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Wednesday, March 11, 2009



From March 10th-12th on ALL ORDERS, no coupon code necessary!


Anonymous said...

oh that's great news! girls, if you like to shop online, you gotta try the LA Girls lip palettes. Apparently, Arrisa Studios bought over its products and made it new. But the products are the same. I love love love the lip palettes. You gotta try the lip palettes as they are excellent! i'd buy some if I hadn't have purchased mine!

thanks for the information.

FabDiva20 said...

That's awesome! I got an e-mail from them last night and I have got some NYX lipglosses and they are amazing!

Sofee said...

i just ordered from them last they take long to ship??
it's been a week already :(

IchigoBunnie said...

aaaaa yes....i received this email from cherryculture and it made me so sad knowing i can't buy anything XD haha!

Stephanie T said...

I saw that when I was on their site earlier. I had to click out of that window real quick before I bought more stuff I don't need! lol

star1ight said...

I'm trying to be good and not make another online order for the rest of the month because this week alone I've made 4 orders but I can't resist free shipping or most of the deals out there.

J said...

does anyone know if this is valid for canadian orders?

Jerah197 said...

on u.s. orders only :( so sad that many beauty stores do not give discounts on european orders

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