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Monday, November 5, 2007

MAC PRO Store in Manhattan!


Just like Stephie mentioned, there IS a MAC PRO store here in Manhattan by Times Square I was meaning to check out. It's super close to our hotel, unfortunately they were closed yesterday and they close at 6pm today and I won't be able to make it since I am working, but I am going to try and make a quick stop on Wednesday. There is one Los Angeles where I live, but with traffic it would take me forever since it's on the famous Robertson Blvd., where celebs shop. I already made a list of what I want to get!

- Sculpting powder perfect for contouring (I am going to do a tutorial on contouring soon!)
- Blot Powder (maybe)
- Pigments! (Emerald Green, Gold, etc)
- Possible some Prep+Prime for the eye

It's on 59th and 5th...hmmmm.

Yesterday we went shopping in SoHo, saw another MAC store (not PRO unfortunately), then we went to the World Trade Center (Ground Zero), very's one thing seeing it on TV and another actually being there. Feeling the emptiness of a place that was once there...full of life. People were crying reading the was eerie and sad. Definitely a day no one would forget. I'll post pics soon!

Times Square was fun too!


Anonymous said...

I want those piggiessssssssss too!
I'm so jealous. There's no Mac Pro store where I am at :-(

mary said...

awe that would be soo awesome...there's a pro store in Orlando, an hour from i go once in awhile!! have fun...i would love to see the contouring tutorial!!!

Anonymous said...

I didn't know there was a Pro store uptown. I have to look into it! Thanks for posting!

B said...

I live in LA too (well, I just moved here 2 months ago from FL) and will be visiting NYC for Thanksgiving. They have a great pro store, but I like the one off of Robertson too. And the one in Orlando is my favorite! MAC Pro stores anywhere are like heaven! Ground Zero, indeed is still very sad. Enjoy the rest of your trip!

Ethereal Prey said...

zomg there is!? OMg I'm heading there right now then! Do you need a pro card to buy stuff there? Hmm...I'll even go with you!

Alyssia said...

Hi Nessa!

I too am sooo jealous! I have no mac pro store in the metro detroit area! [[sux so bad!]]

I just created a blog! Come over and "see me"...also I added you to my list of fav bloggers! I hope you don't mind :-/

Hope your enjoying your trip! :)


Stephie said...

yay go to the pro store! hopefully you'll get emerald green and gold (plus some others i've been lemming) so you can let us know how you like it before i go to the pro store in dallas :D

when i visited NY i stopped by ground zero... it is pretty eerie and sad.

i can't wait to see pics. i hope your trip is fun ate!

Anonymous said...

hey vanessa! i love your blog, i learn so much from you! i'm a new yorker and i'm glad you're enjoying it! sohos the best place to shop! i've never worked up the courage to go to ground zero though.. its too sad.

CuttiBeBe said...

I did not know there is a MAC PRO store around time square! and I work on 52nd and 6th. Must walk over there during lunch hour.

Was wondering how to order sample pigments from you. I'm not a big time MAC fan yet, but I am experimenting with more shadows. So it'd be nice to just get a few samples, instead of a whole bottle of piggies.

There is a Estee Lauder outlet store (Cosmetics Company Store?) right down stairs where I work. They a lot of MAC, Stila, Perscriptive, Bobbi, etc stuff from previous collections (like, last year's holiday collection). They had this rule that you can't shop there unless you have an offical card that says you could shop there, or have an ID from the companies in that building. Thank god I could shop there with my work ID, because I almost had a heart attack when I walked in and had to grab EVERYTHING!

Enjoy the Big Apple!

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