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Tuesday, November 27, 2007 Product Review: Wild and Crazy Eyeshadow


You can check out my latest article on here: Insider's Pick

It's hard sometimes to find a really good eyeshadow that has great color-payoff at a great price. I love well-pigmented eyeshadows (who doesn't right?!); the ones that give you so much color in just one swipe of your finger, brush, or sponge applicator. I often get frustrated when I try new brands of eyeshadow from the affordable drug-store brands to even high end ones, only to waste money because their pigmentation and wear was of poor quality. But I had the opportunity to try “Wild N Crazy” eyeshadow in “Maya Dream” which is a gorgeous soft, medium, sparkly blue; and at first I thought it would be one of those cheap eyeshadows with poor color-payoff, the ones that you have to swipe a hundred times just to get some sort of color to show up on your finger. But that wasn't the case with this little pot of gold!

The eyeshadow was actually very smooth and almost seemed a bit creamy, like a finely-milled creamy powder. I found it very easy to apply the eyeshadow to my eyelids and it was also very easy to blend it in with other colors, it also stayed on pretty long, longer than I expected it would! I was very happy with the color I got, it wasn't a bright outrageous blue, but a nice soft blue that really made my eyes pop. It was also a great shade to do a “smoky eye look”. The packaging is very cute, it's a screw top cap and pot and I found that this kind of packaging makes it a lot easier to get in there and get more color. I also like how the lid was clear and see-thru so you can see the color through the lid. Another thing I noticed was how much eyeshadow you get! Talk about more bang for the buck! There's definitely a lot of product to last you a long time.

Another thing I loved about it was the price! It was so affordable compared to other eyeshadows that don't even do the job, that you can pretty much own every color they have!
The only cons about this product I had was that I wish they had more colors! They only have fourteen colors, which isn't much of a wide selection of colors, but there is enough variety in the color batch to pull of pretty much any look. I plan on trying these eyeshadows in Sakurako (a baby pink) and Lily Song (a matte white). I definitely recommend that you try at least one of these awesome eyeshadows!


Essy said...

I have Green Tea, which has a pretty good color payoff as well; but Purple Rock sucks! It doesn't show up even when applied wet.

Anonymous said...
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CandyLace510 said...

That is a website that you can buy more colrs from

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