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Friday, March 27, 2009

Family time!


Happy Friday my loves! The past day has been crazy at mi casa, and today is going to be even more crazier as more family start to arrive from San Francisco and Canada to celebrate my sister's 18th once clean room is beyond recognition, it is now filled with dresses, curling iron tools, makeup (and always has been!), shoes, and stacks of luggages and bags.

My sisters are supposed to stop by work today and have lunch, but I doubt it with all the pre-party planning and last minute details they have to do, but we'll see! I gotta hide her from the Glitz store by my work that sells NYX stuff!

Anyway, when my dad arrived we celebrated his bday. He's so cute, he didn't even want a cake or anything, and EVERY year he tells me "Don't get me anything", and when do I ever listen?? So I bought him the camera he was eyeing, since him and I have this insane obsession with cameras and photography...I got him the Canon Powershot SX110IS, which is in between a regular digital camera and a digital SLR camera, takes pretty good pictures too, even from far away! Now I am thinking of getting one for myself! HAHA

Dad with his other 2 girls,(his favorite is missing from the picture, LOL) his shirt says "ROCK IT", how hilarious is that!?? And my sister's hair is always in her face!

Candid shot of the youngest:


GiGi said...

You're making miss my dad! I'm so glad to see you so close to your family. I know I am too!

Jaime Dollaga said...

thats so cute! you have an attractive family. did you make the cake yourself?

Vanessa said...

Hi Gigi! Awww, yeah I am really close to my dad and sisters... :)

Hi Jaime! How are ya? Thanks! Haha no I didn't make it, my grandma actually bought it from somewhere...I didn't even get to taste it! :(

A. Rose said...

Sounds like you're a daddy's girl like me! And your sisters are adorable.

Nicole said...

aww...i'm a daddy's girl too and this also made me miss my dad! and weirdly enough, your dad has a striking resemblance to mine (i'm filipino btw). i love when parents say they don't want anything, then you get them something and they'e so happy about it...hehe! anyways, your sisters are gorgeous, much like yourself =) have a wonderful time with all your family!

Paint Me Gorgeous said...

awww ur sisters are sooo adorable!

im close to my dad too ><

DSKNguyen said...

=] so sweet that you spent time with your family <3 family time is the best!

charlene-ann said...

you have such a beautiful family =) & aahhh hope you post up pictures of your sisters debut...<3

Askmewhats said...

awww you are too sweet for giving him a gift that he really loves!!!!! Happy Belated Birthday to him again!!! :)

Sonya said...

Wow your dad looks pretty young. I have really old parents that's why I think that... I was telling my 28 year old sister that your dad looks like her b/f, and she said he's the Sean Connery version of him. That's a good thing :) LOL

hot07jitters said...

I was eyeing that camera also! It was really tough but I didn't have the money so I settled with the PowershotSD880. Your family is soo cute! God bless you for planning out the little sis's b-day

♥Leigh♥ said...

How come pretty Vanessa doesn't have a pic with her dad?! =) Your dad is so lucky to have a wonderful daughter like you! =)

sehr said...

Awww...Cute! Happy Birthday to your Dad and your sister :O

ㅤㅤㅤㅤJéssy said...

That cool .. I'm thinking of having a camera for me?

My father loves winning rattletrap LOL
I would like to have younger sisters .. I could be so cruel to them hehehe

Wow seeing your photos .. I think .. I will when I have the same makeup collection? .. it is huge .. I have envy her LOL

I have no more than 20 products in makeup .. and my brushes are Precarious haha
but that will change soon, I'm increasing my collection with the help of my boyfriend and my parents haha

Your family is beautiful ! Kisses and a Hug =*

Girl with Curl said...

Happy Birthday to your sister and dad! said...

Aww your dad's so cute!! Here's another thing we have in common: our dads' birthdays are both in March! I'm missing my dad because of this. He's coming this April though, he's flying in from Manila and I haven't seen him in 2 1/2 years. So excited! Your youngest sister is adorable. Pretty family.

:moonshine mua ssc: said...

you're the sweeties thing!! <3 family is a great foundation... & happy bday to your daddy hun--
much love
:ssc: 'cindy'

yummy411 said...

omg, look at you as a man! you and your dad are twins! great pics!

The Mighty J said...

Simply lovely - thanks for sharing the amazing pics!

Lost wanderer said...

such a sweet family you've got here =D

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