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Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Product Review- Botanics Lipgloss in "Star Anise"


5 out of 5
Packaging: 5 out of 5
Overall Product: 4 out of 5

When I get bored, I shop (as you can tell, it seems I am bored all the time lol!). I find myself in search of a new lipgloss that isn't MAC and before you know it, I am cruising down the No.7 and Botanics aisle at Target. I am swatching like a madman, and lo and behold I found a nice nude, subtle brownish-pink lipgloss I subconsciously was looking for!

I bought Botanics Lipgloss in "Star Anise". I am absolutely in love with this color! It looks dark in the tube and on your hand, but it's not at all, it's a gorgeous nude color perfect for every look. It's a tube lipgloss with a sponged wand.

What I loved about it:
The awesome perfect color AND it was very moisturizing and it actually stayed on a lot longer than some of my other lipglosses. It also has really subtle shimmer which I like because it makes it perfect for work. I hate lipglosses with huge chunks of glitter and you end up looking like you ate a chicken leg full of grease, but with this lippie it's the perfect amount of shimmer.

What I hated about it:
The SMELL and TASTE! Seriously, it is just an awful smell and taste, it's like a cross between rotten fruit and armpit. No joke! I am assuming because it's purely organic and is made from plants such as Ginko Biloba and Coconut Extract that it smells and tastes the way it does. I was this close to returning it but I just love the color so much! I think I am just going to buy some scented oil and add a drop of it because I really can't stand it, or maybe after awhile I will get used to it...whichever comes first!

Overall: I really like this lipgloss minus the smell and taste, it feels so nice on my lips.

Would I buy it again?
Definitely, the color is awesome.

This was taken with flash an this is how it looks like in person, a nude pinkish brown.


Mrs. Lynne said...

this is very pretty nessa! your lips are gorgeous. they look like a definite must-have.

yummy411 said...


christianadivine said...

Okay, it's settled... I'm going to Target tomorrow to pick this up. LOL. I'm also going to pick up Milani's Storm because they were sold out last time I went. :(

Vanessa said...

Christiana, yeah Target always is sold out of Storm and Shock! Argh! You'll like the gloss I think, let me know if you agree with me on the smell/taste....haha I am never usually picky when it comes to that stuff but this one was WOW. LOL.

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