uncomfortable. But the stripes makes my teeth really sensitive.

Vanessa do you mind telling me where you buy those little sample sifter jars from? I'm having a yard sale of my make up stash and wanna make samples of the whopping 2 pigments i have, lol. i'd appreciate it if you could help me with that info. thanks~~

oh yea, one more thing, how do you get paid when you do sales? PAYPAL? I have to have my checking account linked to paypal to be accepting money right? so confused~

Fei said...

So glad I didn't buy that. I usually buy the Crest strips + Vivid White toothpaste at Costco, but they replaced it with the Aquafresh trays! :(

Nic Nic said...

wow the trays remind me of my retainers haha! but yeah i agree crest whitestrip tastes nasty!!! thanks for review.. i guess there's no replacing that nasty crest whitestrip taste LOL

Nic Nic said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Tracy said...

i like how the crest strips worked for me, but my teeth became really sensitive. i put off using teeth whitening products for now b/c 2 of my teeth are partially artificial and don't whiten with the rest of them. =(

Anonymous said...

id love to try these but UK dont sell these kinda products here boooo

klaudea said...

I've never tried whitening trays before. I know whitening toothpaste does jack shit on my teeth.. but after reading about enamel wear from whitening strips I'm afraid to try since I've already got super sensitive teeth. My bf had a full box lying around (crest I think) and he stopped using it after the first try because he felt a weird "tingling"

Anyways, just wanted to ask you... what is the font-type face on your pics? I LOVE IT!


Audrey said...

hey vanessa, i love your website (:
your looks and dedication inspire me!

btw, i hate those things. they're gross, and for them being a "tray" they're sure pretty darn flimsy. hahah

Anonymous said...

oh, i hate trays. it feels like the gel doesn't get in between your teeth and whiten evenly. i use this one gel that works pretty good. i have to squirt it on a q-tip and just put it on my teeth and just smile for a few minutes. hehe. but it works pretty well! oh, did you figure out a name for your bunny yet?

xevanesco said...

I use Remembrant, and I've use the Crest ones, and I LOVE the Remembrant way better. It's about 20 bucks at Target. (:

xevanesco said...

I use Remembrant, and I've use the Crest ones, and I LOVE the Remembrant way better. It's about 20 bucks at Target. (:

Askmewhats said...

I never used this, I've only tried the Colgate one wherein it comes with a brush and you brush it to your teeth :) It's weird, but it works...but I dont' think I see them here in Manila as I bought it in HK. Thanks for the review on this :)

rmcandlelight said...

Are any of these whiteners good for your teeth?. Won't they weaken your teeth over time?

brittni said...

That sh%t looks cheap lol cause of the tray. I am glad I got a teeth impression for my tray cause I get the whitening stuff from the dentist. Woo woo. It's only $15/tube and it works a-mazing... I'd never go back to drugstore products... I suggest it to anyone who has a spare $200 for the impressions & start up.

MakeupByRenRen said...

man i need to get on this teeth whitening bf has a box of crest strips...i think once i move and things calm down i'm going to try them, or steal them ha ha

Shen said...

good thing i didn't ask my tita tp get me this for the package she;ll be sending. :) I'll be asking for the crest whitestrips instead. i do hope they don't change the counters in cali.. :(

btw, my mom is like no-no about stuff like this before she heard it makes the teeth weak. any feedback on this? :)

Gee said...

I hated these trays! They definitely do NOT whiten evenly and they don't stay put really. I would form alot of saliva in my mouth too :P I know that's gross, but I didn't really get that with the strips.

(g)ezebel said...

ya know, it seems sacriligeous of me to be commenting after the death of our baby bunny. :0(

but... where's the pic with the tray(s) in your mouth? heehee

Test said...

First time to use aquafresh whitening trays, I wouldn't say it's bad, BUT I would definitely NOT recommend it because it burned my gums, the gel doesn't spread evenly which agrees to what some people were saying. The gel spreads over the tooth so the second day I used it, it BURNED my gums, so now I have sore gums =(
I even used it for only 30 mins eventho it says 45mins becoz I can't stand the burning feeling. On the first day, I already felt burning sensation but just ignored it since I thought it might be part of the process but on my second day, wow it burned my front gums so I'm actually gonna call the company and return the item and hopefully get my money back. Please DO NOT use this product. It seems like people like the crest better even if it has a nasty taste. Would you go for a sore/burned gums or just nasty taste? It's your choice.

Teeth whitening at home methods said...

Good read! I didn't use trays until now as I tried to stay with natural and at home teeth whitening. However I would like to go beyond white color teeth I have now. I hope the trays can help get whiter teeth.

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