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Monday, March 17, 2008



The flight to NY was looooong. Our flight was delayed, we arrived in NY at 11 so we were tired and it was COLD!

It was 33 degrees today and we were freezing watching the St. Patrick's Day Parade, the girls and I hit up H&M, for some reason I love the H&M in New York a lot better than the one in LA...

I am pooped and exhausted, we've been waking up early the past how many days and technically it's only 5AM in Cali! So that's hella early for me! And man are NY drivers crazy! But I love it, honestly I love how there's always something to do or somewhere to go at the wee hours of the night here in NY, in LA everything closes so early....NY is the place to party, that's for sure. I am hoping I can make a stop at the MAC PRO store, but knowing my luck and busy schedule, I might not have a chance...we'll see.

Also some of you asked about Monistat being a face primer, and like I mentioned before, it can be used as a primer because they both have the same main ingredient DIMETHICONE, which is a silicone that is found in many primers. so it's VERY safe for the face, it doesn't have to be strictly be used for 'chafing'. This "beauty trick" was actually brought to my attention by a mineral makeup company owner and I've mentioned it long time ago but thought id try it out myself recently and it's an awesome alternative!

Also to those that comment under "Anonymous" please leave your email address, some of you ask questions with no contact info and i'll be more than happy to answer your questions, just leave your email so I can reply back to you or hit up the C-box!

So here are some pics from my trip so far:

View after take off at Burbank Airport

Of course...NYC Taxi Cabs

St. Patty's Day Parade:

It was SO PACKED, people were on the street signs!

Went to Duane Reade and I got an Apt 5 brush which is only available in areas in NY, it's similar to the 187 brush from MAC in the sense they LOOK the same, but the quality is so much different, this brush is decent for light application of blush but the hairs are very cheap and it sheds! But I love the handle!


Mrs. Lynne, said...

Welcome back sis! Missed you. Your trip sure looked fun. I miss NY too. Such a nice place to get away from everything.

ilurvemakeup said...

Love the pic from the airplane window :) Glad you had a safe flight, sorry about the delays gotta hate when that happens during the holidays :(

Anonymous said...

Hey Vanessa,

I just had a question. How do you get the outer "V" shape when you apply your eyeshadow makeup? For some reason, everytime I do mine, it comes out like a blob of eyeshadow that has no particular shape. Any suggestions?


Oh and here's my email:

BeautyChick101 said...

Welcome to NYC! Hope you have an amazing time!

Anonymous said...

Thank you for this great tip! We had a performance this weekend and I used the Monistat on the guys since they sweat quite heavily under the stage lights.

It worked wonderfully and after 10 hours the makeup still looked perfect!

Ethereal Prey said...

LOL...can't believe you went to see the parade...i watched it on tv. all those drunk ppl puking all over...oh yes that's nyc for you...taxis are crazy here but they get you there!

Girl I thought you were from canada, its not that gets way colder, but that part passed already...take more pics!

Tracy said...

NY looks fun. i've never been, so i'm hoping to make a trip there at least once in my lifetime. :D btw, i got my ardell lash & brow stuff. planning on doing a 2 week testing phase. hope it works!

Thushaa said...

I love H&M! And NY.. even though I've never been there yet, but looks like fun! :D

Anne said...

awwwwww i'm so jealous you're in NY right now for a whole week! all the goodies are there (minus high sales tax). i do agree that the east coast has a better h&m. i actually discovered h&m while I was in boston... and the tax-free on clothing purchases doesn't hurt either :).

looks like it's all play for you right now. i'll see you soon when you get back! have fun and be safe over there! i still miss you!

p.s. jackie and thu wants a girls night out with all four of us :D.

Divine Blackness said...

Glad you got back safely!!! Looooove NYC!

soFresh & soPink said...

Sounds like you're having fun, despite the cold weather! BTW, that take off photo is BEAUTIFUL!

Nic Nic said...

i had no idea so many Americans celebrate st patricks day.. then again alot of Irish ppl did immigrate to US back in the days. I love the take off pic!! glad you had a good time :)

Vi Anne said...

I'm with ya on the NY love. One week wasn't enough when we were there! Take care!

Globalglamour said...

Hey, absolutely love ur blog! It's well helpful...but I'm kinda new to this, so I thought maybe you could comment on my blog! It's justa personal one bout my life in fashion, make-up and the occasional BITCH! Lol, it's
I'll be waiting...

Globalglamour said...

Hi, I love your blog, just wandering if you could pop into mine and comment...cuz I'm kinda new to all this and need to know wat to improve's
I'll be waiting...

Christiana Divine @ Memoirs of A Shopping Addict said...

oOo, looks like fun sis! :) man, every time i see your trip pics to the NY you make me wanna go more. :P

Emilee @ GMM said...

Welcome back! NY looked like a lot of fun. :)

Nichi said...

wow! NYC sounds awesome.
haven't been there in a while ^.^

Bliss said...

Nice Pics, i love H&M especially their accesories :).

Anonymous said...

Thas cuz H&M in NYC is better than the ones we have in Los Angeles


(g)ezebel said...

*jealous pout* it sounds like you had sooo much fun in NYC! my Hub and i were gonna go in april, but my bosses are going to trial on may 9, so there is no way i can take any extended time off so close to trial.

maybe in june... *hopeful sigh*

that apt. 5 brush handle does look cool!!

:a: :b: :c: :d: :e: :f: :g: :h: :i: :j: :k: :l: :m: :n:

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