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Monday, August 4, 2008

UPDATED: B2M (BACK 2 MAC) Policy with Enkore!


B2M (Back to MAC)
is MAC's recycling program in which you bring in 6 empty plastic containers, it can be anything, pigment jars, lipstick tubes, eyeshadow pots, etc., and in return you get a choice of a lipstick, eyeshadow (not the refill pans), or lipglass for FREE.

Enkore recently spoke with a MAC store manager regarding the NEW Back2Mac Policy, in which you DO NEED the pan for you ladies who have been depotting all your MAC eyeshadows, the PAN must be with the eyeshadow pots now. You can buy empty pans at a craft store or online which are a few cents a piece and glue it back to the plastic part that you depotted from in order to turn your EMPTY Mac items in for either a lipstick, eyeshadow, or lipglass.

They will not take the cardboard boxes or the plastic coverings of MSF's and such, but actual MAC containers. Based on what Enkore mentioned, they will also be taking back REFILL PANS as part of the new B2M policy, BUT MUST HAVE the original magnet and MAC label on the back (that displays the color of that eyeshadow).

Just giving you gals the heads up! For more info watch Enkore's Video!


Paint Me Gorgeous said...

what great news esp for u guys who buy mac like there's no tomm. Its more like a rebate program rather than environmental program for u guys haha

Wish we have it here tho

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the heads up :)

Camilla said...

aww i was just about to ask you about back2mac program cause i've heard of it before but didnt know what its all about and you posted just what i needed to know, thanks!!! do you know if b2m is in all mac store around the world or just in us? i know dumb question but here in europe some stuff are different with mac i mean we dont have some items at all or get them a lot later... and is it possible to get pigment or just pressed e/s?

xoxo Jaimie said...

God thats awful. That was our only "freebie" or discount MAC gives us. Its not like they go on sale or have discounts ever. Gotta work a lil harder now for the free. *sigh* I guess I'm off to the craft store.

Celly Annabelle said...

I've heard about this for sometime and in reality, it still depends on which store will or will not except the pans.

My friend went 2 weeks ago and they didn't say anything to her.

I'm sure eventually it'll get really strict though.

Wahyuni said...

thank you it is very useful info.

MakeupByRenRen said...

hey hon, i got lucky cuz i turned in my depotted eyeshadows on thursday and they took them!

Anne @ said...

NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO. what a freakin rip-off :(. this sucks.

Tracy said...

Thanks for sharing this video, even though I don't have any MAC stuff yet. Haha. Question for you: Do you know if Michael's has the empty eyeshadow pans?

jie jie said...

oh that sucks! i heard it already happening in other places, but i b2med my e/s pots just fine. same as tracy, i wanna ask if it's in michaels? oh, if it's there, which section btw?

Courtney said...

wow about the pans. that blows...

Alyson said...

In every instance I've ever b2m'ed they did not check for the pans.

Jaclyn Rose said...

aww man, i had some sitting waiting for me to B2M them. if that's the case, i might just call up my fave girl at the Nordstroms and see if she can take them from me. I'll probably call tomorrow. thanks for the heads up!

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