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Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Recap: San Francisco Trip and Face & Body Expo (Pics)


I have tons of catching up to do, but im getting there slowwwwly!

Since there are tons of pics, I'll be posting up my haul as well as things for sale on the next post, keep in mind I didn't get a lot of items to sell as I have set myself on a limited budget, BUT I am currently working on a project that I am keeping on the hush, but let's just say you all will love it! ;)

Like I mentioned in my previous post, this show was mostly spa and skin re-surfacing oriented so it wasn't ideal for beauty enthusiasts such as myself since it targeted many spa owners and the like, but the overall trip to San Francisco was worth it, as I love SF and the cool weather! The BF went with me to the show since we were only there for a few hours and he basically was "bag boy" and holding all the things I was hauling, LOL. I owe the brat something nice since he was brave enough to endure the show with me! LOL.

I also met a reader of mine, the ever so sweet Bel, she's just so nice and down-to-earth, and it was SUCH a pleasure meeting her! Thank you Bel for saying hello! It was really nice to finally meet you! :)

Here are some pics from the trip!

On the way to SF we were behind Nas's TOUR BUS!!!

The convention center:

Bel and Me, isn't she just cute??!

The crowd at the Crown Brush Booth:

Crowd at Modern Basic (Wholesale only company):

After the show...

The Golden Gate Bridge

Gas is frikkin' expensive!

This guy was playing the guitar and had a funny sign:

All the food we ate at Taco Bell:

Trying to get some shots for my photography portfolio, it was a great place to do a shoot!



Adeline said...

i like your hair in the photo with bel, very pretty =)

Lani said...

LOL omg. of course you should marry him. he's so sweet to you! ;) you're one lucky gal vanessa. thanks for the amazing pics. i'd love to visit san fran again. i loved it there!

Jo said...

can't wait to see the rest of the pics. those crabs look delish!

Alyssa said...

It sounds like you had a blast! :) You're boyfriend is too funny and you should say yes. ;) Am I invited to your wedding?... lol~

Shen said...

the last pic is just adorable. :) "kilig!" can't wait to see some of your loots. the convention looks like a blast. :) glad you had fun and sanfo seem to have devoted a street in your name. :) lol!

Jaimie @ Just Kiss 'N Makeup said...

It looks like you had a fabulous time! You and the bf are so cute together.

sophia said...

Those are awesome pictures, and what a great event. The sauce packet is just to cute. :)

Anastasia said...

Awww! It looks like you had a wonderful time, and I'm so glad. You gotta give your man props for sticking the whole thing out with you - mine patiently listens while I rant on the phone and wave all my new palettes around on webcam, but I think he'd draw the line somewhere.

You two look just so cute together <3!

sab said...

oh wow! i love the last photo!!! so sweet! :)

is your BF filipino? cause his last name sounds like it...

Witty said...

cute pics...omg, did he really propose like that? That would be cute!

MakeupByRenRen said...

what a fun trip! one day i'll make it out and get me some crown brushes! you should save that taco sauce packet...i'm telling yah, it's fate!

Nic Nic said...

wow SF looks like a whole lot of fun!!
The expo look really good, cant wait to see your loot! lol. Cute pics of you and your bf!!

SF looks beautiful i wanna go!

Anonymous said...

Aww, you made me miss San Francisco. I lived there for almost 5 years (in Burlingame). Loved the shot of Alcatraz. Great and funny shots on the escalator.

Askmewhats said...

Great photos! I love it that you caught everything at the perfect moment!

I love the final shot of the "will you marry me?" did you say yes? hehehe

Emilita said...

Did you see the sea lions too? I'm an East Coast girl and have only been to SF once -- just one day, in fact, since the rest of my vacation was at Yosemite -- and Pier 39 and the sea lions were probably my favorite part. Looks like you had a really nice day trip.

Emilita said...

Did you see the sea lions too? I'm an East Coast girl and have only been to SF once -- just one day, in fact, since the rest of my vacation was at Yosemite -- and Pier 39 and the sea lions were probably my favorite part. Looks like you had a really nice day trip.

Janelle said...

Oh looks like you had fun in SF! I'd really love to go to a convention like that one day.

And that last pic of your bf with the Taco Bell sauce packet made me LOL here at work haha. :P

clara said...

I love love SF! Thanks for the pictures! They're beautiful! Oh and the last time I was there, the golden gate bridge was all fogged up too :(

And you two should totally tie the knot! You're perfect for each other! hahaha.

Anonymous said...

i just wanted to say i love your blog and ask you a question. do you remember what brand the steamer was, or similar or where we can get it? i really want a steamer with ozone, but i don't know where i would get one. o and btw, you and your bf are so cute!!

Anonymous said...

haha.. the "will you marry me?" on the hot sauce is hilarious!

Fei said...

Mmm... Proposal by hot sauce packet. Delish!

I love SD! I have to get my butt down there some time.

Hello KT said...

Hey Vanessa, I saw you and Anne at the show! I was too shy to say hi though, I didn't wanna seem stalkerish lol. Anyway I couldn't help but notice your boyfriend's last name... is he related to a Dan Pangilinan?

Erica said...

did you have to get invited to go? you're so lucky =] lol

Fei said...

The weather is DEFINITELY better there! I wish LA could be as cool as it is there, even though I'll probably be freezing my butt off in winter. I can't remember when I was last there, but I hope to make a trip up soon!

Tracy said...

Great pictures! I haven't been to Frisco in FOREVER. LoL at the hot sauce packet. You should find a packet that has YES or some other response. Haha!

Vanessa <3 said...

oooo crown brushes yumm...
you and your bf are too cute!

Bel said...

OMG! I am on your blog! Yep, the show was ok, but I did wish it had more make up stuff.

Always your fan,


Specialkalle said...

i wish i could get my fiance to come follow me around shows like that. he refuses to be my "bag holder" tho.

Ethereal Prey said...

wow! Looks like you had fun! Shows us what goodies you got!

dianatan said...

manang nessa, i enjoyed looking at your pics.. you should totally get married soon.. weee.. i wonder whats your make-up on your wedding.. hmmm.. and the pic with your bf enjoying the facial sauna, very cute!!

Lily said...

aww i didn't know you were coming to sf!! did you take that picture of the gas station in downtown? the gas prices there are INSANE. i never get gas there haha. my work used to be a block away from the moscone center. (the california academy of sciences), but we've moved... the building is still there though.

May Nguyen said...

I wish I lived closer so I can go to all these convention centers! Great pics btw! You Nikon takes great pics

Robyn @ Purely Cosmetics said...

I woulda died and gone to heaven! I'm out of the loop - next time there's something relatively commutable, let me know in advance!

Well, it mighta been on a hot sauce packet, but... DID HE ASK??? Inquiring minds want to know! :)

Hope you had some clam chowder in a sourdough bowl for me.

Yasmine said...

You and your honey look so cute. Major Kudos to him for going to the show with you. I tried that once and all my BF did was complain and make my trip horrible....I pray that my next BF will be able to handle (and embrace!) my addiction!! Seeing the pics of SF brought a tear to my eye. Only 3 more days and i'll be back on the west coast hanging in SF. Can't wait to see the goodies that you bought!! Lovely pictures by the way :-)

Leslie Yang said...

LOL taco bell looks good. ur so cute nessa!

Stephy said...

awww it was so sweet of ur bf to go with u!! i wonder if mine would ever do the same LOL!
cant wait to see ur haul! :) love ya!

lolita_riot said...

lol your bf is like mine. he always comes in with me to look at makeup and plays with all the stuff. what kind of things did you end up getting? I'm sure you will post them anyway =p

Robyn @ Purely Cosmetics said...

Oops. I replied to your reply on MY blog - duh. The blonde is showing! So, once again, I'll post it here:
I'm game! Dates? You've gotta clue me in on this super secret project of yours...

Nicholas said...

hi vanessa

looks like you had an awesome time 2gether and you lookk so cute in that outfit?
Where did you get that grey dress and that AWESOME BELT?


ting RN said...

your pics are cute. you're so lucky u get to go to those makeup shoes :)

Vanessa said...

Thank you Adeline!

Haha thanks Lani! Yeah I guess ill keep him around, LOL! jk

Hi Jo! How are you? Yeah the BF was eyeing the crabs too! I love their soup bowls!

Alyssa- Of course you are invited to our wedding! (if we ever have one! LOL)

Sis Shen- I should move to Van Ness st. in San Fran! LOL

Thanks Jaimie!

Thanks Sophia! I wish they had one that had a "reply". LOL

Haha hi Anastasia! Yeah I gave him a huge kiss and hug for even agreeing to go with me and supporting this wicked habit! I know many guys get bored with it all, and he does too sometimes but he supports me so he's a keeper!

Hi Sab- Yup the bf is flip!

Witty- Haha no he didn't really propose, that would have been hilarious though!

Sis Ren- Haha yeah I saved it, it's just too cute to throw away, one day he'll mean it (I hope! LOL)

Nic Nic- Let's go to San Fran together! make your way here and I will go back with you to Japan!

Decorative Diva- I can see why you miss it, it's so nice out there and the weather is beyond perfect! Any plans on going back?

Nikki- Haha of course! ;)

Emelita- Awww I didn't get to see any sea lions! They were at the aquarium huh?!! I saw the sign but we never went :(

Hi Janelle! Haha yeah the BF is crazy, just like me, so I guess we are a perfect match! LOL

Haha thanks Clara, scary to think but I think we are too! HAHA

Hi Fire- Sorry I didn't even really look at the steamer I just took a pic of the BF using it!

Hi KT- I don't think he is related to Dan Pangilinan (the bf doesn't think so either, lol)

Hi Erica- No you don't have to be invited to go, but you have to be an industry professional for some shows so check with each one...

Tracy- Haha that's what the BF said, that would have been funny!

Thanks Nessa!

Specialkalle- Haha yeah the BF usually refuses but he has no choice haha

Hi Diana! Haha I know we get pressure from both families to get married already, but we're just enjoying life and taking our time...

Lily- I KNOW! Why is gas so damn expensive there???! I love SF!

Thanks May! I actually used my canon pocket camera to take these pics!

Hi Robyn, I will! Yeah I had a clamchowder soup bowl, pretty good!

Nicholas- Thank you!:)
I got the dress from Target ( and the belt from H&M.

Anonymous said...

I only plan on going back to visit. I wouldn't want to live there anymore. I HATED the earthquakes.

Bombchell said...

lovely makeup.

omg @ gasp prices.

ha ha @ the will u marry me, was that a real caption?

yummy411 said...

aww how cute! say yes nessa! great times indeed!!

:a: :b: :c: :d: :e: :f: :g: :h: :i: :j: :k: :l: :m: :n:

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