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Monday, March 9, 2009

Makeup remover quick dispense bottle!


A few months back I did a review on the Scinic Makeup Remover and totally loved the bottle and pump dispenser, and here is how you can make your own scinic makeup remover, simply buy a bottle of Almay's Toner!

The bottle is the SAME as the Scinic bottle and the best part is that it's a lot bigger than the Scinic bottle and for you ladies that have the Mandom Makeup Remover, you can definitely fill this bottle up with it. Like many bottles that are similar, these are not recommended to use for travel as there WILL be leakage, but these are great for staying on your vanity or bathroom counter. For traveling, any snap top or screw top bottle will do.

Simply empty out the Almay Toner (or you can use it all up THEN use it as a makeup remover bottle!), then fill it up with your favorite makeup remover!

The Scinic Makeup Remover Bottle:

The Almay Toner Bottle:


Vicky said...

OMG! I so need that bottle. Too bad we don't have Almay here... :i:

Einjely said...

thanks for the tippp!

Askmewhats said...

we don't have Almay here and I wanted the same bottle from Scinic, someone gave me one as a gift and I use it for my Acetone and it works I want another one for Mandom! wonderful tip though for people who have Almay :D

Paint Me Gorgeous said...

good idea! I might get one..cept i don't use almay toners lmao

have u used it? how is it?

MakeupByRenRen said...

what a great idea! wonder if the toner is any good, hmmm...i'm starting to run out he he

Anonymous said...

haha nicee! been wondering where to get a bottle similar!
hows the actual toner from almay though lol

xox Jess said...

You can buy empty bottles like these at any nail supply store. . . they are usually called Menda pumps and you can find them on ebay for like a buck as well... I bought a few because I did nails for a looooong time :)

ChonChon said...

where did u buy the toner? i went to ulta and CVS and i couldnt find it! : (

thanks for your help!

Jessica said...

... i thought i posted a comment.. but it guess i didn't.. lol
You can get ANDREA Eye Qs Make-Up Remover it also has the pump like almay. they have it at walgreens well i saw it at walgreen near the brushes. if not I know they have it at amazon. Hope this help!

beautybargainhunter said...

lol I did that like 8 months ago with the same toner bottle.. I got it at a closeout store for 50 cents!!! Tossed the toner and voila.. I also use it for acetone.. ;)

beautybargainhunter said...

The toner is discontinued I guess. I found it at my closeout store for 50 cents.. tossed the toner and voila.. but that was like 8 months ago :( I got another one for acetone, but beauty supply stores have that kind of pump bottles... but it's not that good for traveling since you have to store it upright...

Boo said...

How do you find the toner? Does the toner contain alcohol?

Meya said...

i might have to try that toner for the bottle thanks =]]

:a: :b: :c: :d: :e: :f: :g: :h: :i: :j: :k: :l: :m: :n:

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