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Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Reader Questions


Q: Where can I get those palettes you got from the show?
A: Unfortunately they are not available for retail sale, as I mentioned on my posts, Modern Basic is a WHOLESALE/PRIVATE LABEL ONLY company, meaning they only sell in bulk for business owners who want to use their own logo on their products. At the convention shows, Modern Basic sells their items individually- so the only opportunity to buy them at retail value and not bulk is at the convention shows.

Q: Does any other company sell Modern Basic items?

A: Not that I know of, I tried to search for them myself in other places and couldn't find anything close to some of their items (other than the Coastal Scents palettes). Their products are mainly their own which is probably the reason why since they aren't really distributors, but a private label company.

Q: I love the picture you took from SF! Which camera did you use?

A: I actually only used my digital pocket camera- the Canon SD750!

Q: Why do you use mostly MAC products? Are they better?

A: I use MAC mainly because I get a discount, so essentially it's cost-effective and cheaper for me to get MAC products than other products that are a lot more, but occasionally I will buy other brands and splurge, although I stay true to also the drugstore brands like L'Oreal, Revlon, Milani, etc. when it comes to certain things like mascara or eyeshadows.

Q: Do you know what brand that steamer is from the show?
A: Unfortunately I don't, I didn't really look, I just took a pic of the BF getting a super quick facial!

Q: Hi Vanessa, you have really nice lips, how do you get them so soft and supple?

A: Thanks! I use vaseline on my lips to keep them moist and then using some sugar and a toothbrush I brush the sugar granules on my lips with the toothbrush to exfoliate and get rid of all the dead skin cells on my lips; I then just reapply vaseline or chapstick.

Q: Will you be selling more palettes? They sell out so quickly and I wanna get my hands on a few!
A: I am in the process of trying to get more, I just don't wanna buy a whole bunch and no one buys any and then I am stuck with it, so I am thinking the best way is to see what y'all want (take the poll on the right), then I will ask those who want it to paypal me first, then once I receive them I will ship it out to you all....

Q: Hi Vanessa, I love your blog, I check it daily! Can you tell us a little bit about your modeling days? Any tips as far as getting started? I want to start, just for fun though ,and I'd love some advice from you. I really like the pictures you've done, especially the one of your profile on the site. Its so adorable! Thanks.
A: Thank you, well it was fun in the sense that I got to travel and get my makeup and hair done, and it was nice meeting new people. (How I got into it can be found on my personal website that is still up, It just wasn't really for me, I didn't want it enough to make it into something bigger- the drive just wasn't there. And I know many people who think it's easy and all you do is pose and smile, but if you can't handle pressure easily it can definitely take a toll. I would go from audition to audition (casting calls), go-see's, etc. and it was very tiring and disconcerting when you spent all day at a call- and you don't get the gig, especially if it was one you really wanted. And yes, even though it goes with the territory, it can still be frustrating, and casting agents and directors do NOT sugarcoat. They will tell you if you are fat, have buck teeth, or whatever, that for some, they DO walk out crying from that room full of strangers that gave you only 5 minutes to showcase your 'talent'.

I remember waiting to be called when I was with the EAM Casting agency, and I got more and more anxious as many showed up for the SAME gig you are fighting so hard to get. The mind starts to play games and you find yourself unconsciously comparing yourself. "She is pretty, she has nice legs, pretty eyes..." and so forth. I took acting workshops and theater in highschool and first year of college which helped me a bit as I have a bout of stage fright, which helped me relax when it came time to do a shoot with people I don't know.

Also, depending on what type of modeling you do, there are restrictions as to what you can and cannot do, for example if you are a hair model, you cannot just cut your hair on a whim without consulting with your agent first. I had a personal trainer who I worked with 3 days out of the week, I did Yoga and gymnastics (not required but as I did it as a child and did it for fun). Hence why you will notice I was A LOT skinnier back then and now I am "thicker". LOL, and that's why I got a chubby face now but I love it because I am a lot happier and comfortable in my skin.

For anyone that is interested in modeling I HIGHLY suggest you do your research before you do anything. If you are working with a photographer, or meeting anyone from online, do your research on them. Don't EVER meet up with someone you don't know. See if they have a website, a portfolio of their work, Google their name and see if anyone else has worked with them or if anyone recommends them. Model mayhem is a great place to network. Break the ice by meeting them in a public place with a lot of people, don't ever go with them anywhere else if they insist on it, see if they have any creative ideas. If it seems like they just want you to take your clothes off, then forget that fool! LOL. You should never do anything you don't feel comfortable with. If you are under 18, bring a parent with you as they have to sign a consent form anyway, if you are 18+, bring a friend with you to any shoot. Many photographers I have worked with NEVER had a problem with this, if anything, they insisted I bring someone. If a photographer isn't ok with you bringing anyone, there's a problem. If you have a jealous boyfriend, don't bring him. It slows down the shoot, makes you and the photographer feel like crap, and it wastes everyone's time.

You DO NOT have to pay incredibly high amounts of dollars to get some decent headshots. The way I look at it, they should pay you, not you paying out of your pocket to achieve your dream. So, find a decent photographer, like your friend, and have them take some decent shots, you can either create your own ZED or Comp cards online (the cards you give to casting agents and directors that have your picture(s) and your stats), or simply bring a picture to an agency and go from there. Unfortunately many agencies want gals that are 5'7" and above (I am 5'6"), and who are like a tiny 90 lbs! So even I don't make the cut for some gigs thanks to that one inch! LOL. But there are some that fib on the info on their comp cards (hardly anyone notices) just to get more gigs. Just don't take things personal when people try to put you down, it just makes you stronger. :)

Example of a comp card:

Q: I love your belt and dress that you wore at the show where did you get them from?

A: Thanks, I got the dress at Target believe it or not (, and the belt I bought from H&M when I went to NY last year....since it was kinda cold in SF I wore the dress over a pair of black skinny jeans which is hard to tell from the pic...

Q: How can I match my foundation to my face?

A: I will be doing a tutorial on this soon, I basically swipe the various foundation shades I am testing on the jawline of my face, seeing which one blends with my skintone so that it "disappears", I then look in different kinds of light to see, such as tungsten (often bathroom lights), natural light like daylight, and then I take a picture with flash to see if it gives any white-ish cast. If it passes all those tiny tests it's usually a perfect match. But like I mentioned before, I go a few shades darker than my skintone to match my neck and arms since they are darker than my face.

Q: What are your steps to applying foundation?

A: 1. Moisturizer (very important to avoid having blotchiness or un-even patches of makeup on your face)
2. Primer (creates a smooth canvas as well as helping your foundation stay on longer)
3. Conceal (conceal any dark circles, scars, discoloration, etc)
4. Apply your foundation, if you use mineral, I do the tap, swirl, buff method for a nice even airbrushed finish, for liquid, you can use a sponge (like the beauty blender sponge) and just dab it lightly all over your face.


Askmewhats said...

oh sweetie, you are a sweetheart for patiently answering all those queries from readers like us. I like your story about the modeling! We always think modeling is easy, just pose and smile, that's it! But it's great for you to share your stories and it helps a lot of readers out there! *hugs* to you for being such a nice person! Really, the most important thing is, you're very happy with what you do! :D

Jaimie @ Just Kiss 'N Makeup said...

Nessa thanks for answering everyones questions!

Vanessa <3 said...

hehe i brush my lips too! lmao
you know they have vaseline lipbalm.. it dosent taste as yuk as the actual vasaline..

Vanessa <3 said...

hehe i brush my lips too! lmao
you know they have vaseline lipbalm.. it dosent taste as yuk as the actual vasaline..

Tracy said...

I totally feel for you on the whole modeling thing. I pursued commercial print modeling (no height requirement!) and acting when I was a lot younger, and did the training, photoshoots, auditions, and whatnot, but I never really followed through with it b/c I believed my education was more important. It's still something I wouldn't mind doing, but I'm not one to pursue something that's uncertain. I feel a lot better knowing I have a steady and secure job (that's technically still in the entertainment industry. LoL).

Cindyy825 said...

I love that pic of you in the black with the purse on your comp card! It's so cute. I didn't think you were so tall! You're lucky to be tall and asian. I don't know about y'all, but you don't see much of that in Texas :) Oh and just wanted to let you know, your page is my daily stop. And it IS very nice of you to do all this for your readers. Keeps us comin' back :D

:a: :b: :c: :d: :e: :f: :g: :h: :i: :j: :k: :l: :m: :n:

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