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Friday, March 7, 2008

What are your plans for the weekend?


I love Fridays, because that means I don't have to wake up early tomorrow, sit in traffic for an hour, and work! Saturdays are my "sleep-in" days, where I just turn off my phone and stay nestled in my down-comforter and flat pillow. I hate regular pillows because I am always left with a stiff-neck in the morning!

Tomorrow I am gonna start on my taxes since I am not going to have any more time to do it, then probably pull out my luggage that's been sitting in the back of my closet and start preparing for my 115,846 trip to the Big Apple. :)

I hate the 3 hour time difference. I know it's ONLY 3 hours, but it really messes me up sometimes. Last time I was working on my laptop and it said the time was around midnight, and to me that's early when I am in California, so I was thinking oh I have plenty of time, it's only midnight, when it was really 3AM! I had to wakeup for the show at 6AM, so I was so tired and trying to survive the day with monster drinks and gum. Terrible!

I do like flying JetBlue though, I get to watch my shows on A&E or TLC! Maybe do a little shopping in SoHo and see Heath Ledger's apartment because I am weird like that.

February 15th I was asked to take some photos for my friend's son's birthday, he is turning 1! So I hope I can get some cool shots of his celebration and not screw up the memory of his first birthday, lol.

I've been taking these cranberry pills to clean out my system and keep my urinary tract in tip top shape, and it makes me pee bright orange, it's sorta freaky, lol. That was TMI right? ;)

Any plans for the weekend?


Charlene said...

hey Vanessa, i went to a makeup store and asked them for a light gold colour (you know i've been on the hunt) and the colour they gave me was NYX - champagne. I immediately remembered u telling me what your thoughts on champagne were, i always thought it was light gold with a hint of light pink. But for that i got NYX - salmon eyeshadow. They are both gorgeous!!! thanks for letting me love NYX again :) and thanks for all the help with the champagne. do you have any of those 2 that i mentioned? And re: your post, oh i hope to go to the beach!! my bday was on wednesday and I need to celebrate cuz i had an exam on the actual day!! so thats my weekend, celebrating!!! enjoy ur weekend!

Vanessa said...

Hi Charlene! No I don't have those colors, but now you make me want to check them out!

Happy Belated Birthday! The beach sounds like fun!

Anonymous said...

LOL, you are too funny. That was TMI, J/K do you think the pills are working. I always try to keep Cranberry Juice in my fridge but if the pill works even better. Enjoy your trip!

Shop With A Vengeance! said...

Lol Vanessa! I love the TMI haha.

Are you taking AZO Cranberry? I heard those will make you pee orange. I take Nature's Bounty Triple Strength Cranberry (1680mg), which are softgels. I used to get really bad UTI's consistently but ever since I've been taking these I haven't had one for like two years!

The best part is they don't change your pee color or even affect it at all, and they have Vitamin C in them too! They are usually BOGO at Walgreens or CVS, you should check them out if you aren't feeling the orange pee haha.

A*M*Y said...

I wake up on Saturday mornings already looking forward to the next one. I stay up crazy late on Fridays even if I have nothing to do just so that I can sleep in! There are some Saturdays that I don't even bother to get out of my pj's. It's suppose to be rainy here, so I am looking forward to a peaceful, relaxing weekend! :]

MakeupByRenRen said...

let's see, i'm finally getting my hair done tomorrow...finally! my roots were growing out big time and i think i'm going to cut off a good couple of inches, i'm excited...gotta love makeovers :) besides that, me and the bf are going to catch a late movie...cuz i have a lot of sorority stuff to do this weekend since i'm a chapter advisor of my undergrad chapter :(

i think all urinary type pills turn your pee orange, lol...cuz that's happened to me before...all i can say is flush, flush, flush!

Anne said...

i have some hard core studying to do :(. two midterms down, two more to go. the last one i just got was a killer!!

anyway, i havent seen you in a week? let's change that and have dinner on tuesday if you're free :) i have some old gossip to tell you hahaha.

Ethereal Prey said...

Your weekend sounds way more fun than mine. I'm just gonna WoW. I'm a dork I know.

I like Jetblue too! I always ask for another drink cause i get thirsty in the air. :P

Have fun in nyc. does that mean I can go to cali while you're here? I'd ask to meet up with you, but then i realize how creepy and weird that would be, so have fun, take pics! Go to the NYC Pro store and show us your haul! :)

Anonymous said...

Weekend plans include sleeping in, taking lots of time to do my makeup, and going to the makeup store to look for Urban Decay fun colors and some Red Earth purple corrector.

I might get a nice soft eyeshadow brush too since mine sucks - came free in some kit or something.

Love your blog - it's such fun!!

mayaari said...

I have one of those foam contour pillows to avoid the stiff neck thing. One day I'll own a tempurpedic bed and pillow :)

I'm going to break out the little seamstress in me and fix some pants that are too long, and attack the pile of laundry in my closet. and think good thoughts about going back to the gym.

haha TMI about the cranberry pills, but hey, you gotta keep everything in working order once in a while :)

Izar said...

I hear cranberry is very good for that. Bright orange? Wow. Something like that happened to me once when I "overdosed" on beta carotene capsules. :-D

I guess I'll draw and read a good book on fun ways of teaching English grammar to my future students. How exciting, right...? :-D

Anyway, have a great weekend Vanessa!

Anonymous said...

Hey Vanessa, I have the same problem with my neck. What's a flat pillow? LOL. Thanks.

Linda said...

hahaha nessa! i was taking those pills too and i freaked out also. it did nothing for me in the end though.

Nic Nic said...

wow you're off to the big apple! i wanna go! are you gonna stock on makeup?? hehe xD

this weekend is special.. my bf arrived from japan today, he's at my house now, in bed (whilst i catch up on blogs LOL) prob goto the movies and have dimsum, and finally be a normal couple. YAY!

nilla cookie said...

No big plans for the weekend, Miss Vanessa! I'm going to take it easy and run some errands, do laundry, etc. before I head to Orange County next weekend for my aunt's wedding.

I wish we were closer so that we could do a shopping day together!

Hope you have a great weekend!

Joey said...

No, it's not exactly TMI, haha. Cranberry pills is really smart. Maybe I should take them.. I'm sort of prone to UTI's. It's pretty lame.

I'm soo jealous you're going to NYC. My friend wants to go in June, but my mom thinks it's too far and too dangerous (LAME!)

I hope you have a good Saturday sleeping in! (: I love Saturdays when I have nothing to do until at night.


Fei said...

lol. I'll add to your TMI. Rockstar energy drinks make my pee neon yellow... :|

Vi Anne said...

Have a great weekend and hope you have a great time in NYC. I saw your photog portfolio before and I love your shots! I'm sure you'll have no trouble taking baby birthday pics. :)

(g)ezebel said...

thanks for letting me post your hair tut on my blog, especially since i didn't ask your permission first. forgive me?

' * : . b | u 3 . : * ' said...

i never knew there were cranberry pills for the purpose? usually i just drink cranberry juice once in a while to do that... i would've thought it'd turn the colour reddish though, haha.

no weekend plans - basically laundry, clean the place up, and play with makeup :D

Angie519 said...

Hrrm, this may sound gross but the pills you get from the doctor that helps with the pain resulting from UTIs also turns pee bright orange.

I think it's quite fascinating =P

soFresh & soPink said...

Hi Vanessa! I hope the weather's nice out in NYC, during your visit! Hopefully, you'll make time for some or TONS of shopping while you're there. I've got a baby shower this weekend, should be fun. =) And I'm makin' a trip to a MAC Pro store - Yippey! It's sad that a MAC trip is SO exciting for me. hehe ...

Have a restful weekend!

ilurvemakeup said...

GIIIIRRRRRRRRRRRRRRL you have not done your taxes?!?!?!?!?! :O I do mine ASAP cuz I love getting the return and spend it hahahaha GL with the bday photoshoot hehe :D You will do fine, all your pics are always amazing!

(g)ezebel said...

p.s. have a great time at your photo shoot!!

alien man?! said...

girl, hook me up w/a job where you're at cuz you're so lucky u get to travel xD

i LOOOOVE all things cranberry :D

but i also eat a LOT of crap

i can't wait to see the pictures you take of the baby, btw

you're a pretty good photographer!

Tiffany said...

Hey! I <3 your blog!

I know this isn't about make up, but where did you get those cranberry pills?

karen, said...

I love JetBlue for the same reason. Having TV on the plane makes it less painful!

I'm working today and tomorrow! I have a big project due and I've been procrastinating like a mo'fo. But I'll be glad once it's done.

Aimee said...

Hi vanessa! I love your blog and all your fotd's and tuts! I just tried out your wavy hair tutorial on youtube and it works well for me. I just wanted to ask how you link other peoples blogs onto your own on the right side? >>
and if i could link yours? thanks! =)

Christal said...

hey girl
Oh man the big apple eh? please be careful I heard from karen of that they have a huge ice storm.

She also told us about pure luxe cosmetics, the owner is trying to raise money for her friend who has breast cancer. She made a special e/s for her, and 100% of proceeds will go to her.
I posted the link above
maybe you can help her too vannessa by advertising on yoru blog???

Vanessa said...

Tiffany- You can get the cranberry pills at any drugstore, it's called AZO Cranberry Pills!

Vanessa said...

Thanks Vi Anne!

Vanessa said...

Thanks Brooklyn Beauty! I think they least id like to think they do! LOL

:a: :b: :c: :d: :e: :f: :g: :h: :i: :j: :k: :l: :m: :n:

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