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Friday, November 16, 2007

MAC Curiositease & Of Beauty Haul...


You know your crazy beauty blogger had to get her grubby hands on the newest collection from MAC, so I headed over once again to the Glendale Galleria and scooped me up the COOL Pigment Set, Beauty Powder in "Drizzlegold", Pigments: Vanilla (had to re-stock! so it's AVAILABLE ladies for sampling, although I have not received the jars I ordered yet), and Gold Stroke Pigment.

Here's my brief review on the collection:

Cool pigment set: Thank God this is the only thing I wanted from the Curiositease collection! I absolutely love the packaging and the colors are gorgeous. I was going to get the sparkle eye pencils but the glitter in eye pencils irritates me, no matter what brand it is, so I passed on it sadly enough. :(
- Helium: Pretty pale shimmery pink, perfect all over lid color.
- Naval Blue: My favorite pigment out of the bunch, it's really pretty in person and its a subtle, deep navy blue.
- Forest Green: I love this color too, it's a nice dark green, pairs great with Night Light Pigment.
- Softwash Grey: I have always loved this color, it's a pigment form of MAC eyeshadow "Cumulus" to me from the "Blue Storm" collection. It's one of my favorites too, but it's a re-promote.
- Blue reflects glitter: Pretty bluish-white glitter, but can't think of anywhere to wear it to...

Beauty Powder (Drizzlegold): I am in love! I actually had no intention of purchasing any of the beauty powders, I knew that they were pre-released awhile ago for the PRO stores and actually played with it a bit when I was in New York and always thought that they would be too sparkly, can't wear it everyday/everywhere sorta thing, boy was I wrong! I walked in the MAC store and thought id play with it while all the other MA's were hustling around the store, I swatched drizzlegold and fell in love! Gorgeous peachy-gold powder with FINELY-MILLED shimmer, and I mean super finely milled. It's seriously perfect for highlighting the cheek bones, eyes, etc. and I plan on using it UNDER my mineral foundation to give me a more glowy-awakened look. I will test it out tomorrow and see how I like it. Tenderdusk is pretty too, but too pink to be on the face, so I chose drizzlegold, I even love the name of it haha.

Meet the newest members of the Pigment Family!!! Vanilla and Gold Stroke! And YES they WILL be added to the pigment samples list!



sushii said...

i haven't been here a few days and i've missed out so much!
i love it how you update regularly!

yeaa that navel blue looks really good!
gold stroke looks nice as well

i'm going to link you okay :)

Anonymous said...

Hellllo, Nessa :D

Man, your camera's awesome!

The packaging looks uber cool. I don't want anything from the Curiositease collection though :( I don't use enough pigments to justify purchasing full size jars, lol.

Drizzlegold looks pretty. Might have to get that one.

CuttiBeBe said...

I acutally went to Nordie on Wednesday, so the display of Of Beauty was out, but I couldn't buy it. WTH? such a tease! I could not put down Tenderdusk. I'm a sucker for pink shimmers, I always thought I'm too pale to put any peachy/gold color on my face... Tenderdusk would be great to play up my very limited collections of blushes, so they could look a bit different.

Pls let me know when you start taking orders for piggies, there are a few I want to try~ Thanks~

Oh, just to let you know about my mini MAC haul - Pink Swoon blush and Prep+Prime SPF50. And I seriously wanted that 183 brush, but had to check in with you first about the difference. Hmm.. still thinking about it...

Anonymous said...

what form of payment do you accept if someone wants to order some sample pigments? also, i live in California.

B said...

What a fab haul. It took me forever to figure out what those beauty powders were for. Now I see.....although I think I have to go play around with them for awhile to really understand what to do with them. I looove Vanilla and Naval Blue. Vanilla is my HG pigment. The only one I use on a regular. And yes I agree....your camera takes amazing close-ups!

Anonymous said...

Since I bought lots of samples from you, I thought I'd pass on the cool I have lots of the NYX pearl manias..but I did get the drizzle gold too. Lovin it. But still hasn't had time to try at home. Please let us all know

Mrs. Lynne, said...

nice haul sweetie! i was thinking of going to the store yesterday to see the collection but thought it was best to save my checkbook from such disaster, lol. i've been eyeballing the cool pigment set and after seeing the swatches, me and the bank will have to work something out.

Melissa said...

Thanks for your review on the Beauty Powder Drizzle Gold! I also love your idea of using it under your mineral foundation. I am going to try that myself once I get the drizzlegold. Are you selling samples of this as well or just the pigments? BTW awesome Mac haul!

Would you be interested in exchanging links? Let me know ok?
Thanks! Have a great day!

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