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Monday, November 26, 2007

Shop 'til you drop...


I know I should be really shopping for my loved ones now that Christmas is around the corner, but I can't help picking out a few things for myself! (Hey I work hard too! LOL). Thank goodness for online shopping, I pretty much have dad and the BF done. :)

I had a huge headache today and couldn't even function to post as much as usual. I bought the Silver Pigment as well (which I haven't had time to swatch), but I will be posting a picture of ALL the pigments I currently have (request by a reader).

I have so many posts lined up just haven't had time to really divulge myself into it. (i.e. videos), hopefully soon once the holiday chaos dies down...

I went to the mall after work since I had to pick up an order and picked out a few things, I have a company Christmas party December 14th, so I wanted to wear RED and bought a nice slinky tube top dress and shoes to match.

I love these shoes!

I bought this cute little ring, I collect rings! I love big, chunky rings...

I am obsessed with cuff bracelets, I ended up buying 3 colors!

I also was in need of a bigger toiletries bag as the XOXO one I had was a tad bit too small for all my things, it even came with 2 smaller cosmetic bags, travel bottles, and a loofa!


maya said...

I love red, the color is so sexy! But the design of the dress is even sexier. The shoes is really cute! What kind of makeup are you going to do for this outfit? I hope you'll post pictures when you go out with this. Anyway, I emailed you about the pigment samples when you posted you were taking orders again.

Anonymous said...

Hello from Spain, I read all days your blog. I´m learning a lot with you, thanks.
Your new shoes are very pretty.

RenRen said...

oh la la..check out all the cutesies! you're going to be the hottest one at the x-mas party, red is a great holiday color...i love that ring by the way...reminds me of rainbow eyeshadow...i can see you doing a pic with it for inspiration ;)

and i swear i saw that cosmetic bag somewhere...i can't put my finger on it though

Kiki said...

The red dress and heels are HOT!! I've seen another color heel in that style from wet seal and i think they are just to die for. I'm sure you'll look gorgeous in your new outfit.
When i saw the makeup bag I thought it looked familar as well. is it from target/walmart?
We are anticipating your new FOTD with your new Metal-X collection. =)

Vanessa said...

Ren and Kiki, the bag is from good ol Wal-Mart!

Tracez of my Lipstick.... said...

o0o0 love the dress and shoes...i'm lookin for somethin to wear to our xmas party, but am soo stuck because snow is on the ground!!!! you have inspired me to keep lookin, i was givin up!!!

alien man?! said...

photo invalid until i see you wear your haul!!! c'mon, nessa, girl, show us your fine bootay ;)

btw, let's do a blog challenge

next week, we should all post photos of ourselves wearing face masks and peels :D

Vanessa said...

I am SO DOWN Alienman! Let's DO IT! I love hiding behind those peel-off masks hahaha

Divine Blackness said...

OMG, girlfriend you got one hell of a hauuuuul. OK, what mall are you shoppin' at? Wowsers. I absolutely love the dress and shoes. And the jewels are just fab!

I wanna be in the challenge too! Yaaaay!

karen, said...

Vanessa, I hope you are feeling better!

BTW, those shoes = AWESOME!

Jellyn said...

I have that same dress in purple! hahaha... I'm also wearing it to my company Holiday Party. Unfortunately, no matching shoes. =( Anyway, have fun at your party!

yummy411 said...

feel better! great haul!

Mrs. Lynne said...

The red dress and shoes are so seexxxaayyy! I hope you post up a pix of this lovely outfit and your makeup for that night :)

:a: :b: :c: :d: :e: :f: :g: :h: :i: :j: :k: :l: :m: :n:

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