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Friday, August 1, 2008

Purely Cosmetics! (


Click on the pic to go to the website!

****I have been reading ALL your questions and I will answer them soon (such as the Starflash eyeshadows and YES the color payoff is awesome on MOST of the colors, however on some of them (ahem, "lotusland") are a bit TOO sheer to where they don't show up on my NC30 skin even after 10 swipes! They are very similar to "Veluxe Pearl" and "Frost" finishes in my opinion, and I was told that "Flash" finish is actually going to be a new finish MAC is coming out with. But I will get more into it soon along with my review of the Lustre Twins****

I love great, down-to-earth people, who have such a big heart in general; and when you mix that in with owning a business, you get awesome customer service. Robyn from reached out to me and we exchanged a few emails, and in a matter of days I felt like i've known her for years! She also lives near my city! She is just such a nice and helpful person!

She sent me some exciting goodies such as a 22-eyeshadow sampler that had a wide array of colors to suit anyone, and a few blushes and foundation samples. I was very eager to try her Skin Smoothing Foundation and I love it! It goes on like a dream for dry-skin gals like me, AND I think I found my perfect match in "Olive Beige". I want to try the other shades she sent me, and I just may have to order a full size of it because it goes on like a dream and has build-able coverage. The store has so many items to shop for, makeup brushes, Parian brush cleaner, and the Beauty Blender Sponge! start the month of August right, and to say a big "thank you" to all of you lovely ladies (and maybe gents?) who read my ramblings everyday, you can use the code "nessasary" to get 15% off ANY order over $20! So what are you waiting for??! Go and shop!



Nic Nic said...

i can't wait to see those eye colors on you! they stock the exact same synthetic kabuki brush I've got got! :D

MakeupByRenRen said...

wow nice goodies! i need a good primer too, cuz i'm a dry skinned gal myself, lol...can't wait to see the looks with these products :)

Tracy said...

I was excited to see this post b/c I love new mineral make-up finds, BUT their stuff contains silk powder, which my face hates! So it looks like I won't be able to try their stuff. Just my luck. =(

Robyn @ Purely Cosmetics said...

Tracy - not all of our products contain silk powder. Our Skin Smoothing Formula does, but our regular foundation contains only mica, titanium dioxide, zinc oxide, and ultramarine blue. Silk can be added to the regular formula as an option, but it does not come that way in it's standard form. Here is the link to the foundations WITHOUT silk added:

*~k~* said...

Wow! all the colors look beautiful!

Mrs. Lynne, said...

oooh... cooolors!

Ilianexy said...

Love them! Beautiful colors, do you empty the baggies in another container?

Anonymous said...

it worries me that the makeup contains titanium dioxide.

"Coarse or fine particles of titanium dioxide are safe and effective at deflecting and absorbing UV light, protecting the skin, but consumers should avoid using products with micronized mineral pigments, either in sunscreens or colour cosmetics."

so much for being safe.

Robyn @ Purely Cosmetics said...

Bluestar - you'd be hard pressed to find any mineral makeup without titanium dioxide. That's one of the main ingredients that provides adhesion, opacity, binds the oxides, and gives sunscreen protection. Many get confused between the term "micronized" and "nanoparticles". Nano sized particles can penetrate through the cell wall and eventually cross the blood-brain barrier, according to some studies. Micronized particles do not, though the safety of these can be debateable as well. Micronized titanium dioxide and micronized zinc oxide are generally considered safe. We do not use nano sized particles in any of our products, and only use micronized zinc oxide in only one: our concealer has a small amount of micronized zinc oxide in it. All other products do not use any micronized ingredients or nanoparticles. Hope this helps.

Robyn @ Purely Cosmetics said...

I hate using baggies for things like foundation or blushes where you have to be able to swirl your brush and tap off the excess. That's why our foundations are sampled in jars. But eye shadows aren't so bad, since you are able to dip your brush directly into the baggie (though this isn't a recommended method for foiling - never put a wet brush directly into any mineral powder or you can contaminate them with bacteria).

The 22 eye shadows is meant to be a way for you to sample nearly all of our shades for a low price and decide what colors you really love. It's also a way for you to experiment with some shades that would normally be outside of your comfort zone without risk. You can transfer the ones you decide you would use on a regular basis to jars, and keep the ones you'd only use occasionally in the baggies to save space. Each zippy contains plenty of shadow for several applications. The full size shadows come in 5 gram jars.

Cooking With Celeste said...

Hey Vanessa--

Fun review! I too love Purely Cosmetics>>Her mineral makeup ROCKS!

Check out my Q&A with Robin here:

Enjoyed you review and pics, Vanessa, and hey,the 15% discount is a great deal too:)

Owner/Go Green With Celeste

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