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Sunday, August 3, 2008



Since I work for an internet company, I am always online- even in my sleep. My clients email me at any time of the day, especially my international clients who are wide awake when I am fast asleep. So I had to keep up with the latest technology despite the fact that I said I wasn't going to get the new iPhone (I had the first one that came out), but my tech guy at work said to sell my old one because they were being sold on ebay for as much as $600 and someone bought his for $350. Why? Because they were all unlocked and jailbroken, meaning that anyone with a SIM card from ANY carrier could use the iPhone without having AT&T. Including mine.

Soooo, my BF's brother is buying my old phone from me (I gave him a good discount since he's a great "brother-in-law", lol.)

Instead, I called my local Apple store to see if they had any of the new iPhones left, I checked the availability online the night before but sleep was more important to me so I slept in instead of waking up early to get in line; and when I called it was almost noon and I figured they were all gone like always. But Cory, the guy that picked up said that there was NO ONE in line and that they only had the 16g left which I was fine with, so I rushed out of the house and to my surprise, I was #2 in line! I couldn't believe I got it that fast!

I know that there are some who think that the iPhone IS over-hyped- and it is. But with good reason. It's a very versatile phone and I can see why it's popularity has soared ever since the prototype came out- because it does everything most people need, if not more; my mom has a blackberry so we have this debate all the time, LOL. I just personally like it because it keeps me in sync with work and my personal life, I get all my emails, I can work on it, chat with clients, use the maps, and download countless of helpful apps, watch YouTube vids, or play games; and look at the web rather than "mobile web". BUT, it's not quite the perfect phone- yet. I WISH it had a "Copy and Paste" feature, I mean if other smart phones have it, why not the iPhone? There's also no video (I don't use video so it doesn't affect me but just for comparison purposes), and depending on what apps you are using it does "freeze" like a normal computer at times. But nonetheless, I do love it and it fits my lifestyle, esp. the new one, I do notice internet is a lot faster (at least for me).

Besides, it tells me ALL the MAC locations near me?!!! Gotta love it! HAHA

I ended up going to Best Buy to get a case for it, I got one from Griffin called "The Wave", it was a 2-pack that had pink and blue in it, the BF got another 2 pack that had the black and green. You can match 'em or you can mix 'em up and it comes with screen protectors.

I sure am gonna miss my old phone, but I kept it in EXCELLENT condition!

My wallpaper- me and my youngest sister Megan, she chose this pic since this is when I went to go visit my family

The BF and I went to dinner with Anne and her BF at Wood Ranch and he ended up having tons of fun with his while we were waiting for a table!

My cranky face because I was


Francine said...

The pics are too cute! The way how they were taken kind of reminds me of the HP commercial (I think it was HP) where one picture would lead into another scene which would then become a picture that would lead to another scene. Yeah. Anyways, I'm debating about getting an iPhone when I can upgrade in October. The hubby thinks they're overrated but I think they'd suit me just fine for the same reason you stated. :) Have fun with your new techno-toy!

marisol said...

I love the new white iPhone. I sold mine to a friend for $200. I know I could have gotten more but she really wanted one and I know that I could have gotten more on Ebay but I helped her out so its all good.

I really like that case you bought. I will be checking it out.

ting RN said...

u and your man r too cute and funny!!

Roxy said...

i looove the white iphone don't you? lol i never had an iphone before but i LOOVE how much it does and how it has a real internet browser and the maps on it! =] thats a cute case too! i want a gelly one, but i can't find one that i like =[

Anonymous said...

damn woman! you're making me want to sell my iphone and get the new one! i still love my iphone. maybe one day i will upgrade!

Jennifer L said...

EEEk I love WOOd Ranch!!!! esp. their tri tip...droools

Cute pics, wow i was super surprised to hear the iphone wasn't all out by noon.

2 weeks ago went with the bf to northridge, topanga, and thousand oaks mall... all had super long lines and were all sold out

last week i called in the morning to T.O. but their line was so long the guy told me it wasn't even worth it to come. so i called simi and luckily the iphone was available with no line, as i walked out of the store there was a long line forming (maybe the left over ppl from T.O. :P

Jennifer L said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
itsliz89 said...

I really like the iPhone. I'm waiting for the day that they break the agreement with AT&T. I like it, but not that bad to switch back. I might look into a place to unlock it once the hype dyes down a little and I can get it on Amazon for tax free.

Lisa said...

Your new iphone looks sexy especially with that pink case! I'm looking for a new phone that would fit my college lifestyle better, and I've been contemplating if I should check the new iphone out. However, I'm too loyal to Samsung phones T_T that I'm so fickle about changing to another brand after 6 years.

Dskco said...

i want that phone! i'm so glad you got it cuz it's supposed to be awesome. i stood in line for 3 hrs the day it came out and wasn't able to get it, haha, oh well, it saved me $.
i love the pics of you and your man using your phone! super creative =)

Robyn @ Purely Cosmetics said...

I can't do iPhone. I have a Touch (Sprint), and have discovered that I really miss my qwerty keyboard from my Treo. But I like the less bulk, and just type with a stylis!

Gosh Vanessa, you sound like me when I was trying to find a Wii Fit - I drove all the way to Simi because they were the only ones with one!

Emilee @ GMM said...

I don't have AT&T, so I unfortunately can't get the new iPhone, but I've played with them and they're definitely very easy and functional. Almost makes me want to switch to AT&T!

Askmewhats said...

I love your new IPHONE and I love the pink case! you and your BF are sooo funny! i love the funny faces and the shots done!!! :D Enjoy your new baby...

*~k~* said...

haha.. u hav an adorable 'cranky' face :P

Shen said...

wow! new toy... love love comm gadgets. i wish i could get my hands on one. but i would want mine with a reader coz i use my mbile pc to review laws, ebooks, etc. :)

xoxo Jaimie said...

happy new iphone! lol, i only wish it had buttons! lol

CuttiBeBe said...

omg, i'm definitely getting the 3G now. i've always thought, the 3G wouldn't be faster and my old iPhone works just fine with the new 2.0. but i didn't know the old iPhone could be going for THAT HIGH! i thought once the 3G isout, the old would be like $100.

I agree that iPhone is way better than Crackberry. the functionality on it is unbelieveable! love it! can't live w/o it!

B said...

I'm a dedicated Crackberry user so naturally I think it's the most amazing phone everrr but I have secretly wanted the iPhone. LOL! Loves the pics!

Nic Nic said...

your new iphone looks really cool! the pink casing is really cute, reminds me of my pink case on my macbook hehe.

Tracy said...

Yay for new phones! I've also seen a lot of debate between the iPhone and Instinct, and although my phone does have video capabilities and can also locate all the MAC locations around me (if I ask it to! Haha!), I'm super bummed that I can't view Google reader on my phone. Sucks!

Bombchell said...

aww the pics are so cute.

i'd get an iphone if i didnt drop mine so much. I cant count how many times a week i see SOS on my blackberry

Joey said...

Lol you two are too cute (: But I've been debating whether I should get an iPhone! I love the features and versatility, but I don't know if I want to sacrifice my unlimited IN calling with the bf (with Verizon), haha. Maybe in a few years... (: I'll stick with my blackberry for now! haha

Beauty is Androgynous said...

haha cute pix.

I was really considering the new Iphone..
I have verizon right now and the reception is awesome!

I was gonna get the blackberry but i dont like mobile web..

can you send and receive pix with the new iphone?

LadyJane said...

"Besides, it tells me ALL the MAC locations near me?!!!" LOL you're so cute. You make me want a new phone now. I've been eyeing the iPhone for awhile now, but like you said, they're always sold out. Nice cover, excellent choice of color hehe :)

yummy411 said...

omg that is sooo cute and so much fun! i love the way you guys showed your heads on the iphone LOL!

:a: :b: :c: :d: :e: :f: :g: :h: :i: :j: :k: :l: :m: :n:

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