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Thursday, March 6, 2008

New Business Cards & K-Mart Haul! (Long Post)


Happy Friday Lovelies!

Since the time I was 4, I have always been a business-minded woman. I would take items my mom already had, re-wrap it, and give it to her on Mother's Day or her birthday, LOL. Come on I was 4 years old! In my mind, my mom didn't know she had those things, and by me giving it to her, it would bring those items back to life and she would find a way to use them again. One thing I loved about my mom, was that everytime she opened my little "gifts", she ALWAYS pretended that I really DID buy them and would be so surprised and would actually USE it. Thinking about it now, I was so silly; but I always tried to start things on my own, and sell it. I would collect rocks and paint them, then try to sell them thinking they were priceless gems, LOL. I was quite an imaginative kid, and I guess when you are the only child for 9 years, it's amazing the things you do to keep yourself entertained.

Now at almost 26, I find myself more enthralled with the idea of taking this site and my addiction to makeup beyond it's original intent. At first, I created this blog to record products I used for certain looks and to help others with product reviews and swatches; but now this site has grown so much since it opened last May, bringing in 6,000 page views a day. I am so glad that many of you find it useful or at least- entertaining! And I REALLY appreciate you all for being so kind and supportive. Now I just wanna continue doing this as long as I can because it's fun, as well as being able to offer many items some of you are unable to get due to being an international resident, or even US residents when it comes to certain things like pigment samples and such. (When I can! And no pigment samples are still NOT available)

So I created some business cards, address labels, post-it notes, and of course a shirt all with the same logo and everything to spread the word, and I love how they came out! They look super cute and I am glad they came out so nice and very matchy-matchy! It says "makeup artist" because eventually I will be getting into it to help my photographer friend who needs one and thought it would be good to gain more experience and do it on the side. Some of you actually wanted shirts haha which I thought was so funny, considering I only made ONE shirt for me as my sleep shirt, LOL! It never crossed my mind that people would want one, so I am looking for a distributor who will create me a few baby-T shirts with the same logo to give to some of you gals, it's great for around the house, gym, or a sleep shirt (like how I use it), since it's pretty comfy and soft. I honestly just like the colors on it and the


I went to K-Mart after work to go and buy some toilet paper (now that the BF lives with me, supplies come and go REAL FAST!) So I had to stock up, and ladies, have you EVER gone to a store with the intention of buying only one or two things, and end up coming up with a cart load of stuff you don't need??!!! Please tell me I am not the only one that has this problem...LOL.

EVERY SINGLE time I walk into a Target, CVS, Walgreens, Wal-Mart, etc, I go there for a few things like necessities such as shampoo, toilet paper, food, and the like, and I always end up coming out with things I didn't go there for, usually makeup haha or more facial cleansers. It's so hard to just go in there and pick up that ONE thing you really went there for, pay for it, and walk out. NOOOOO, for some reason I gotta browse around and end up buying something else. Argh!

Anyway, that happened last night at K-Mart, went in to get toilet paper and some cold fighting remedies you lovely ladies suggested, and what happens?!! I come out with eyeshadows, a palette, nailpolish, AND I was this close to also picking up Milani's Brow Fix Powder AND a pack of St. Patrick's Day Shamrock Stickers (don't ask), but I was good and at least put those back!

So here is what I bought, luckily the BF wasn't mad because it was cheap stuff well within our budget (so he thinks! Ha!)

Remember "The Color Workshop"? Those gaudy makeup palettes that usually were sold in cheap stores like JC Penney or Sears? I got them like every Christmas and hated them, but it seems that like AVON, The Color Workshop has stepped up their game! Their colors are much more pigmented (and they are actually NICE colors, and not the grandma colored eyeshadows), AND the design is so sleep, chic, and simple.

They had these awesome palettes for $10, and also had other palettes that were interchangeable meaning you can switch up the colors by changing the inside pan. The one I bought contains eyeshadows, shimmer powders, blushes, lipglosses, creamy lipstick-like pots, and cream eyeshadows, AND came with 4 nailpolishes. I haven't tried it yet, but based on the swatches it looks quite promising!

How it looks like closed:

A few eyeshadows...

The nailpolishes...

From Maybellline's Spring Collection, nailpolish with designs inside to paint on your nail...

Eyeshadow Quad in "Seaside Turquoise":

I also couldn't pass up on Garnier's "Regenerating Micro-Polish Kit", it was on sale for $4.00!!!! Supposed to give you more refined, radiant, even-toned skin, we'll see!


alien man?! said...

Hi. This is your biggest fan. I eagerly await reviews and photo updates on the nail polish and Nutritioniste. I thought about getting some of their skincare stuff b/c I thought their cleanser was pretty good.

Angie said...

Lol, like you, I always always go into drugstores to buy necessities and ended up walking around the store for at least 1 hr or more looking at other craps I don't intend to buy and actually come out w/ a whole arm load! seriously, sometimes I think we do get it really bad lol. :P My bf complains all the time. Nonetheless, great hault as usual! That Maybelline's nail polish looks so cute!! As for the color workshop, I'm skeptical about it. Love the business cards and shirt!! The logo is perfect!

p.s. if you're interested, CVS has Garnier Skin Renew Daily Regenerating Moisture Lotion SPF 15 for FREE after rebate!! It's 12.99. I'm actually in love w/ in as it's amazing smooth and nongreasy!

Liz said...

this is a very good news! you do make a lot of women happy. keep up the good work, lovely Nessa! :-)

Askmewhats said...

Your business card is SUPER CREATIVE and super eye-catchy!!! I LOVE it!!! Wow, you've gone soooo far and I am honestly touched how much you care for your readers.

AND YOU ARE NOT THE ONLY ONE! I always plan to buy one thing and ended up buying MORE! And those days that I don't plant o spend, I always buy more goodies!!! So you're not the ONLY one.

Congratulations and I HONESTLY enjoy reading your blog! Thanks !!!

christy. said...

I'd totally rep your shirt!! :) I love the Maybelline nail polish. I bought something like that longggg time ago & I didn't really like it because the little decors fell off pretty quick. :(

Anonymous said...

Hi Vanessa :) I love how you always post! It's like Christmas...whenever I check back there is usually at least one new post.

I don't think I've ever once gone into a store & only come out with what I "needed." LOL. You're not alone.

I have the Nutrioniste Daily Regenerating Serum & I love it! I plan on buying it again & again. It makes my skin so soft & smooth, which help with putting on my foundation. It also help against free radicals & environmental stressers.


krstylkleer said...

Hiya! Just stopping in for my daily fix. Your blog makes me so happy everytime I see a new post. The cards and t-shirt are great. You're such a talented woman. Keep it up! :]

Ethereal Prey said...

LOL...I know exactly what you mean! I go into target for 1 or 2 things and come out with 8! I have no self control. gotta have the chips, and cheetos...

Nice Haul, tell us how the garnier nutrioniste thing works out for you. I saw it on sale too, but it was like 10 bucks and not 4 for me...

Yes I want a t-shirt! :)

missjaclynrose said...

hey ness, you are sooo right about going in for one thing and then coming out with 10 things. LOL. happens to me all the time. shoot and if it's on sale, i'm even more of a sucker. that maybelline nail polish looks sooo cute, when you actually have a chance to wear it you gotta post a pic of it.

mayaari said...

your business cards look great :) colorful & noticeable. I think CafePress lets you upload designs to create shirts/mugs/bags/magnets for commercial or personal use, I'm not sure if they charge a fee or anything, but I've ordered shirts there before and they're pretty good.

And I totally end up buying more than I intend to when I go to the store...even with a list in my hand! I've been pretty good with my "no beauty product" diet so far, but I keep seeing skincare items that I want to try.

Anonymous said...

Hey Vanessa,
I love reading your posts, there's always something new and always interesting. I read in your blog that you wanted to make shirts. My boyfriend has a company with his friends and they do silk screen shirts, they can print regular tshirts to baby t's. And starting prices for the shirts is $5, just depends on how many colors you are planning on using. I think the baseprice includes three colors. Not sure...but if your're interested let me know, you can email me at

Mrs. Lynne, said...

We are sisters from another mother. While you were painting rocks and selling them, I was making those flipper-floppers (remember that paper thing that had numbers and fortunes) selling them to people at school and drawing pictures and hanging them on the wall for sale at home like it was an art show! Lol.

Entrepreneur-ism is in our blood girl and it's nice knowing who I can go to to keep me accountable :)

Love ya sis!

MakeupByRenRen said...

great job with your corporate promotions...i love the can really turn this into a full time have the following already...we're here for you girl. i'm only starting to start getting into selling pigment samples as well...i gotta get money in somehow!

i do the same thing with stores...especially ones like target, wal-mart..anything with a beauty aisle and it's over, he he. but it's just too much fun to resist...that palette was actually really nice!

Christiana Divine @ Memoirs of A Shopping Addict said...

i love the cards and the shirt! hehe. so cute. :] nice hauls as usual. i always love all the stuff you buy. haha. :] *jealous of your makeup stash*

Izar said...

"have you EVER gone to a store with the intention of buying only one or two things, and end up coming up with a cart load of stuff you don't need??!!!"

Aha, all the time. *grins*

Those business cards are gorgeous! Aww, you must have been an incredibly cute little girl, based on the fact that you still are. Incredibly cute, I mean. :-D I used to draw little cards to sell to my Mum. She was a harder nut to crack though: she made me tell her why she simply couldn't live without them.

You're one of the best beauty bloggers I know, be sure of that. Your blog is actually both fun and useful and you've encouraged me to be a bit more bold when it comes to colors so thank you for that!

Keep it up girl, we need you! *hug*

(g)ezebel said...

i am like you; i simply cannot walk out of ANY store without buying something. and geez, you bought TON of stuff...!!! *jealous pout*

Nic Nic said...

i said before i love your t-shirt! now you have cute business cards.. you should def own a cosmetic company one day!!! i'll be waitin' for your products at the counter one day ;)

nilla cookie said...

Hiya Vanessa!

Your biz cards are super cute and I love the t-shirt too! Funny because I just had cards made too, but they aren't has pretty as yours - kinda plain :)

I love the idea of making shirts for us, I'd totally sport one! Where do I sign up??

Anonymous said...

Hey Vanessa! I love love love your blog! Please don't ever stop posting: I enjoy your posts so much - always try to read it daily and I absolutely love how frequently you update your site
Your business cards are adorable! The girl on the Tshirt reminds me of Stila girls they used to put on their packaging =)

(g)ezebel said...

ohhhh, your biz cards are soooo cute!! my biz card is actually my profile logo, sorta. maybe i'll copycat you and show my biz cards that my asshole graphics designer still hasn't sent to the printer yet. *grrrr* i gotta get t-shirts, too. actually, i want tank tops with my logo. *heehee*

soFresh & soPink said...

I love love love your business cards and t-shirt! Everything is just so cute! I love the nail polish .. can't wait to see photos of that! :)

xoxkissablexox said...

LOL you're not the only one..I do that all the time..and its always either makeup or things for kids (since I work at the daycare)
I have one full closet dedicated to toys,books,felt stories all for kids..
and then I have like 50 nail polishes..a box for all my lipstick..another box (shoe size box) for eyeshadows..
and for some reason whenever I go to shoppers drug mart or something I buy more makeup..
I guess its just cuz we are girls..
I also gotta say ur lucky to have such a nice understanding bf bf would be complaining that im spending money and in a way he's right cuz I got so much stuff at home..but I just cant help it :)

but ya..gotta say i like the stuff u bought..u got good taste..
I was gonna by Eyeshadow Quad in "Seaside Turquoise a while ago but didn't figured shouldn't spend money cuz I already got all those colors just in different brands and some are individual eyeshadows..

ladystarr said...

omg lol, i remember getting those awful makeup palettes. I remember I tried using them & was always disappointed. But mosdef those look better pigmented!

Anonymous said...

hey girl

such a fan of the blog! no lie. =) the colors in the palette you got are so pretty!!

don't they remind you of the fafi collection??? even the nail polishes! great find.

Julie said...

Hi, Nessa!

Those business cards look so girly and pretty :]

Can you do a FOTD with the Maybelline quad? I love blues!

Bliss said...

Great Haul, your business card & t shirt are lovely, did you design it yourself, if you did you are talented :)

karen, said...

Hi Vanessa,

I love the cards and the T! Very cute!

Naomi:) said...

The color workshop swatches look really pretty.Especially the pink and blue looking one.

yummy411 said...

nessa your cards and stuff are so cute. i have biz cards too but not as cute as those! thanks for sharing!!

lynn said...

that always happens to me when I go to target or walmart. They strategically set those stores up to get us to pass all the impulse buy items. I go to target like every week and always end up finding a cartload of things that I just might need. I miss walmart though. None near where I live. There used to be one every couple of blocks in SD. Now the closest one to me is in the hood.

ladyjane said...

Hey girl, I love the tee and biz card. I'm into graphic designing and I've been working on my portfolio in hopes to land some freelance jobs. I must say I love the logo :)

And I'm without a doubt that you are NOT the only one who shops for more than they intended to. I'm most likely gonna go out tomorrow with my best girl so who knows what I'm gonna come back with eek!

Anonymous said...

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